Ravens players threatened to go to union about long playoff practices

One sign that Baltimore’s loss to the Steelers was particularly painful: There continues to be stories coming out of some team dysfunction before the game.

This one is pretty minor, but interesting.   Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun reports some players threatened to go to the media and player’s union about the length of John Harbaugh’s practices before the game.

There were reportedly “tense moments” but the coaching staff and leadership “came to an agreement.”  It appears the Ravens’ players weren’t confident they were being given the proper rest while preparing for Pittsburgh on a short week.

It’s an odd story, just like the Jim Zorn firing aftermath.  We’ll ask the Ravens if they’d like to respond to this one.

32 responses to “Ravens players threatened to go to union about long playoff practices

  1. Baltimore is the heart of “Whine” country.

    They always have an excuse. These clowns even wanted Houston to forfeit when the stadium was damaged by the hurricane.

    They blamed the League. They blame the refs. They blame the media. And of course, none of their sportswriters know anything.

  2. instead of worrying about “how long” the practice was, perhaps they should have been more focused on…practice.

  3. Maybe the practices were not long enough. Once cry baby Lewis is off the team, the culture will surely change. Notice Ryan did not try to bring him to the Jets.

  4. @myspaceyourface

    No many of the ravens beat writers basically said it was a false report and there was nothing to see here

  5. ajc -stick it…you have no clue what you’re talking about…and you undoubtedly root for a perennial loser and just can’t stand our incredible success in so few years. You just wish we were going away, BUT WE’RE NOT!!! HA!!!!

  6. I’m at a loss for words. I never thought I’d see the day where “pro” football players exemplified the pussification of this country.

    Congrats Ravens, you made the university of michigan bums who complained about rich rod’s practices look like real tough guys.

    Lombardi and company are rolling their graves

  7. ajc33635 says:
    Feb 5, 2011 10:25 AM
    Baltimore is the heart of “Whine” country.
    They always have an excuse. These clowns even wanted Houston to forfeit when the stadium was damaged by the hurricane.
    They blamed the League. They blame the refs. They blame the media. And of course, none of their sportswriters know anything.
    Gotta love idiotic, generalized statements like these. Have you been watching media week? all the Steelers have done since week 1 is whine and complain about every issue in the league. But it’s cool, continue to not pay attention to football and make statements that hold zero merit

  8. Unions strike again. Is there anything destroying this country faster than Unions.

    Forget big banks and the big bad mega-companies like Wal-Mart, unions are what is bringing this country to its knees. If you don’t believe look at all of the failing big cities; each of them are “union” towns with the major industries being unionized.

    This example of the Ravens players over-playing the power they think they have based on unions rules is very telling. During a playoff game which really provides the most return to the players[not just cash but what they take away from the game, achievements] they want to express their powers. Each one of these players should be playing not because of the unions, but because of their pride. They have a short window to make NFL memories and these guys are focused on what the union contracts says they have to do for the man.
    I understand throughout the year if extra long practices became an issue with an overzealous coach, but a playoff game? The players who complained should be ashamed.
    What in the end it says is that ultimately the players are becoming more and more focused only on the the money factor of prosports. Once the passion is gone, pro-sports will go the way of the steel industry.
    Thanks UNIONS for once again adding to the demise of America.

  9. I love it when Squealer fans are so interested in Ravens articles. Don’t fret, you’ll have plenty of time to rest too – after Aaron Rodgers carves up your secondary like a Thanksgiving turkey.

  10. “Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun reports…”

    if you live in baltimore, whenever you see that you stop reading. most of the ravens players wont even talk to preston because they hate him so much.

    the guy just wants to get his name out there…and you guys do it often with his crazy stories.

  11. Cry about the Ref’s, Cry about the length of practice. If they played as well as they cry, they would be in the Super Bowl.

    Pathetic !

  12. The Ravens. League leader in whining this year and fully expect to win that championship next year as well.

    Do these guys EVER accept the blame for their own failings ? When they accidentally trip is it their fault for not paying attention where they’re going or did gravity unfairly target them ? I think we all know that gravity would be at fault as far as they’re concerned.

  13. Have you guys ever watched a Ravens/Steelers game?

    Yes, getting your injury treatments/physical therapy AND your rest are important matters. It’s one of the hardest hitting affairs you’ll see all season.

    I don’t blame them a bit.

  14. At least the raven players are consistant with their fans. Whine, Whine, Whine………………

  15. masterofthegridiron says:
    Feb 5, 2011 11:29 AM
    How long were the practices exactly


    Long enough to make Old Man Lewis want to go home and call his player rep to complain apparently about the “unfair” labor practiices employed by a coaching staff desperately looking for that majic formula to push this highy talented team to the mountaintop!

    Here, here on the Union post KingJoe1.

    Someone needs to grow some Intestinal Fortitude and take back the country from the SPecial INterests, Unions and Greedy corporations, that would sell their childrens’s souls for a few 10th’s of a point on the common stock yields… we’re in trouble kids

  16. Lombardi and company are rolling their graves

    As if they weren’t already rolling from all the rapin’, dog killin, etc that’s been going on?

  17. yesterday there were “whispers” about Ray retiring which PFT can NOT validate…a lie

    today there are “tense moments” and “some players” that complained about long practices…WHO, WHAT WHEN and WHERE did this happen

    what the hell is going on, and when will someone hold that fat ass with a lisp “Mike Preston” in Baltimore accountable. PFT has become a Perez Hilton site

  18. These guys, in one season make more money than most Americans will make in their entire lifetimes, and they’re complaining about the hours they have to put in, or that they “work too hard?” I don’t care if you have to practice 24 hours a day the week before a game, it’s astounding to me the egos on some of these players and their level of ignorance. Try working 60+ hours a week for less than $40,000 a year like a lot of Americans, who… and I know it’s a foreign concept, rarely IF EVER complain. Give me a break.

  19. The so-called “sportswriter” making this claim is Mike Preston. The guy wouldn’t know a football if it hit him in the head. Of course, he doesn’t list any names to back up his report. Most likely, the only guy upset with the length of the practice was Mike Preston–he couldn’t satisfy his donut fix.

  20. Much as I hate the Ravens and believe from what I have seen on other football sites that a large majority of other fanbases hate them as well …much as they have a predilection for public whining, chest thumping and bitching from HC down…for many years….I still think that enough Ravens fans on here think little enough of this Preston dude that it could be a legit complaint. Maybe there is nothing to this story. Maybe PFT could try to verify this with another reporter.

    All NFL fans know that regardless of the team they support, they can name at least one or two reporters who are on that team’s beat who are eyerollingly stupid or vengeful or lazy or a combo of all that and can’t be trusted to report the agenda free truth.

  21. i would think they didn’t work hard enough (since they lost)

    remember the 5 or 6 ‘P’s of life:

    Prior Planning Prevents (piss) poor performance

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