Deadspin takes aim at another Jets quarterback

In August, the folks at Deadspin first introduced us to the high-tech habits (allegedly) of Brett Favre, via his cockeyed courtship of Jenn Sterger.  In October, audio and video evidence emerged, making it a much bigger story than it previously was.  (Then again, some didn’t think the story was all that, um, big.)

The evidence was enough to spark an NFL investigation into whether Favre violated the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, even though Sterger never had complained to anyone with the Jets or the NFL about the behavior.

Now, Deadspin promises to publish a story on Tuesday regarding Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl.  A.J. Daulerio posted Friday a letter from Richard B. Kendall, a lawyer who represents the girl.  Daulerio claims to have photos taken by the girl from the inside of Sanchez’s bedroom.  Daulerio also writes that the Jets are aware of the situation, and that the team is preparing a statement.

Sanchez seems to be unfazed by the situation.  On Friday, the 24-year-old Sanchez made the rounds at Radio Row.  (Mrs. PFT gets the photo credit.  For some reason, she took 94 pictures of Sanchez.)  He looked relaxed and loose.  He even paused to say hello to a certain Internet hack who was playing Angry Birds typing an important text message.

Under New York and New Jersey law, statutory rape laws apply only when one party to an otherwise consenting relationship is under the age of 17.  So if the girl was 17, the law shouldn’t care, the Jets shouldn’t care, and the NFL shouldn’t care.  Whether the rest of us should or shouldn’t care is a matter of personal preference, but we have a feeling that most of the e-mails we’ve received pointing out to us the Deadspin report were prompted by folks who have assumed incorrectly that Sanchez now faces potential jail time, if the allegations are true.  (On that point, the Deadspin article is silent.)

He doesn’t.

Absent evidence that the girl didn’t consent to anything that may have happened between herself and Sanchez, the guy did nothing legally wrong — and he committed no violation of any league or team policy.

93 responses to “Deadspin takes aim at another Jets quarterback

  1. As a Pats fan, I wish the girl was 16 instead, but oh well. I have no problem with two consenting adults (in the eyes of the law) having fun behind closed doors…even if it is on the brink of legality. Good for Sanchez…looking forward to the Pats/Jets rematch next year and battling them this decade.

  2. My god here we go again. Get ready haters to talk some more trash.. I can feel it coming. This should be a non story he did nothing illegal like the article said. There’s a 7yr age difference between the two which isn’t even that bad. This is just another pointless story for people to come talk more trash about the jets. Let’s talk about the dam superbowl tomorrow. Sick of these stupid jet hating articles!!

  3. You can’t show “Playmakers” – it shows the league in a negative light.

    Seriously – how many stories this year out of the Jets camp? Right or wrong, real or imagined – perception IS reality and the Jets are perceived to be an embarrassment.

    Favre to Sterger
    Reporters in the locker room
    Ryan’s feet
    Alosi’s trip
    Sanchez’s (alleged) daycare (and at 24 years old – if she’s not old enough to run and get you a 12 pack, she’s not old enough to hang out with)

    What’s next?

  4. Whether or not it should, this story will grow. I can see this being the next topic that gets updated every 5 minutes.

    Oh, Mark…

  5. Wasn’t Sanchez actually arrested for rape his last year in college? He posted $200,000 in bail. . . . .

  6. Amazing that the superbowl is tomorrow and all people want to report on is more stupid non issue jets stories. They all must have gotten tired of writing about big bens real rape stories. If Sanchez gets in trouble which he won’t then write a dam article about it and post it here.. Jeez so annoying!! Get a real story !!!!!!

  7. For crying out loud, why are you reporting this? The headline should read ‘Sanchez Does Nothing Wrong.’ PFT is becoming the electronic National Enquirer.

  8. Why would a guy who is a star in a city packed with models, actresses, and some of the wealthiest women in the world (in case his knees give out and he wants to keep up his lifestyle) want a 17 year old? Yes, it’s not illegal, but it’s a completely unnecessary risk. No way to know how many commercial offers just went away because no “family oriented” company wants a NFL spokesman that might come to your house to bed your senior in High School.

  9. Oh right, nothing legally wrong. But, he sure must have opened his drawers for a show of where his brain really is. Nope, nobody said any of these guys would a girl be proud to introduce to her Mom and Granny.

  10. When sanchez was a freshman at USC, he had sexual assult charge brought against him that no one ever has mention. This may bring that skeleton out of his closet!

  11. Good looking, young, personable quarterback of The New York Jets: the team the media has a love affair with. I expect this isn’t the last we’ll hear of what Sanchez does off the field.
    Regardless, non-story.
    I’ll wait for the text messages and photos to be released.

  12. Professional athletes need to handle their personal lives like the DMV…please present 7 points of ID. Oh, and “first, sign this release” wouldn’t hurt.

  13. Then why does a 17 year old girl have a lawyer. Something smells here.

    Too bad crap like this follows these players.

  14. Questionable judgement? YES!

    But, if it isn’t against the law then it’s a non-story.

    Please move along to the next worthless post about some other non-story.

  15. Daulerio is a scumbag. This is the same guy who posted texts he read over Stuart Scott’s shoulder. He might as well get out of the sports racket and become a celebrity blogger. His act is tired.

  16. Ya but the age of consent in Cali is 18. She hired an attorney based in LA. It’s not a stretch to think the girl lives in Cali and the sexual relations occurred there.

  17. NY Law may say 17. What about federal law. The Mann act is still in effect. The Feds define minor as under 18. If he brought her across state lines to have sex with her, he could still be in trouble.

  18. mjke3041 says:
    When sanchez was a freshman at USC, he had sexual assult charge brought against him that no one ever has mention. This may bring that skeleton out of his closet!

    Mike, it has been mentioned, and dealt with. MSNBC and all the media outlets covered it Sanchez posted bail, gave the required DNA samples, and they found no evidence. Charges were dropped. Another non-story.

  19. If he was 30 and the girl was 23 or 24 would this really be a big deal? I understand because she is probabl still in high school and he is a 2nd year pro in the NFL, but really this type of age difference isn’t that totally un-common in the real world.

  20. phillyfinsfan says:
    Feb 5, 2011 9:57 AM
    This is a totally ridiculous story. Everybody knows that Mark Sanchez likes men.

    Who is the dolphins qb? Right chad henne. The dolphins will go real far with him. Worry bout tryin to make the playoffs with your scrub qb before u talk crap about Sanchez who probably has won more already than Henne will win in his whole career  

  21. “Then why does a 17 year old girl have a lawyer. Something smells here.”

    im guessing he got some advice from braylon, an dropped her…

  22. I find it amusing that folks on here are good with this. If it was their 17 yr old daughter getting hosed by a 24 yr old man, they would look at it much differently.

  23. Nothing to see here. Hooked with a 17-year old when I was 22. She turned 18 later that year. Believe me, she knew what she was doing.

    A couple of years later, I meet someone in a club. I think I had every right to assume she was 21. Nope. Fortunately she was 18, but I didn’t get that info until a few weeks into the relationship. I mean honestly, we’re taught not to ask a chick what she weighs, if she’s pregnant or how old she is. You usually have to do something goofy like, “Hey, let’s compare driver’s license pictures.”

    It happens.

  24. Guilty if rape!!! He had to have started datign her under 17. How do I know? Because all NFL QBs are immediately guilty. Kick him out of the league!

    Sarcasm of course…

  25. 24 year old pro quarterback going out with a 17 year old (age of a high school senior) C’mon Sanchez is that the best you can do?When I was 24 (many years ago) guys my age going out with H.S.Seniors were pretty lame or immature,whether it was o.k. legally or not.

  26. It is not like Sanchez if 50 years old. He was seven year older, not twenty. She was young, legal and obviously was interested in Sanchez. Unless someone tells me different he did nothing wrong. Also, why would the girl hire a lawyer? Is she looking for $$$$. Is she looking for a TV career?

  27. No matter whats happens…Its poor judgement on Sanchez’s part. However, I did hear that the young lady will drop all charges if Sanchez will take her to her Jr./Sr.Prom this April.

  28. Whats the bid deal?! Where Sanchez is from, people get married and start families as early as 12.

  29. when are you going to quit getting your stories from a trashy publisher of a trashy website? Somebody oughta pay to get something on that guy. They would be coming out of the woodwork.

  30. The comments by readers on Deadspin and those on this site are remarkably similar. That explains the ‘quality’ of most posts found here. In the words of Deadspin, back to the grime.

  31. Just read the Deadspin article, and even I am guilty of jumping to conclusions before clicking on the letter from the girl’s lawyer to Deadspin, stating that there is no story and Deadspin needs to stop harrassing this 17 year old girl. Her attorney is asking them to hand over any photos they allegedly have, stating NY and CT Penal Codes that they are against the law, and further stating that the girl has done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, and she is being harrassed by Deadspin. The attorney asked Deadspin to stop repeatedly calling and emailing her.

    This story makes good bullletin board material, but in the end, 17 year old is saying there was no relationship, nothing illegal occured, and she is threatening to sue Deadspin if they don’t stop repeatedly harrassing her. about something that never happened.

    I retract my previous comment saying she was looking for a college fund. But I stand by my statement that athletes need to have consent forms signed, as a general rule.

  32. My father is 7 years older than my mother, which is the age difference in 10% of all US marriages.

    And when they got married, my mom was 17… Which wasn’t uncommon at all in those days…

    Which gets me to the point of :yawn:… This is probably one of the biggest non-stories in the history of pro-football…

  33. RR: Atta boy! MChise!
    MS: aww shucks, Thanx coach
    RR: hey, ah, Mark, did you happen to get a close look at her pair?
    MS: Yeah she had a beautiful pair, soft supple, 36 C, perfect handful…
    RR: 36C!?!?!? What is she Wilt Chamberlin daughter!?!?
    MS: whadaru talkin bout coach?
    RR: dems some awfully big feet Chise,

  34. So how many of you people on here saying its ok have been caught standing in the kitchen with Chris Hansen? If its 23 and 30 then 7 years isnt bad but when shes under 18 thats wrong.

  35. –egls7 says:
    Feb 5, 2011 10:24 AM
    Its only a case of a website like deadspin trying to earn its 15 mins of fame…..–

    Right. Because no one has ever heard of before. Their previous reporting on topics is even mentioned in the article .

  36. Under New York and New Jersey law…if the girl was 17, the law shouldn’t care, and the NFL shouldn’t care.


    “One way ticket to JFK, please. Make it quick.”

    – Mark Chumura

  37. joetoronto says:
    Feb 5, 2011 12:44 PM
    A 22 year old boy was hooking up with a 17 year old girl.

    Big friggin deal.


    Sanchez is 24……and the media made a huge deal of a 28 year old hooking up with a 20 year old last March.

  38. Who else thinks wtf_seriously needs to get a life. Multiple posts in the same thread – thread after thread – usually means he isn’t taking his homework as seriously as his mommy demanded.

  39. What is left unsaid in this report is why the girl retained an attorney.

    She must be claiming rape or maybe she’s pregnant.

    Maybe she was 16 when the “event” occurred.

  40. I’m confused. PFT gets all self righteous and indignant, because *gasp*, Michael Vick may throw a Super Bowl party, But the starting QB for the New York Jets gets a free pass for robbing the cradle and showing great maturity by sleeping with a 17 year old and being stupid enough to allow someone to take pictures of his relationship.

    Just sayin’……

  41. 4-6 games please. He was arrested in college for sexualt assault, TMZ showed him getting into a Range Rover with a bunch of bimbos and now this.

    Sanchez hasn’t learned, he keeps putting himself in risky situations.

    A clear pattern of behavior.

    Treat him like he did Roethlisberger.

  42. Drumbug7 is a douche bag!!! What should the jets have been punished for? Tripping incident ?o yeah they got fined and a guy lost his job….what else dildo?

  43. I don’t care what the law is… if true this girl could not even sign a legal contract besides the fact that is shows that he cannot make wise choices. If Roethlesberger gets 4-6 so should this guy.

  44. This is a non story folks. He didn’t break any laws. Surprise, going after someone on the Jets about something that means nothing. Go ahead, debate whether it is moral or not. Not my place. They play football, they can date whomever they like.

    Billy Joel married a teen, and yet he packs arenas every night he sings. Get over it folks. The next story will be about how many hamburgers that Kris Jenkins purchases at McDonalds. Enough.

  45. It may be unwise for a 24-year-old to date a 17-year-old (assuming he’s aware of her true age), but it’s not illegal. However, if Deadspin has photos taken inside Sanchez’s bedroom, that smells of a set-up.

  46. Sanchez shows incredibly poor judgment if in fact he was involved with a 17 year old no what what the law is. He also had a rape charge against him in college. Combine those two things and it looks like he is gunning to be the next Rothlesburger.

    What I want to know is the role alcohol played in this. Did he buy her drinks? Give her booze at his home? If that is the case we have a slam dunk contributing to the delinquency of a minor rap. Also it would bring into question how much “consent” was involved..

  47. sdboltaction, you are about to lose the Chargers to Los Angeles. Looks like soon your opinion of NFL players won’t be worth Sea Gull dung…

  48. Deb says:
    Feb 5, 2011 3:34 PM
    It may be unwise for a 24-year-old to date a 17-year-old (assuming he’s aware of her true age), but it’s not illegal. However, if Deadspin has photos taken inside Sanchez’s bedroom, that smells of a set-up.
    Ahh, life must be good for Deb; she’s hit the NFL quarterback Trifecta this year;

    She’s defended Roethlisberger, Favre, and now she’s already sticking up for Sanchez with her “smells of a set-up” defense.

    Can ANY NFL quarterback do ANYTHING wrong, sexually, in your eyes Deb?

    Sanchez is a 24 year old NFL franchise QB. If he learned nothing else from Ben Roethlisberger’s multiple ordeals, you would think he’d stay away from high school aged girls. I don’t care whether they had sex or not, just hanging around her is creepy enough.

    As for your “set-up” theory, she hired a lawyer to get Deadspin to drop their pursuit of this story. She’s not going AFTER Sanchez, in essence she’s PROTECTING him.

    It’s pretty clear Deadspin is saying they can prove she spent the night in Sanchez’s bedroom, and that they have photo’s which the girl’s lawyer thinks are damaging enough to threaten DS to get them back.

    Has it occurred to anyone that this 17 year old wound up spending the night in Sanchez’s bed – apparently not a crime at 17, though still very creepy – and took photos of his bedroom with a cellphone camera, then sent them to a girlfriend (You won’t believe where I spent the night!!!) and the friend turned the photo’s over to Deadspin?

    Regardless, Deb is maintaining her PFT title as “Defender of the Pervert NFL Quarterback”!!!!

  49. Should be a non story since nothing illegal happened.

    However it is odd that the age to consent is not 18 every where in USA.

    So if I was a 24 year old and I tagged a 17 year old chick in NY/NJ I would be fine, but do that same 17 year old chick in PA and I’m looking at registering as a sex offender, doing jail time, and screwing up the rest of my life.

    Maybe a national age to consent law needs passed.

  50. Considering Sanchez’ past history of crossdressing /transvestism @ high school…I’d guess my first question here would be…Is she a she?..Or is she a he?

    Something like that

  51. @richm2256 …

    Ahhhh, rich, there you go, labeling a guy a pervert with nothing to go on. Yeah, there are things QBs can do to make me think they’re predators: They can prey on someone. When I see women calling tabloids and plaintiff’s attorneys, I don’t see victims … unless you mean the men. Sorry, I’m a cynical girl.

    And yes, I can definitely see your scenario. Girl has consensual sex with QB, texts her friend photos of his bedroom and their sexcapade winds up on Deadspin. You can bet if that happened, somebody got paid–that’s what I meant by “setup.” May not have been the best word choice but it’s basically someone preying on a celebrity’s privacy for profit.

    What I don’t see in that scenario is a predator and a victim. I’m assuming Mike has checked New York law and is accurate in saying 17 is the legal age of consent there. So she’s not a minor.

    I save my rage for predators who violate women and girls against their will. I’ll let you play morals police defending extortionists who take athletes and casinos for millions, DTFs who proposition men then make false rape claims at the behest of sorority sisters, nude models who collect junk shots but feign shock for profit, and teenagers having consensual sex.

  52. haha, i feel kind of sad for some americans, you have such a wonderful country yet it seems the self righteous, puritan side of you shines through most… it must be kind of nice to have such strong opinions based on, hmmm, nothing, has a story even come out yet… the girl has been called a slut, whore, money grubber, and a child, yet i dont believe she has come out and said a word to anyone about what happened yet!! he has been villified for, hmmmm, once again nothing, lol, maybe he did, maybe he didnt, who knows yet… alot of you should probably be more concerned with your own personal lives then those of people you dont even know…. wether it goes against your morals or not, why do you feel you need to let the world know…. i feel there seems to be some kind of jealousy in alot of these posts… maybe she has a wicked personality, maybe shes a bitch, why does anyone outside of the two them care… wether you agree or not, 17 year olds of today are not the same as 17 year olds from even just twenty years ago, they have been forced to grow up quicker and alot of your ancient puritanical feelings really do have to evolve with the times

  53. @ bigpapapacker:

    Welcome to the United States of Jesus (soon to be Mohammed), where we paint willful ignorance as a down-home country virtue, while hating all that we don’t have and lamenting the things we do have. And before anyone calls me a liberal and tells me to leave — it’s the PEOPLE of this country that are responsible, not the country itself. The only reason it’s lasted as long as it has is because of the foundation it was built on.

    /rant over

    I’m a Pats fan and I hate Mark Sanchez, but unless he’s in trouble with the law, I’ll move on until the next time a Jets fan brings up Spygate.

  54. @Deb and richm
    Roethlisberger is a different story. Sanchez has never been as lewd, rude or outright stupid. The stories of dropping girls off on a street corner at 3 a.m. because they won’t give him blowies, the comments to pregnant women, the treatment of women who reject him in bars, the ALLEGED rapes, etc. You don’t get that much attention if you’re an overall nice guy. There are no stories of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, etc. doing these types of things.

    And Sanchez hasn’t YET displayed this type of behavior.

  55. This is Ammunition more than it is a Story.

    Anybody who was sick and tired of having to listen to Jets coaches and players run their mouths for an entire season will delightfully pounce on this and keep the story going as long as possible.

    Like the Rex feet thing and the Cromartie 9-kids thing … someone else from the Jets organization as simply extended a hammer … and those who are inclined to use it are going to pick it up and do their damage.

    Older men have been going after younger women since the beginning of time. The story here is the opportunity to hammer another New York Jet.

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