Phil Simms threatens to punch Desmond Howard


This might fall more under the category of college football because Desmond Howard is a college analyst for ESPN, but the situation does involve former NFL quarterback Phil Simms, a former Super Bowl MVP and now a CBS NFL analyst, and Howard, a former Super Bowl MVP.  So we’ll post it.

On Saturday afternoon, Howard posted a series of tweets detailing a recent encounter with Simms which allegedly ended with Simms threatening to punch Howard.

“At NFL Xperience and Phil Simms just threatened 2 hit me b/c I said his son was 1 of the worse QBs in the SEC,” Howard tweeted. “I told (Phil) ‘LET’S GO.'”

Simms’ son, Matt, lost his starting job in 2010 to true freshman Tyler Bray at Tennessee. So apparently Desmond’s analysis was spot-on.

I am DEAD serious about the Phil Simms thing,” added Howard. “We all thought he was joking, but he kept going and said he wanted 2 take a swing at me!!

“During the season we talked about the Tenn v LSU game and I said ‘u will see 3 of the worse QBs in the SEC’ That’s what Phil did not like.

“It ended w/police stepping in between so I could continue my appearance w/fans.”

Phil Simms is about 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, while Howard is around 5-foot-10 and 185. Simms might not have been right to threaten Howard physically, but if the two do come to blows our money is on Howard getting the “worse” of it.

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  1. Due to their national exposure and popularity within the college and pro football landscape – I’m sure a variety of people will find this unprofessional on both Simms and Howard.

    BUT I side with Simms – he is just being a Dad and basically sticking up for his son who Howard purposefully dissed. Howard’s job is to be a little edgey and push the envelope with some of his player analysis ….however – does that analysis really have to include Howard describing Simm’s or any QB as one of the ‘worse’ ….really? Howard …? really?

  2. The NFL should really consider partnering with TNA and getting some cage matches going if there is a lockout.

  3. “Simms might not have been right to threaten Howard physically, but if the two do come to blows our money is on Howard getting the “worse” of it.”

    Says who? The bigger you are, the harder you fall. Dez is still probably pretty quick on his feet, too.

  4. Howard may have been right but he’s announcing College football, aren’t those comments a little strong about a kid?

  5. Im sure Phil Simms never said any thing negative about any players in his whole broadcasting career. |Desmond Howard is a Heisman Trophy winner. |That means at one time he was the best college player on the planet. I think he has a right to an opinion.

  6. Hey Phil, REALLY? Desmond is an analyst. He has every right to be critical of any player. That is how this whole thing works. Simms goes to school for free to play football. If he is terrible, he will be criticized, plain and simple.

  7. white guy hitting a black guy.
    They both are great and this is a lost blog.
    Who wins ?
    Who cares.
    Howard is cool and so is Simms.
    this is turning into the TMZ of the NFL.
    Drama drama drama.
    but it sells so I won’t damn it.
    $ is what it is.

  8. How do any of you side with Phil Simms? DH was ranking and stating which QB’s ranked on the bottom end of the SEC as he should. Any time someone critiques someone, their father has the right and honor to punch that critic? It’s not like he was on the other side of a chainlink fence face to face with each other antagonizing him saying, “HE SUCKS MAN! YOUR KID SUCKS!”

    With that logic, Tim Tebow’s dad should rightfully punch John Clayton.

  9. i understand a father wanting to stick up for his son, but actually both his sons suck something awful… & phil is jerk too so ….go howard

  10. what a class act desmond is,saying on national tv that a kid is one of the worst qb’s in football with his dad standing beside the set. and Phil was suppose to react how? way to stand up to one of the worst college football or any sport annoucers Phil.

  11. JimmySmith says:
    Feb 5, 2011 4:00 PM
    Desmond Howard had similar delusions that he was a NFL WR. How did that work out?

    i dont know man last time i checked he is a superbowl MVP and a Heisman winner.. not too many players can say that… and he was just being an analyst… could of he been nicer about it?? sure but still he was doing his job

  12. JimmySmith: Desmond Howard has Heisman and was the MVP of the Super Bowl, all while setting various return records including the longest return in Super Bowl History (99 yds.). Most importantly, he made it to the NFL. Did you?

    Anyway, Simms son has played horribly at QB, as well as both of QB’s from LSU that Dez was referring to. Plus Phil Simms would get his old ass kicked by Desmond Howard. I don’t mind Phil sticking up for his son and wanting to fight. Go for it, but Dez wasn’t in poor taste for stating the obvious about a football player. You state what you see when you’re an analyst.

  13. Phil has a right to defend his son, but he’s in the wrong here in making a scene out of it.

    Take it behind closed doors and talk to Howard privately.

  14. I’m sure that Phil has criticized plenty of players in his time, and all of those players have fathers too. It’s not Howard’s fault that Simms’ kids suck. Phil was a good QB, but IMO he sucks as an analyst.

  15. Some people are really dense. As a father Simms should be upset, as an analyst he should understand it.
    Howard actually did Phil a favor by not outing him as one of the worst quarterbacks in the nation.
    I feel sorry for those of you who believe analysts are supposed to sugarcoat everything and that certain players are “off limits.”
    Get a clue.

  16. As an “analyst”, Desmond Howard has the right to make a statement like that, IF that’s what he truly believes and was not just saying it to incite Simms.

    regardless, Howard looks like a chicken$hit for posting this on Twitter. Either stand up and have it out, or keep it between the two of you.

    You didn’t see Phil Simms out there blabbing about this, did you?

    “I told (Phil) ‘LET’S GO.’”

    Simms would kick your a$$, Howard. Shut up.

  17. Matt Simms went to my community college and we did a big story on him in the first issue of the school paper. midway through the season he was benched. the guy couldn’t even be a starter at a junior college.

  18. Wondering if Simms is the type that thinks everyone should get a trophy just for showing up. Hey – lets not even keep score – don’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt.

    Des was saying the worst QB’s in the SEC – BFD. It’s not like he called them names but ranked them.

    Someone has to be first and by that very nature last. It’s why you play the games. COMPETITION.

    Don’t wanna be last ? – get better. Can’t get better? Sucks but like Judge Smails said – The world needs ditch diggers too….

  19. What’s sad is the fact these two grown men want to resort to violence over what someone said. Pretty immature…

    And what’s really sad is they are both very high profile analysis whom kids listen too.

  20. Lets deal with the facts shall we?

    Simms is a jerk for his actions. His son IS a bad college QB and his other son is/was a terrible pro QB.
    Howard is allowed to express his opinion and if Simms does not like them he is can tell him so and maybe even try to point out where he is wrong.

    Maybe Simms and Dan Snyder need a little primer on being public figures and the positive AND negative things that come with it.

  21. My money’s on Dez and to question what he’s done WELL, he IS the ONLY person to win the superbowl MVP award for their ST play…don’t know if that matters

  22. Long ago, President Harry Truman threatened to punch a reporter who made disparaging comments of the piano playing of the President’s daughter. It is expected that a Father (even if he is president) to stick up for his children.

  23. Bitter Dad Syndrome!!! Phil Simms is 100 years old. He needs to go coach his son instead of getting pissed at Desmond Howard. Matt Simms is awful

  24. I wanted to punch Howard too after Super Bowl XXXI. He had one great game in his career and it had to happen against New England in the Super Bowl.

    That being said I understand Simms being pissed, but he needs to take comfort in the fact that he had a far better football career and has a far better broadcasting career than Howard, who by the way was a bit of a bust a #4 overall for Washington, and there is a good chance that Howard’s kids will never be heard from.

  25. I’m a fan of both Simms and Howard. Being a father I definitely understand Simms defending his son’s name, but in all honesty, those of you citing Simms’ height and weight probably have never had a fight. Howard would have been charged with assault after administering that butt whoopin’ . . . I’m just sayin’

  26. But his son DOES suck.

    Didn’t Phil Simms just have back surgery? He needs to chill before he suffers an epic beatdown. lol

  27. Twitter must have been invented to see how many people could make idiots of themselves. Rapper 50 Cent basically confessed to insider trading. Santonio Holmes confessed plans to wake ‘n’ bake. Now Howard confesses to being a teenage girl. “OMG Tweeps! Saw Phil Simms F2F & he threatened 2 hit me! WTH?”

    Simms is an analyst. He’s slammed other people’s sons and should have been able to keep it in perspective. But why is Howard tweeting about it?

  28. The last two articles I’ve read with your name have been about your issues with Castillo’s “mumbling and stumbling” and this absolutely idiotic piece with your money being on blah, blah, blah.

    Your job is not to be part of the story.

    Are you an 18-year old college student Silva?

  29. I agree with the fact Howard should have never posted this on twitter it make him look like a tool-he is probably right but then to go on twitter and go public with private conversation is a bit childish. I mean Howard should use his twitter account for college football related stories not to call out people who criticize his opinions. As an analyst not everyone is going to agree with you and if you have guts to call someone out then be prepared for the backlash and have thick enough skin to laugh it off. He needs to have a little empathy because you have to understand where Phil is coming from and regardless of if Howard is right or wrong.

  30. Too bad Simms won’t be doing game Sunday and hear what he says about it. I bet ESPN won’t report this..

    Simms is also one of the worst analyst on TV. Also his son sucks as a QB.
    OK Philly LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Howard is one of the “worse” commentators that ESPN has on its college football coverage.

    Owing a Heisman and a Super Bowl MVP award does not entitle anyone to a pass from experiencing the consequences of their own ignorance and arrogance.

  32. These guys should be smart enough to keep this between the two of them. They’re acting like a couple of dopey kids. On another note now I’ve heard of Matt Simms.

  33. That is funny! Hey Desmond, remind him it only took you one time to win a Super Bowl… oh yeah, Phil doesn’t have any of those either. CHOKE!!!

    Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee Mr. Super Bowl MVP.

    GO PACK!

  34. Desmond was just stating a fact. Obivousley phil didnt want to hear it. Ask anyone at tennesse, the Vols suffered mightily this past year. There whole season changed when they put in the new kid. I watched his[sims] kid play at the stadium. Let me tell you, it wasnt a pretty sight. The defense played their hearts out because they stayed on the field ALL DAY. Sims kid will get his degree ,but will never play pro ball.

  35. If DH said it in the course of doing his job, as it probably was done, then it was fine and Simms should have just been more professional.

    If DH did it as a provocation, then he was the d0uche.

    I am not sure who would win that fight: Howard may give up 5″ and 45 pounds, but Simms gives up 15 years and Howard is a lot faster.

  36. Desmond Howard sucked in the NFL. He was the 4th overall pic in the ’92 draft by the Redskins. Drafted to be a receiver, he was never more than a return man. He sucked as a receiver and an NFL player…and he still sucks as an ESPN analyist.

  37. @ patriotsfan51

    Howard was a terrible NFL WR. He won the SB MVP for his kick returns. In college, he was a superior athlete going up against kids who had inferior talent tahn him.

    That being said, I know that in the Twitter world you have only so many characters for your tweets. But, if Howard is gonna use the word “worse”, there is no excuse not to use the correct word “worst”. It’s the same number of letters.

    Simms is one of the WORST QBs in the SEC not one of the “worse”. Nice use of that college education, Desmond.

  38. OK, terryleather gets the prize for best comment yet! Too funny!

    Dez has had a pretty decent run: Heismann in 1991; 10 years in the League and the MVP of Super Bowl in 1997 – sorry Evan; no Dez, no Super Bowl victory for Favre . . .

  39. For the record he didn’t post the comments on Twitter. He made mention of what happened…as an analyst if he is ranking the qbs…somebody’s son has to be last..simms sons both suck at football and i commend one of the most dynamic college players ever for speaking the truth….simms grow the f#ck up

  40. Every player that Phil Simms has ever ripped in his career was someone’s son too.

    Sorry that your kids can only ride on your name for so long.

  41. I wonder how many people actually watched a Tennessee Volunteer game last season? Matt Simms is not as bad as you guys are making him out to be. He had 8td’s and 5int’s while completing about 58% of his passes. His offensive line was Shaky at best. If given more time he would have been fine as a starter. The competition towards the end of the year got a little Softer–for Tyler Bray.

  42. One of the reasons Desmond Howard was on the All Madden team was his ability to laugh off a hit. Simms has size and reach, but my money is on Desmond Howard to take him down hard. QBs all wear skirts.

  43. Howard is dead right, Phil Simms’ son is TERRIBLE and the only reason he’s playing is because his dad won the Super Bowl a thousand years ago. I’m so tired of sons of former NFL players being given a pass because their dads were great at one point.

  44. Interesting how Simms can’t figure out that, like himself, Desmond Howard is paid to have an opinion.

  45. As I recall Chris Simms was drafted in the NFL and no one will ever know how good he could of been if he did not get hurt so bad.
    Ask any buck that played with him everyone will say he was raw but had heart.

    Now as for his dad #11 he was one tough SOB he came into the NFL as a someone that was always hurt then he started lifting with the likes of Harry Carson Karl Banks and the real LT #11 would go toe to toe with any man in the game one day Ronnie Lott said something at the end of a game and Simms followed him in to the 49er locker room and wanted to throw down with him

    Moral of the story never tell a man his kids sucks and do not mess with Mr. Phil Simms

  46. psmith7716 says:
    Feb 5, 2011 5:03 PM
    Long ago, President Harry Truman threatened to punch a reporter who made disparaging comments of the piano playing of the President’s daughter.
    Margaret Truman was, at that time, a singer. Her father was reacting to a concert review published in the Washington Post by Paul Hume. December 1950.

  47. And Desmond Howard would mop the floor with Phil Simms shirt. Unfortunately for Phil, his back would still be in it!

  48. I just think he was looking for a great excuse to knock this blockhead so-called analyst out cold! Everyone I know can’t stand Desmond Coward! He’s an airhead

  49. rezburna says: Feb 5, 2011 4:14 PM

    JimmySmith: Desmond Howard has Heisman and was the MVP of the Super Bowl, all while setting various return records including the longest return in Super Bowl History (99 yds.). Most importantly, he made it to the NFL. Did you?

    Jimmy Smith hasn’t made it out of his mom’s basement in over a decade. The funny thing is that the babbling gork of a retard that Jimmy is, he’s making fun of the guy that was mostly responsible for his team winning that SB.

  50. The point is Howard could have worded differently. He basically called his son the top 3 worse qb’s in the sec. Is there just not much else to discuss in college football? Looks like Howard took the first jab. Then he took a second jab when he tweeted it. The 3rd jab was telling everyone he said ” Lets go!” Keep taking jabs Howard!

  51. First of all, to all you idiots who keep writing “could of…” that isn’t the proper phrasing!!! The word is could’ve as in could have; like you COULD’VE sounded more coherent had you remembered an English lesson or two.

    Second of all, I’m a father and I know how to be objective. My son is great at his position until he’s facing someone he sees better. No matter how I try to thwart it, he psyches himself out and ultimately loses. I can see that. Why can’t Phil? Does ANYone remember Chris Simms’ career in the NFL? You all can talk about DH’s career, but he had one that wasn’t too shabby. I mean if you know anything about him, you’ll know he was a converted DB who initially was thought too light to play WR. Admittedly he was mediocre at best at WR, but he got his ring(s) and his current JOB is to analyze. If he said into the camera “Hey Phil, your son sucks,” that’s one thing. But the man put him in a group of three bad QBs. It’s not his fault that the father of one had/has actual access to DH to do say something to his face.

    Lastly, to everyone saying DH is a “girl” for tweeting about the almost fight… well, it has you talking about it, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s all he wanted. Good or bad publicity is still publicity.

    terryleather had the BEST line on here!

    psmith7716, if someone were commenting on Truman’s daughter’s political prowess, I could see your argument, but you’re really comparing apples to Volkswagens. I get it; father to father… but man, you reached back to the 1950s? That’s the best you can do??? FAIL!!!

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