On labor, John Madden says game is “too good to screw it up”

Hall of Fame coach and broadcasting legend John Madden joined ProFootballTalk Live from the Super Bowl to discuss, among other things, the ongoing labor dispute between the NFL and the NFLPA.

As the league and the union gather to conduct a formal bargaining session and as the voters gather to determine the next group of men who’ll have their images in bronze forever placed in Canton, we believe it’s fitting to share Coach Madden’s assessment of what the current busts are saying about the situation when the lights go out.

“They hope that the thing is settled,” Madden said.  “They’re upset about it.  They’re upset that there’s talk about it.  The game is so good now.  I mean, the game is great.  It’s a great team game.  It’s the most popular sport that there is.   And ratings are at an all-time high.  I mean, everything is a plus.

“And what they’re saying is that when we were there, we were the custodians of the game.  Players, coaches, owners, everyone in the Hall of Fame.  And now these guys are the custodians.  I mean these players, coaches, owners, Commissioner are the custodians.  They have a responsibility.  And they just hope that they get this thing figured out, because it’s too good right now to screw it up.”

We agree.  And plenty of fans do.  Hopefully, the NFL and the players’ union finally have realized what’s at stake.

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22 responses to “On labor, John Madden says game is “too good to screw it up”

  1. no reason for these 2 sides to not sit down in a room and hash out there difference’s. 18 games i don’t aggree with, too many injuries already. salary cap needs to stay, or football will become like baseball.(yankees) and a few teams will try to buy there championships every year. a lockout is bad for both sides.

  2. Doesn’t mean that a group of whiny, greedy billionaires won’t do it.

    Just remember, the “good of the game” rests on the shoulders of the likes of Dan Snyder. I don’t have high hopes.

  3. He just doesn’t want to have to pay for naming rights, photographs and ratings for all the replacement players in his video game next year.

  4. Thats his opinion….its not TOO good….there are alot of things that needs changed…Examples..The No Fun League making it pretty much illegal to touch a QB,Tuck Rule,Fashion Police,No rookie wage scale,being to politically correct,etc etc

  5. The NFL might consider making Coach Madden the Commish. Send Goodell to clean up on aisle 5. You know, aisle 5 is where “they” keep the lawyers.

  6. On labor, John Madden says game is “too good to screw it up”

    Initially, I thought he was talking about his video game…and i was going to strongly disagree with that statement.

  7. “And what they’re saying is that when we were there, we were the custodians of the game. Players, coaches, owners, everyone in the Hall of Fame. And now these guys are the custodians. I mean these players, coaches, owners, Commissioner are the custodians. They have a responsibility.”

    That’s the way it should be but unfortunately, nobody is responsible for anything these days.

  8. Lock De Smith and Roger Goodeell in a room with John Madden, one of the most intelligent men ever associated with the NFL.

    We’d have a deal in about three hours, 2 of which would be spent on lunch.

  9. The only true loyalty to the game of football and to the individual teams comes from the fans. The league, owners, and players are only dedicated to money. The worst part is knowing this but still being addicted to the NFL. Is there rehab for this?

  10. THANKS for stating the obvious, John … any opinions on the 18 game schedule, etc. , you know the stuff these two sides are bickering over?

  11. Everybody talks about the players and the owners and the owners and the players, vada vim vada boom!

    How about US – the FANS – WE are the ones who buy the tickets, who buy the overpriced jerseys, who buy the products advertised during those endless commercial breaks, (some of us) go to the draft every year, WE are the ones who sit in endless traffic jams for hours to get to a $50 parking spot a 30 minute walk from the stadium, WE are the ones who got this thing off the ground 75+ years back, WE are the ones who got priced out of season tickets that were in the family for generations but who couldn’t afford ‘Personal Seat Licenses’ so it was “thanks – don’t let the door slam behind you!”

    Some old coots like me can remember 50+ years back when our heroes had to take offseason jobs to make ends meet.

  12. There is a simplee solution to the 18 game regular season fiasco.

    1) Play an 18 game schedule
    2) No player on any team’s roster is permitted to play in more than 16 games.

    It should satisfy players and management plus forcing coaches to evaluate backups for future starting potential.

    Any Qeustions?

  13. One of life’s rules is that good things never last. Greed of money will screw-up the NFL for sure. First an 18-game season. Next will be expanded playoffs – mark my words on that. It will be like all the other sports, where the regular season games don’t even matter.

  14. Didn’t Goodell make that buffoon his right hand man? Shouldn’t he be in the bargaining session too? At least carving up turduckens or something.

  15. While I appreciate Goodell’s desire to improve the product for the sake of the fans, when it comes to going to an 18game season, perhaps the dictum applies, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” I don’t like paying for 4 preseason games, but I’d rather have that, than increase the chances of injury to the players which 2 more games would do. The season is plenty long, IMO.

    But, on capping the contracts of rookie draftees who haven’t yet earned their contract? Yes, by all means! Make them first earn the big paycheck in their second contract. And I think more than a few veteran players who’ve earned their second contract would agree with that.

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