Ryan Grant: “I could play on Sunday”

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The Packers placed an NFC-most 16 players on injured reserve during the regular season, among them starting running back Ryan Grant. Grant tore ligaments in his right ankle in Green Bay’s Week One win over Philadelphia, 27-20.

So it’s been nearly five months since the injury. Grant told NFL Network’s Albert Breer that he’s been fully healed for a month, which is good news in most respects but frustrating in others.

“I could play on Sunday,” said Grant. “Unfortunately.”

The Packers could’ve tried keeping Grant on the roster in hopes of a late-season return, as the Steelers did with defensive end Aaron Smith (triceps). With a 10- to 12-week timetable for return, however, G.M. Ted Thompson made the decision to end Grant’s season and turn the backfield over to Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn.

Since, rookie James Starks has emerged as Green Bay’s feature runner.

The question is begged as to whether Grant is in Thompson’s plans for 2011. Grant is due $5.25 million in salary and bonuses next season, but may have helped his chances of returning by staying with the team for his rehab. Many, if not most, injured players don’t do that.

“I’ve been up there in Green Bay for the most part, rehabbing,” said Grant, who recently turned 28. “Once I was not on crutches, once I was able to walk, I was on the sideline with the guys.

“They see my face and they know I’m riding with them, no matter what.”

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  1. sorry Grant you are always getting hurt, you are not reliable why would the packers want you to play? plus Starks is a way better running back then you, and you know they are not even going to run.

  2. High character guys stick around with their teammates..

    i guess now we see what rodgers was talking about when it came to the team pictures

  3. Grant is great between the tackles. Starks is young, but I do like him better. More speed, better vision. Can make people miss, and CATCH the ball. Grant tends to leave yards of the field.

  4. Grant and Starks will make a nice one-two punch next season. Grant should benefit from splitting carries as he won’t get so worn down. Hopefully Jackson will be resigned as a solid third down back. I’d be happy with that trio.

  5. Perhaps Larry Drew II could learn a thing or two from Ryan Grant. It’s tough for athletes and people in general when faced with either pursuit of the almighty dollar or doing what’s right from an ethics perspective. Doing the right thing will often turn out best for the individual on the monetary end as well.

  6. This whole IR “stick with the team” thing reminds me of a spot I saw on Tom caughlin years ago. I don’t know if he’s changed his philosophy, but he took IR guys and sent them home. Rehabbing with the team was not an option. He thought having a bunch of injured guys always hobbling around was bad for morale.

  7. Grant has nothing to worry about, if the Packers don’t need him, its automatic that the Vikings will sign him. They are forever snapping up Packer retreads in hopes of catching magic in a bottle, even if the retreads leads to a last place finish.

  8. marvsleezy, you can see the logic in what Coughlin was going with there, but I could turn that around. If I was a starter and my teammates were getting injured, it would be more unsettling to keep seeing more and more disappear over the months. An injured teammate won’t likely go “WOE TO ME WOE IS THE SEASON”, he wants to do everything in his power to get back on the grass. Seeing this, a healthy starter would probably play even harder because he has the opportunity.

  9. Overrated from 07′ on. Nothing remotely special about him. Again, another irrelevant injury for the packers. Only key player they lost the whole season was finley. It’s a cute story with 16 ir players but the fact is, the steelers are more injured at key spots and are devoid of the same talent as gb but will still win. If arod loses, he’ll still be answering questions about #4. lot of pressure on him and the cheeseheads.

  10. It sucks that Grant can play but teams just cant hold roster spots all season. Packers were also holding spots for Al Harris and Atari Bigby. |Im sure this isnt the first time this has happened with a team. Cant wait to have Grant and Finley back next year.

  11. Considering the Steelers run defense statistically ranks as the 3rd best ALL TIME, it’s probably better that he sit this one out.

  12. Just to clarify for a couple of posters above- once a team places you on IR, that’s it.
    You’re done for the season, even if you wind up physically able to play before the season is out.

  13. And when the Steelers lose they be asking them why they were hanging out at strip bars and how this experieced team lost to a bunch of young players. Grant was only a 1200 yard rusher |No big deal right. Better get used to hatin on the Pack cause your going to be seeing alot of them in the next 10 years. Thats a fact

  14. Oh, so now you want to play. What happened week 1 when you ruined my fantasy football team. Ill be sure to think twice next time before I draft you in the 2nd round.

  15. @jc1958coo

    “that’s ok starks will go over a hundred for you! GREEN & GOLD 34-24 not even close”

    Green and Gold huh?
    Learn your colors first, then decide which team will win.

    FYI, a final 10-point deficit wouldn’t necessarily constitute “not even close”

  16. RBs are overrated. Lose a starting RB the backup usually performs the same. It’s all about the offensive scheme and O-line.

  17. Grant and Starks will be a great 1-2 combo next year. It will give Starks an opportunity to adjust to an entire year of playing and will give the Pack some better options in the run game. It will even make Rodgers that much better too.

    Can’t wait!

  18. a 28 year old running back, sounds like one more big contract in his career. He’s smart to at least act like a team, but I think he’s genuine. Anyway nothing against Grant personally or as a running back but I wouldn’t resign him if I were the Packers. It seems like in this day and age running backs can come from anywhere and be good, but there game can fall off a cliff too, just like that.

  19. They still made the right decision by reserving him. They struggled with the run game, but this guy being active would have made it no better. I’m glad we’ve found the back of the future and this guy is now irrelevant. No one remembers this sideshow pony holding out well into training camp for “earned money” in 2008, so I’m not buying the reluctant hero story now. As mentioned above, it’s obvious he leaves yards on the field and has no lateral speed, no side-to-side or foot shuffle. He “stop/starts” each time he makes what you would consider to be a cut to stay square, losing valuable momentum; I am not sure that he even knows how to read an offensive blocking scheme the way he plows into the backs of linemen consistently. McCarthy has to throw short about 12 consecutive times just to back the LB’s off the line enough for his unimpressive (and few) 7 yard runs. As far as I’m concerned, this is just another “poor me” story from our obviously “better without you” group on IR. Stay out of the limelight, this isn’t your parade.

  20. All you Packrats need to relax. He only said he could play. Wouldn’t matter anyway. The Steelers will annihilate your sorry cheese cupcakes. So smile.

  21. Steelerbears78 says:
    Feb 5, 2011 6:00 PM
    All you Packrats need to relax. He only said he could play. Wouldn’t matter anyway. The Steelers will annihilate your sorry cheese cupcakes. So smile.


    I think your name says it all. All naive and overangered fans who got/will get showed up in the last three weeks of football raise your lonely hand.

    Go back down to the basement if you want to cry…

  22. Awwww….did I hit your widdle nerve? Packers Suck, thier fans whine and with or without Grant the Packers will fall.

    Now, you seem like someone who only wants to read things that paint your team as all sunshine and rainbows with a sprinkle of childrens laughter in there. Sorry, lad. I do not hold my tongue back because it might violate your wee sensitivities.

    Oh, and speakin’ of basements that’s where you’ll find your morale after your team gets beat down by the Steelers. Happy Sunday!

  23. Grant is a classy guy. All he’s saying is that it’s frustrating to be in the position he’s in. Anyone can understand why.

    Personally, I hope they keep him and Starks. With Kuhn they’d make a good combination. Jackson had his chance to be the guy this season and I don’t think he showed that much.

    Anyway, winning the Superbowl was SWEET! In your face Steelerbears78!

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