Hall of Fame welcomes seven new members

The curators of the Hall of Fame have welcomed seven new members.

Announced moments ago in Dallas, they are:  Richard Dent, Marshall Faulk, Chris Hanburger, Les Richter, Ed Sabol, Deion Sanders, and Shannon Sharpe.

Sabol’s candidacy was the subject of much debate before, and likely during, the selection meeting.  In the end, enough of the voters agreed that the man who created NFL Films — and whose work enticed many of us to fall in love with the NFL — deserves a spot among the game’s immortals.

Dent was a key cog in the ’85 Bears defense.  He was named MVP of Super Bowl XX.  Twenty-five years later, he’ll enter Canton.

Faulk was a high-end tailback for the Colts from 1994 through 1998 before a trade to the Rams allowed him to push his career to ultra-elite levels via his critical role in the Greatest Show on Turf.

Hanburger played from 1965 through 1978 with the Redskins.  He was a four-time All Pro.  Hanburger was one of two finalists nominated by the Seniors Committee.

Richter was drafted by the New York Yanks in 1952, but first played in the NFL in 1954 for the Rams, due to his military obligations.  He was a linebacker, center, and kicker.  Ricther died in June 2010 at the age of 79.

Deion Sanders played for five different teams — the Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys, Redskins, and Ravens.  His incredible coverage and kick-return skills overcame his reputation for avoiding physical contact like Rain Man.

Sharpe becomes the eighth tight end to enter the Hall of Fame, winning three Super Bowls.

These seven men will enter the Hall of Fame in August 2011.  Hopefully, a game will be played the next night at Fawcett Stadium in Canton.

83 responses to “Hall of Fame welcomes seven new members

  1. This is a joke. I like deion though but…

    Sabol, Sanders, Sharpe, Faulk all work for NFL media. As bad as electing Steve Young.

  2. No way is Marshall Faulk better than Curtis Martin or Jerome Bettis. Don’t understand that pick.

  3. That anyone of those guys with the exception of Deion Sanders got in ahead of Dermonti Dawson is a joke.

  4. i assume Deion and Shannon completed their finger painting assignment and recited the ABC’s….Hence the introduction……

  5. Chris Carter needs to get in, Can’t understand why he’s not. He retired as #3 in yards and #2 in touchdowns at that point only Jerry Rice was the only guy better, I wonder who he dissed to over looked yet again,

  6. Cris Carter really should get in the Hall of Fame. He was a fantastic receiver and had the best hands I have ever seen. I don’t think Art Monk should have gotten in before Cris Carter.

    If reports are correct, I am also disappointed in Dan Rooney for trying to block Ed Sabol from getting in. Ed Sabol’s contributions thru NFL Films are were a critical step in the growth of the NFL.

  7. I really don’t understand how Tim Brown and Cris Carter keep missing the cut. They’re two of the best wide receivers to ever play the game in my opinion and their career stats support that. It seems like the Hall of Fame voters just really hate voting wide receivers in for some reason.

  8. Chris Carter needs to get in, Can’t understand why he’s not. He retired as #3 in yards and #2 in touchdowns at that point only Jerry Rice was better, I wonder who he dissed to get over looked yet again?

  9. I applaud the Board of Selectors for once again giving legitimacy to the contributor category in the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process by choosing NFL Films founder Ed Sabol, who in my humble opinion is the greatest sports filmmaker in history.

  10. Heartfelt congratulations to the newest Hall of Fame inductees, particularly Ed Sabol. Since new inductee Les Richter died in June before learning of his acceptance, it’s nice that Sabol, at 94, gets to celebrate this news with his family. NFL Films has provided some of our most iconic memories of the game. I only hope one day the Hall will find a way to honor John Facenda, the voice of those early films.

    My only disappointment is that Dermontti Dawson has been overlooked the past two years. The six-time first-team All Pro was considered the best center of his era and should have been a first-ballot selection. But punter Ray Guy was also a six-time first-team All Pro considered the best at his position and how many years has he been waiting?? It’s ridiculous to limit the number of enshrinees when legends of the game like Guy are still on the outside looking in.

  11. For 33 years, Chris Hanberger wasn’t a hall of fer. But now he is? Either you are, or you aren’t.

  12. Sabol is in! Suck it Rooney family! If it wasn’t for NFL films nobody would care that you are competing for your 7th ring. The Sabol family is a major reason the NFL is the 800 Lb gorilla it is today.

  13. Chris carter played for the vikings. Not a real nfl franchise. That is why he will never get into the hall of fame. You have to play for an nfl team to get into the nfl hall of fame.

  14. Michael Irving gets in with all of his BS while they shun perhaps the 2nd greatest receiver of all time! What a farce

  15. No Haley? He was the vital cog on both San Francisco’s Super Bowl teams AND Dallas’s.
    Third down sacks, drive killers were his speciality.
    The NFL voters need to look past his personality and pay more attention to his impact on the field.
    A let down – again..

  16. Thankful Ed Sabol got in – that would have been ridiculous to exclude him.

    But Hanburger? Really? Really?????

    Marshall Faulk’s enshrinement is richly deserved.

    And Shannon Sharpe was overdue, so that was good.

    And Cris Carter should have gotten in.


    Why do we have pencil-necked squids telling the earth who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? Why are the John Claytons of the world empowered to determine who is meritorius?

  17. Let me help remove a little East Coast Bias here:

    “Sharpe becomes the eighth tight end to enter the Hall of Fame, winning three Super Bowls, blocking for a 2,000 yard rusher, and leaving the game leading every major statistical receiving category in the history of the league at his position.”

    You’re welcome.

  18. mistrezzrachael says:
    Feb 5, 2011 7:53 PM

    Cris Carter continues to pay for his early year drug habits.


    Drugs didn’t seem to matter when Michael Irvin was voted in. Consider Carter earned a Walter Payton Man of the Year award he definitely turned it around had a better character than Irvin.

  19. johnnyb216 says: Feb 5, 2011 8:10 PM

    Chris carter played for the vikings. Not a real nfl franchise. That is why he will never get into the hall of fame. You have to play for an nfl team to get into the nfl hall of fame.

    I guess that’s why John Randle, Fran Tarkenton, Alan Page, Paul Krause, and Bud Grant got in.


  20. Shannon Sharpe over Carter!?! Please. You can’t hold anything Carter said or did after retirement against him once you let Sharpe in the Hall. Every CBS Sunday Morning broadcast is a testament to Sharpe’s idiocy. If you instead focus on what happened on the field, which is 99% of all that should matter, Carter was the far more deserving player. Does anyone recall the QBs Carter played with when he was compiling all those TDs and Receptions? Seriously, that in itself is proof of Carter’s HoF credentials.

  21. Faulk not better than Curtis and Bettis? Yeah I guess so if you think that a Back should get most of his scores at the Goal Line like Bettis did and rarely catch Passes like both did. The East coast bias is alive and well even with the fans.

    I hate the Rams, can’t stand em love to see my team beat the hell out of them 2 Sundays a season. But you cannot, no way no how say that Bettis and Martin are better Backs with a straight face. Faulk was Craig v2.1 and CLEARLY belongs in the HoF. Why does it matter when Bettis gets in? Not sure that Martin belongs, but he was a solid Back and has the numbers for it. He’ll more than likely get tapped in the near future.

    So don’t sleep on Faulk. If the 9ers hadn’t had Garry Hearst, I would have loved for them to make a trade to pick Faulk up. I knew the guy was a solid player when he played for the Colts and I’m glad he got this honor.

    And someone suggested that the NFL fix is in here and intimating Steve Young doesn’t belong? Seriously? It’s obvious they don’t know much about the game.

    Sabol should have been named a decade ago. If it were not for him, the NFL would not have become what it is today. I cannot say that he was the reason I became a fan of the NFL but during the Offseason he kept my interest and the fire stoked and ready for the next season. The film footage and the editing of that fine show was top notch for it’s time. Camera placement is everything when you see a Pass thrown to YOU in the End Zone and you come away feeling like it was you and not Dwight Clark that caught the winning Pass that Joe Montana threw to seal the NFC Championship. Such was the magic of Sabol. Only wish I could introduce him at Canton this summer.

    Everyone else deserves to be in as well. A couple Players were before my time but QBs’ just didn’t throw to Deion’s side of the field very often from the time he was a 9er to the time he left the Cowboys. That is a TRUE shutdown Corner. The fact that he created turnover opportunities despite that is just insane. He wasn’t a pure tackler but then he didn’t have to be. He carved out his much respected niche in the league and deserves the respect. I’ll always love to hate the guy but he has my utmost in respect.

    Shannon Sharpe put up better numbers than many of his peers that are there now. I cannot think of any TE(and I’m completely biased about Brent Jones) that deserves this more at this time. It had nothing to do with his current job and everything to do with what he did on the field. A Receiver in a TEs’ body. Jones got his rings first but sometimes things have a way of working themselves out.

    And Dent, I hated the Bears and wish he’d had more time on the field with the 9ers. The selection committee had to have a real hard time picking from the Defensive Linemen that made the final cut. Doleman, Haley and Dent. You couldn’t go wrong with any of these choices. My choice would’ve been Haley but at least the bling didn’t blind the committee and they made a solid selection either way.

    I think that Canton should open things up to 10 Men instead of 7. Cause John Brodie should get his call while he’s around to accept it. As well as the others who are sincerely deserving of this highest of honors for the Employees of the NFL. Anyone who played, worked or owned a team in the NFL means that it has nothing to do with bias in the current atmosphere. To suggest people were barred entrance because of the current job status is just ignorance at its best.

  22. Sharpe retired with the top stats for a TE and two Super Bowl rings.

    Andre Reed deserves to get in prior to Carter, as he didn’t benefit from soft coverage thanks to Randy Moss across from him, and four straight Super Bowl appearances.

    Charles Haley is paying the price for his locker room and meeting room antics. The story of him pissing on Tim harris’s cars door handle does crack me up though.

  23. paulieorkid says:
    Feb 5, 2011 8:16 PM

    Why do we have pencil-necked squids telling the earth who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? Why are the John Claytons of the world empowered to determine who is meritorius?


    I agree 100%. The media is not qualified to be making these decisions. How can they watch enough film on every team to do so? How can they be expect to understand the game as well as those who participated?

    There should be a panel of ex-coaches and executives that decides who gets in. Nobody understands the game better or watches more film. They should at least have a SAY in who gets in. They also would need to rotate in new coaches into the panel every few years to make sure they stay current with newly eligible inductees.

  24. IRIVIN, not Irving. Irving would be Dr. J. or Julius Irving and that guy played in the NBA. No relation there.


    Irvin retired to injury and he did so BEFORE Cris Carter left the game. And he was a 1st ballot enshrinement to boot. He had NO BEARING on why Cris Carter was not picked.

    I honestly couldn’t say why Carter was not selected before Rice was eligible that much has me scratching my head. But it had zero to do with Rice or Irvin.

  25. Congrats to Chris Hanburger, great player. should of been in a long time ago. 9 pro bowls, 4 all pro teams. well deserved. shannon sharpe retired as the all time leader in recieving touchdowns and catches by a tight end. cris carter should be there, as should curtis martin. but shannon sharpe and marshall faulk are both well deserving.

  26. First, I am very glad that Sabol got in. I would say that the significance of his contributions are greater than those of most any one player.

    I am a Patriots fan, so pro-Curtis-Martin, and I actually despise Marshall Faulk since watching his bias on T.V. makes me want to puke. So that said, the reason that Faulk got in and Martin didn’t is that they never pick too many of any one position in one year, and Faulk is the better choice at RB this year.

    The yardage was in Martin’s favor by about 1800 yards, but Faulk averaged .3 yards per carry more, had 34 more TDs, and won a Super Bowl.

    My bias aside, they made the right choice.

  27. ceadderman says:
    Feb 5, 2011 8:52 PM
    IRIVIN, not Irving. Irving would be Dr. J. or Julius Irving and that guy played in the NBA. No relation there.

    Ahem, it is Julius Erving.

  28. as a packer fan i hated kris carter! cause he talked the talk and walked the walk, he was that good! he killed us, if it wasn’t for carter, moss would have been a nobody!!!! give the credit when it’s due

  29. @gridassassin… you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Soft coverage? Because of the Rookie Randy Moss? Carter retired soon after Moss was drafted by Minnesota. He made his numbers because of his play on the field.

    That soft coverage as you call it was made “soft coverage” because of his ball control skills as he was leaving the field. The Sidelines became 6 feet wider on both sides when Carter was playing. He would lay out to catch a ball that could and would have been missed by most of the Receivers that play today. Alot of that was with DBs’ blanketing the man.

    A friendly word of advice, don’t speak about things you clearly do not know or are attempting to get a rise out of people with no axe to grind like you clearly do. Carter belongs, but I think he gets passed over due to the sentimental nature of some of the beat writers who have the votes.

  30. HOF lost credibility when Howie “Hollywood”Long made it. Deion Sanders is another media hyped joke.

  31. Well Dan Rooney, in regards to Ed Sabol, stick that in your pipe (and your a$$) and smoke it….I heard from Peter King that there is one condition that Sterling Sharpe must meet before enshrinement…he must successfully complete Hooked On Phonics.

  32. With all respect to Dent and Hanburger, Dermontii Dawson deserved to get in twice as much. He was the dominant center of his day, and nobody else came close.

    I’m glad to see Sabol get in though.

  33. aintsfan says:
    Feb 5, 2011 8:08 PM

    Sabol is in! Suck it Rooney family! If it wasn’t for NFL films nobody would care that you are competing for your 7th ring. The Sabol family is a major reason the NFL is the 800 Lb gorilla it is today.

    You hit the nail right on the head. The NFL had been around for some time but, with Rozelle (a PR man) and Sabol, the NFL became the national obsession that it is today. No Sabol – no NFL!!!

  34. Without the grunts on the front line, how many flashy stats would the glamour guys have? That includes offense & defense.

    Smart QB’s & DB’s appreciate the job the linemen do.

  35. @jr4real R u for real? How does Steve Young not deserve to be in the HOF, ya hater. Superbowl ring, 2 league MVP’s most TD’s thrown in a Superbowl. Lead one of the most potent offenses ever. He single handedly covered for so many deficiencies on the 49ers in the latter half of the 90’s. He the reason they made it to the playoffs. As for Haley his play should land him in the HOF. However people are only human and unfortunately humans are the ones who will put him into the HOF. So maybe Charles needs to grow up, humble himself and start being a little nicer to his fellow humans.

  36. Glad that Sabol made it.
    Richard Dent should have gone in 5 years ago. What, did he get a few more sacks last year or something?

    Chris Crater should be in as well.
    Why does Curtis Martin get so little respect?

  37. How can Sharpe and Sanders get in??? Unreal!! Yet, I cant understand how they have TV jobs either! You cant understand what either one of them are saying when they talk!! What a joke!!! Sharpe maybe but Sanders no way!!!

  38. In regards to Bettis and Martin not getting in, I don’t wanna hear it. The best RB’s of that era were clearly Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, and Marshall Faulk. Both guys were wonderful players, and wonderful people, but not game-changing dominant players who could single-handedly break a game open or take over a game in the way the others did repeatedly during their careers. The 4th or 5th best in your era doesn’t warrant 1st ballot induction. They may get in at some point, but please.

  39. The picks this year were good. Alot of you are showing just how little you know about the sport with the comments I am reading. Ahem… Shannon Sharpe retired with THREE(3) superbowl rings. Also Faulk was the most electriyfying player of the late 90’s earls 2000’s, he set records, appeared in 2 Superbowls winning one, and was very instrumental in getting that Lombardi I might say. Curtis Martin will go, he WAS consistency, he had 10 straight 1000 yard campaigns. I’m sorry, but Bettis may have to wait a while to park the bus in Canton. Did he change the game? Not really. He was a force but his style has been done before and he never really “carried” the team, it took the Steelers to find a passing game for him to even make it to Detroit. Now for Sabol… I don’t know what the NFL would be without him. Look at all the shows that he inspired, and made possible. “Americas Game”, “Hard Knocks”, “Sound FX”, and possibly the best online videos in “NFL Season in Six Minutes” (If any of you haven’t seen it, check it out on youtube, VERY COOL!) Deion is… well Deion. Unfortunatley I really wasn’t able to follow the other 3, so I won’t embarrass myself trying to praise them. I do know, off of what I have seen and read, that they were more than deserving and paved the way for others who play today.

  40. Chris Hanburger & Les Richter made it? REALLY???Hanburger is more HOF worthy than Jerry Kramer, Andy Russell, Charles Haley, Tim Brown, Cris Carter ??? I’m not a Raiders fan, but the number of ex-Raiders NOT IN THE HOF is EMBARRASSING … and it’s hard NOT to believe these voters don’t have an anti_Raiders bias. Richard Dent in ahead of Charles Haley?

  41. MAJOR props for Shannon Sharpe who should have got in earlier. Same can be said for Dent. The biggest snubs are really Carter and Brown who were among the best Wide Receivers of their time….and yes Andre Reed was left out of that sentence on purpose! Faulk deserves it and was the number one selection from http://www.notinhalloffame.com. Sanders was #2 there.

    No worries, Curtis Martin, your time is coming!

  42. Shoot, with Mr Sabol being elected, the only thing missing would be the great John Facenda voicing over his enshrinement. And maybe Mr Facenda ought to at least be recognized – his voice was as important in some ways as the wonderful images that NFL Films has captured over the years.

    Generally, no objections to the electees, although I did feel that Curtis Martin deserves election. Not really sure about Deion Sanders, though, and not sure Cris Carter is deserving, either.

  43. Chris Carter is likely never to make it in, his drug use, lack of a Superbowl win (or appearance for that matter) and he disappeared in the big games all are factors in not getting the votes.

  44. Carter is not first ballot material. He did not invent the sideline stretch and catch with his toes in. He just did it all the time because he couldn’t run after the catch. He was also the biggest whiner when he dropped one in coverage. Brown deserves to be in before him. Brown put up numbers on bad teams with a zillion bad QB’s. Oh, and Timmy wasn’t a crack head.

  45. ceadderman says:
    Feb 5, 2011 8:52 PM
    IRIVIN, not Irving. Irving would be Dr. J. or Julius Irving and that guy played in the NBA. No relation there.

    Actually, it’s Irvin. If you’re going to correct someone, do it right.

  46. Let us not forget that Bill Polian, self proclaimed genius, in his first move as G.M. of the Colts was to trade away Marshall Faulk in the prime of his career, because he said he wouldn’t report to camp without a new contract according to Polian. What a friggin idiot, the ultimate con man, uses the national media to facilitate the greatest fraud in the NFL and they all line up to do it for him. A 2nd & 5th round draft choice for a first ballot Hall of Famer, doesn’t sound like a genius to me.

  47. If Carter played in New York or had that idiotic star on his helmet he’d have been first ballot. The process is really becoming a joke now…

  48. Cris Carter was better than Rice. Yes I said it. Carter was better than Rice.

    Jerry Rice played for an offensive genius head coach who’s west coast offense was shredding defenses in the 80s and early 90s.

    Jerry Rice had two of the best QBs to ever play the game throwing to him for 90% of his career. Joe Montana and Steve Young. Two hall of famers that very rarely got injured or missed games. Also both know for being extremely accurate.

    Carter had guys like Jim McMahon, Sean Salisbury (lol) Culpepper (who proved he was garbage without moss and carter) and Spergon Wynn (rofl)
    He was also coached by masterminds Denny Green and Mike Tice.

    Also Carter shared the field with split targets with another HOF WR in Moss for half his career.

    Watch Jerry Rice’s best plays and compare them to Carter’s, its not even close. Carter was obviously the better WR, he just wasn’t surrounded by legends on offense and on the sideline.

    Top 3 WRs of all time

    1. Moss in his prime when he actually tried
    2. CC
    3. Rice

    Its a joke that Irvin is in the hall but Carter isn’t.

  49. Hope Tom Flores is still alive when he gets in! First man with 4 Super Bowl rings. Two wins as a head coach, still holds a Raider passing record. What more do they want?

  50. Also Curtis Martin Deserves to get in eventually. Bettis is not a HOFer, this year or ever. He was good, maybe even great for a few years, but not HOF material. Not even really close imo.

  51. Of all the players listed who people think got snubbed, none of them are getting a greater snub than Jerry Kramer.

    Yes…I’m a Packers fan. Makes no difference. Dude was All-Pro 5 times, is a member of the NFL’s 50th Anniversary team, making him the ONLY member of that list to not be in the HOF.

    Its time to start a campaign to finally get this man elected to take his place among those peers, an honor he richly deserves.

  52. wordbobby says:
    Feb 6, 2011 1:51 AM
    Hope Tom Flores is still alive when he gets in! First man with 4 Super Bowl rings. Two wins as a head coach, still holds a Raider passing record. What more do they want?
    wordbobby, as a Raider fan I truly appreciate your sentiment. However, your statement about the first man to win four rings needs a little clarification. He does have four SB rings: one as a player, one as an assistant coach and two as a head coach … and he was the first man to achieve this (Ditka being the second.) He was also the NFL’s first Hispanic HC in the modern era.

    I hate dropping the Raiders conspiracy card, but I have to when every HOF class is
    announced. While Timmy Brown’s numbers are definitely HOF worthy, there are so many former Raiders who are overlooked every year and are equally if not more deserving of this honor at this time.

    Guy, Flores have been mentioned here, but also Cliff Branch (speedy, game-changing receiver whose career stats were better than HOF member Lynn Swann) and Jim Plunkett (journeyman quarterback whose career was reborn once he landed in Oakland and the only HOF-eligible, multi SB winning QB not already enshrined in Canton.)

    I can’t help but hope the Al Davis/Raiders bias that exists with the HOF voters fades when Al takes his last breath.

    It seems like the NFL has only been around for the last 15-20 years the way most voting occurs. That needs to change, too.

    Congrats to Ed Sabol for getting in. He definitely changed the way we look at America’s Game.

  53. Richard Dent was a very good player, but no way that he should have even been in the discussion.

    IMO Roaf and Dawson should have made it.

  54. Might be awhile before Martin gets in. He publicly admitted that he didn’t like football. He won’t even watch it on tv. His mom got him into it to stay out of trouble and he happened to be good at it. If only the rest of us could get paid millions for doing something we didn’t like. The press hasn’t forgotten that interview. Martin doesn’t care about the hall anyway.

  55. No way is Marshall Faulk better than Curtis Martin or Jerome Bettis. Don’t understand that pick.


    You’re freaking kidding me right?

    Those guys “may” have been better pure rushers,but faulk was the most complete back in the game. Not only does he lead all running backs in catches, theres only 3 WR’s in the Hall of fame who have more catches then faulk (jerry rice is one of them)

    and what really sets faulk above and beyond the other tailbacks was his mind – when was the last time you’ve seen a running back calling out the protections and lining guys up? Reading defenses as well as lining and coaching up the other players on the offense?

    Faulk was one of the best and definently was the most complete running back in the game. Period.

  56. @wordbobby

    Tom Flores??? Really??? The dude was 10 games over .500 as a head coach. Is that Hall of Fame material to you? Okay, he “got” a ring with Kansas City while still an active player. Let’s talk about that activity. During that Super Bowl year, Flores completed the same number of passes for the Chiefs as did their back-up RB, ONE. His contribution to the big game was that he was the only roster member of EITHER team to register as DNP. If you want him in the Hall as a coach, it better be somewhere in line behind George Seiffert and Jimmy Johnson.



    In reference to your comments concerning Charles Haley; Perhaps you should do a bit of research about Haley. Charles was diagnosed as bi-polar after he left the game (and after a failed marriage). He’s gotten his life together with the help of his doctors and his medication and made amends with his ex and their children. He comes off as a completely different personality.

  57. Used to think Rooneys were pretty classy in the way they handle their football biz. But trying to block Ed Sabol from membership makes them classless and spiteful weasels. Sabol is a Philly guy without whom the NFL would not today enjoy it’s overwhelming success and global popularity. Sabol’s camera angles, use of slow motion, dramatic music and John Facenda’s narration elevated the game. Sabol’s artistry depicted the NFL in the American image – grit, toughness, determination, independence, overcoming the odds and never quitting. Congrats to our homie!

  58. While we’re at it, can we get some tampons for the “Chris Carter is being so mistreated” crowd. Yes, Chris Carter ended up with more yards than Michael Irvin. He played four seasons longer and ended up about 2,000 yards ahead. Irvin averaged about 25% more yards per game than Carter. We know Michael Irvin averaged a ring every four years. Chris Carter? Not so much! That second greatest WR garbage that was posted earlier was one of the better laughs I’ve had in quite some time.

  59. What a BLEEPING joke, Shannon Sharpe in before CRIS (that’s how it’s spelled) Carter. Didn’t Shannon Sharpe have some issues where he missed a couple of games this year as they were working out some “inappropriate behavior” with some of the female staff? The NFL lists CC as the best hands in the game in their own special and he’s not even in the Hall. Oh an johnny your A$$

  60. ed sabol did a lot for the game, but no one did more good things for the game than art modell. he should have been in years ago. hopefully the cleveland writer who lobbies his buddies every year to vote against art finds some humility in his life and stops his pettiness. cleveland has a team and their name and their colors. modell had to move, or go bankrupt, but did it the right way by leaving everything behind, not like the sneaking out of town under the cover of darkness drunk!

  61. @badcallsfootball

    If you have to say “when he actually tried” then that player can never be #1 at anything!

    Randy Moss is no way the #1 WR of all time. You must be a Vikings homer with that list you made.

    If you give half-@ssed efforts then you are a half-@ssed player and can’t be tops in $h*t!!

  62. I don’t get it. I thought players were only eligible for a certain number of years after retirement. We got someone going in that died 40 years ago. How is it that Tommy Nobis is ignored.
    He is of the greatest linebackers in NFL history. If you watch his game films, you understand why his fellow players hated to face him.

  63. Every year I have ask the same questions. “What about Ray Guy? Why is he not already in?”

  64. @JimmySmith …

    You’re right … Chris Carter–the second-best receiver to Rice in his era–is being blackballed because of early-career drug issues that he resolved long before his career ended. That’s why Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor can’t get in. 🙄

  65. Stopmakingexcuses,

    Curtis Martin and Jerome Bettis are better than Marshall Faulk?

    Really? Really?

    Curtis Martin and Jerome Bettis are rightfully recognized for greatness due largely to longevity and being injury proof. Great players, yes.

    As good as Faulk? Not even close.

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