USC bans players from going to Everson Griffen-promoted trip

Everson Griffen isn’t letting two recent arrests stop him from getting his groove on in Las Vegas this weekend.

USC, his alma mater, isn’t quite so down with the idea, however. The school confirmed to Pedro Moura of that they have told all the school’s athletes that they are not permitted to attend a trip to Sin City for Super Bowl weekend that the Vikings defensive end is promoting. They believe that Griffen is throwing the party with another former USC football player and a company called 1st Round Entertainment. The company is run by USC student Teague Egan who was briefly certified as a player agent by the NFLPA before getting bounced for giving a USC player a ride in a golf cart.

Egan and Griffen both denied allegations of Egan’s involvement. Griffen sent an e-mail to the school defending the right of players to attend the bash because everyone will be required to pay $100 for admission and also sent a text message to Moura.

“I’m a businessman,” Griffen said. “I’m trying to start my promoting business, I’m not doing everything at all. Just bring everyone down to Vegas for superbowl weekend for 100 dollars.”

Griffen was arrested Monday on charges of assaulting a police officer, three days after he was cited for public intoxication. If his trip promotion is a success, he shouldn’t have any problem affording legal fees for either charge or any future malfeasance in what’s been a busier offseason than football season.

19 responses to “USC bans players from going to Everson Griffen-promoted trip

  1. Considering players don’t have to pay for school, books, food, and housing I would say $100 should be chump change. Honestly, that’s one handshake with an Alumni.

  2. Griffen should get used to watching the Superbowl on TV, the team he plays for hasn’t made it in 34 years and the next 34 don’t look good either.

  3. So come March 4, he could also be a free agent… the Vikings have no need to tolerate this nonsense as they rebuild. Griffen was a 4th round pick, hardly irreplaceable

  4. Now THIS is the type of young man the Vikings can build their future around!

    Continued astute player evaluation and drafting by the triangle of fun will bring more of these role models to the purple city.

  5. Is it ironic that 1st Round Entertainment is a business run by an agent who has never represented a first round pick and a player who was picked in the fourth round?

  6. wow jimmy, are you really that obsessed with the vikings that you comment on a tiny non-story about their 3rd string rookie DE within 30 minutes of it being posted?

    Seriously dude get a freaking life, your team is in the SB yet you are still obsessed with the vikings. I recommend seeking professional help as you obviously have some kind of personality disorder.

  7. I guess he’ll need something to fall back on after he destroys his NFL career. If the Vikings give him another chance, he blow it before camp starts.

  8. Badcallsfootball,


    Jimmy Smith can’t help but post on anything even the slightest bit involving the Vikings. Obviously, by his quick response time, he isn’t at work, as no one has that much free time.

    If there is an article stating someone’s neighbors best friend once saw Favre, you can count on another Jimmy comment.

    According to Jimmy, global warming. traffic jams, poor school performances are attributed to the Vikings.

    Sad, but true. Maybe one day “Jimmy” will grow up and become Jim. Until then, we can only hope the Steelers win and Jimmy will slink away for a few months. Jimmy knows a Steeler win will call for unmerciful comments.

  9. gophersnot says: Feb 4, 2011 8:51 PM
    Jimmy knows a Steeler win will call for unmerciful comments.

    Good luck with that.

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