Bettis, Brown, Carter, Doleman, Haley miss first cut

Through the first 23 minutes of the Hall of Fame announcement show, we’ve learned only one things.

Well, actually two.

First, Michael Irvin thinks that Marshall Faulk was Emmitt Smith on steroids.  Second, we learned the five names who were omitted when the class of 15 modern-era finalists was cut to 10.

Forced to wait at least another year were Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Cris Carter, Chris Doleman, and Charles Haley.

Still alive are Dermontti Dawson, Richard Dent, Marshall Faulk, Cortez Kennedy, Curtis Martin, Andre Reed, Willie Roaf, Ed Sabol, Deion Sanders, and Shannon Sharpe.

32 responses to “Bettis, Brown, Carter, Doleman, Haley miss first cut

  1. Wow. They left Cris Carter out again? Well, it’s tough at this level as everyone is just damned good but I really think he should have gotten in.

  2. Tim Brown deserves it, and that’s coming from a rival fan. He was a class act and an even better football player.

  3. Horrible class this year. Either the voters are f-ing morons or it’s all bull politics.

  4. in case the Steelers win it tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them comes out saying that they ‘won it for Bettis’ *sigh*

  5. Chris Carter needs to get in, Can’t understand why he’s not. He retired as #3 in yards and #2 in touchdowns at that point only Jerry Rice was better, I wonder who he dissed to get over looked yet again?

  6. Haley is the only player in the NFL with five rings. I guess that he should have gone into broadcasting. What a crock!

  7. I was sure Carter was going to get in! Tim Brown was 50/50 and how does Reed makes it w/4 Superbowl (L) That’s Crazy!

    Well maybe nxt year, and might I add Shannon Sharpe was good but not Hall of Fame Good~

    :/ Go Raiders!!

  8. Haley has the distinction of being the only player in NFL history to have been on five Super Bowl-winning teams

    sorry for the repetition….but he wasn’t exactly a role player

  9. Haley has the distinction of being the only player in NFL history to have been on five Super Bowl-winning teams. Playing for the San Francisco 49ers from 1986–1991, he won a ring from Super Bowl XXIII and XXIV following the 1988 and 1989 seasons, respectively. After having a personal conflict with 49ers head coach George Seifert and a physical confrontation with quarterback Steve Young, Haley was traded to the Dallas Cowboys in the 1992 off-season, with whom he won three more Super Bowl rings over the next four seasons in 1992 (Super Bowl XXVII), 1993 (XXVIII), and 1995 (XXX).

    Now we know. Steve Young used his morman/lawyer/superbowl QB/i’m on tv mind tricks to keep him down somehow.

  10. You guys posting on here saying crap about Andre Reed don’t have a clue at how good he really was. Nobody was better going over the middle of the field. You have to remember also the Bills ran almost 60% of the time out of the shot gun with Thomas. Not saying Carter and Brown are not deserving, but what did they ever win? Playing from behind on crappy teams. Some of these posts are a joke on here. It must matter to the Hall voters, who pushed Reed into the final 10 in front of Cris Carter and Tim Brown a year ago. Carter has more regular-season catches (1,101 to 951) and TDs (130-87). He is bound to get in the Hall eventually. But Carter never played in a Super Bowl and wasn’t in Reed’s class as a big-game performer.

    Rod Woodson and Michael Irvin, both Hall of Famers, said they would put in Reed ahead of the other two. You have to trust what your eyes tell you. I saw Reed at his best and he’s a Hall of Famer, a singularly gifted receiver. There was a coltish elegance to his game, a rare blend of quickness and strength. Few of today’s wideouts are so fearless and productive going over the middle.

    “He had great burst,” said Lofton, who resurrected a Hall of Fame career in Buffalo. “Andre could have easily averaged 18 or 19 yards a catch if that’s what the Bills asked. He was as quick as anybody. We would try to race off the line of scrimmage and I had to cheat to beat him.

    “Oh, he was incredibly quick off the line, the first 10 yards. He had the quickness of a guy 5-9, 180. He was tough, durable, with great hands. One of the first things voters look for is ‘Did a guy win?’ Andre, along with Thurman, made that offense go. Tim Brown was a teammate of mine, but Andre Reed was a tremendous football player.” Reed will be in soon, before Carter and Brown!!

  11. As a Packer fan, I have absolutely no problem saying that it’s a damn shame that Carter didn’t make it in. That guy was purely amazing, always troubled the Pack, and even tried mentoring Moss (for that alone, he should be in!).

    After all, all he did was….catch touchdowns.

  12. cjspiller12 says: “Not saying Carter and Brown are not deserving, but what did they ever win? Playing from behind on crappy teams. Some of these posts are a joke on here.”

    Where are you getting your facts?

    Carter made the playoffs in 10 seasons of his 15 year career.

  13. I hated Carter when he played the Pack, but he should be in already. Apparently stats and talent don’t matter in the voting process, but personal agendas do. Lame.

  14. A player shouldn’t be judged on his rings or lack thereof. If there’s ever a team sport, it’s football. The guys don’t play on the other side of the ball or run or throw the ball. Haley was a tremendous player, no doubt, but he was also fortunate to be on some incredibly talented and coached teams.

  15. I can’t believe Cris Carter didn’t get in!!!!! Congrats to the ones that did but I think CC deserved to be in the Hall of Fame but life isn’t always fair!!!!

  16. I am stunned that Cortez Kennedy is in the final 10 ahead of Haley.

    Carter is better than Reed.

    It is REALLY hard to not believe there is bias as both of these two had issues with the media.

  17. cjspiller12 says: “Not saying Carter and Brown are not deserving, but what did they ever win? Playing from behind on crappy teams. Some of these posts are a joke on here.”

    What did Reed ever win, not superbowls if that’s what you’re referring to.

    Brown and Carter produced better without quarterback like Jim Kelly throwing them the ball most of their career.

    It’s not even close. Carter getting passed over appears more and more like personal vendettas against him, because he did more on the field from that position than almost all of the WRs in Canton.

  18. I don’t give a damn about anyone whining about being overlooked this year. I’m sure there are other players that performed extraordinarily in the NFL in the 1960’s, but Jerry Kramer has been on quite a lengthy snub for some time now.

    Get it right.

  19. Haley’s TEAMS won 5 Super Bowls. But I think Chris Doleman was better. If you go by stats it’s obvious. Haley: 100.5 sacks, 26 fumbles forced, 8 fumbles recovered, 485 tackles (+13 assists), 2 INTs. Doleman: 150.5 sacks, 44 fumbles forced, 24 fumbles recovered, 914 tackles, (+61 assists), 8 INTs.

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