Aaron Rodgers wins what Brett Favre never did: Super Bowl MVP


When Steve Young led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl XXIX title, he famously yelled “Somebody take the monkey off my back,” referring to the way he had always been dogged by comparisons to Joe Montana.

Now the monkey is officially off Aaron Rodgers’ back. Brett Favre no longer casts a shadow over Rodgers’ career.

By winning the Super Bowl XLV Most Valuable Player award, Rodgers has now accomplished something Favre never did. Rodgers’ performance in the Packers’ 31-25 victory over the Steelers was nothing short of sensational, and was a better game on football’s biggest stage than Favre ever turned in.

Rodgers had a Super Bowl performance that stands on its own as one of the greatest ever. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and did it against a good Steelers defense, on a day when his receivers weren’t giving him much help, with several drops. Rodgers was as good as it gets in the biggest game of his career.

This is a great group of men that we put together here, a lot of character, been through a lot together,” Rodgers said after the game. “It’s just great to be able to share it with them.”

At age 27, Rodgers has already reached the top of the football world. Expect him to stay on top for a long time — and maybe, some day, be remembered as the greatest Packers quarterback of them all.

142 responses to “Aaron Rodgers wins what Brett Favre never did: Super Bowl MVP

  1. I love AR and I’ve been down on Brett that last couple years but this post I find to be in bad taste. Brett is a legend, and one of the greatest ever. That’s that.

    Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to the Pack and Rodgers. I can remember when some of the Pack fans were whining about how they weren’t sure how he’d perform once Favre was gone and now, he’s done things that Favre hasn’t.

  3. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLV Champions, and their fans. You do know, of course, that Vince Lombardi is looking down with his beaming signature smile. His beloved Packers have brought the trophy “home.” I know that Brett Favre will pick up the phone tonight and congratulate Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, who now emerges out of Favre’s shadow.

  4. I was waiting for Ted Thompson to say to Terry Bradshaw:

    “And Brett Favre can kiss my a** at the flagpole at noon time!”

  5. Congratulation to the Packers on a tough fought well deserved win.
    Somehow, losing to the Packers isn’t as hard a pill to swallow as had it been somebody else…

    Enjoy the win. You earned it.

  6. Dear Steelers fan:

    Statistically you were the better team. You passed. You ran. And you coughed it up like a cat hurls a hairball.

    How’d that taste?

  7. Congrats Packers! Great game. Rogers is one of the best Qb’s in the league and deserves to be mentioned as such!

  8. Rodgers should send Brett’s wife a pic of his ring, and his Favre….or his Shortve…since he tied Brett in rings

  9. Holy crap that is a good Steelers team. Congrattulations to the Steelers on a hard fought, clean game. What Aaron Rodgers accomplished against that defense is nothing short of amazing. I won’t be surprised to see a couple of more Steelers-Packers Super Bowls over the next 5-7 years.

  10. Great game. The fact the Steelers were minus 3 in turnovers and still had a shot to win on the final drive proves these were the two best teams in the NFL this season.

    The Packers earned this championship the hard way, overcoming injuries and winning on the road in the playoffs.

  11. Congrats to the Packers. They beat the Steelers and the zebras and did so without Woodson for most of the game. Well deserved win.

    To all my Steeler “friends”…..

    We are a couple of 18’s ahead of you, but the course is the same. See ya next year. By then Ben will have a least a few excuses for playing such a lousy game.

  12. Congratulations Packers and their fans! A very well-deserved MVP award to Aaron Rodgers, as well.

    The Packers are young and dangerous on both sides of the ball so this most likely isn’t the last time we’ll see them at the big dance.

  13. This doesn’t need to be a Favre bash…Congrats to Packers and Fans…awesome game. ..and as much as Ive never been a fan..congrats to Steelers fans on having a better year than 30 other teams!

  14. Beat us in Philly, beat the Falcons in thier place, the Bears in Chicago, and the Steelers to top it off. Congrats cheeseheads, you’re worthy champions.

  15. My hat’s off to the Packers … Super Bowl champions. Very deserving.

    And this from a die-hard Steelers fan.

    Congrats and I still love my team.

  16. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on your 4th Super Bowl win. As a member of Steeler Nation, I’m frustrated and upset, but you deserved to win. Enjoy this victory in the last football game we might see in a long time.

  17. Missed FG and 3 turnovers were the story of the game. At least it was an interesting game to watch and either team was deserving of a win……better than last years “katrina gift”.

  18. Mike nolan should be fired agian agian and agian!! Thanks agian no-LAN. Good job for 49ers your still losers while the guy you passed on is sit on top. Congrat Arod! The bay area is proud of you!!!

  19. Before Aaron Rodgers puts Brett Favre to bed entirely, kudos to Ted Thompson for taking the heat and making the tough decision to part ways with Favre in the first place.

    What a great ending…. Favre takes a thorough beating this year, getting what he deserved for holding the Packers hostage for multiple offseasons.

    And the Pack wins it all, with Rodgers as the MVP.


  20. Fire TT and MM…. Don’t trade the Waffle, blah blah blah!!!!


    AR did in 3 years what the Waffle did in 20!

    How sweet it is!!!

    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Congrats to the Pack for #4.

    Also, much respect to Steelers & fans…only team I’d be okay losing the title to on NFC side.

  22. Congrats to the Packers. As a Steelers fan, there’s no team that I would have rather lost to.

    Rodgers proved who the real elite QB is, unfortunately, and I’m eating crow.

  23. Rodgers only scored touchdowns off turnovers. He also excelled tonight, you could even say was the MVP of the 3 and out. He sure didn’t meet a drive he couldn’t kill tonight. The real MVP was Jordy Nelson, who, despite the drops, continued to make big plays all night and moved the chains. Shame on the NFL for deferring the default choice (QB). This is the worst MVP choice since Eli Manning.

  24. Damn i remember all you steeler fans writing about how Big Ben is on Tom’s level in an article posted earlier this week.. Two picks in the biggest game of the year.. get real. Good luck making that comparison again. Brady still has 3 rings to Ben’s two and has no running game whatsoever. Cant wait til next year

  25. It’s funny really, how losing a Super Bowl I thought I’d be more upset. All things considered I figure if we had to lose, I’m glad it was to you guys.

    At least we lost to a class team.
    See you next year, I’m sure…

  26. everyone happy to see the 6 TIME CHAMP lose are Raven, Brown, Cowboys and 49er fans! I f not one of them, your team has nevr been to a Super Bowl in last 20 plus years! Steelers will be back next season..if not a lockout!

  27. Fan voting was NOT a part of the game MVP process when Favre was in the Super Bowl. Had it been, he would have easily won it instead of just barely losing out to Howard.

  28. I thought it was a very sloppy game. Both QBs had happy feet at times. Terrible clock management and play calling by the Steelers at the end. Lots of dropped passed. Steelers beat the doo doo out of the Pack in the line but didn’t make plays. Worst Super Bowl since the Steelers beat the Seahawks.

  29. stairwayto7 says: Feb 6, 2011 10:17 PM

    Goodell is so happy he does not have to hand it off to the Rooneys or the MVP to Ben!
    I’ll be so happy when Goodell drops dead! I’ll take myself out to dinner to celebrate!

  30. BrINT who?

    Cograts to Packers on win and to the Steelers for a great season. Three turnovers….

  31. How could anyone think Nelson was the MVP? Rodgers can only throw the ball and not catch it. The four or five drops were not his fault. 24 for 39 against the Steelers? I’ll take that any day.

  32. Hate losing but it stings a little less in losing to a Green Bay team that reminds me of the 2005 Steelers. Good for you guys and a bunch of loyal fans. Well earned victory in a hard fought game.

  33. Even though I was told that my comments wouldn’t be censored anymore, my congratulations to the Packers have been censored repeatedly for the last half hour. Sorry Packers fans. It’s not a lack of sportsmanship that’s kept me from wishing you well.

  34. The best part is that we don’t have to listen to the dumbass Viking fans who talk about how Rodgers never won a playoff game, once he did, they countered with he never won a Superbowl, now maybe they will finally just shut up.

  35. Congratulations to the Packers on their win. I’m thankful we at least made a game of it, despite our turnovers. Your defense played a tough game despite losing Woodson. Glad he was at least able to be on the sidelines so he could celebrate with his teammates.

    As an aside, since it was Aaron’s night, why mention Brett or include his photo in this article?

  36. Brett Favre never cast a shadow over Aaron Rodgers. The pack drafter Rogers with their 1st round pick in 2004 (I think) and it was clear from word one that he was to be Favre’s successor. Favre retired after throwing just one more interception against the Giants in 2008 and then it was Diva time, but it was too late. The pack stuck to their guns no matter how much he cried and traded him to the jest. Then he went to the Vikings.

    He should have retired after the 2007 season but he didn’t – he insisted on being a diva whiny cry baby and generally making an ass of himself and COMPLETELY SCREWING UP HIS LEGACY as one of the greats.

    At his peak he was one of the best – not THE best but among them. he just didn’t know when to leave.

  37. I’m glad to read so many gracious texts by my fellow Steelers fans who seem to take a beating on here as being obnoxious by other teams’ fans.

    Way to stay classy … just like the Steeler organization.

    I just hate to see the season end.

  38. Rordgers was throwing some bullets that were right on the money out there. Even with some shaky receiver play, he never looked rattled. Great job by Rodgers. That team was hit hard all year by injuries and still turned it up a notch the last 2 months. That was well deserved

  39. Rodgers was throwing some bullets that were right on the money out there. Even with some shaky receiver play, he never looked rattled. Great job by Rodgers. That team was hit hard all year by injuries and still turned it up a notch the last 2 months. That was well deserved

  40. After reading all of the comments, I have to say that you Steelers fans are a class act; losing with dignity and congratulating the Packers.

    Nicely done Pittsburgh and BTW, I am a lifelong Cowgirls fan…

  41. Rodgers had a good game, but to call it one of the best Super Bowl performances of all time?

    Not hardly. He wasn’t entirely accurate tonight, but did enough to win a hard fought game.

    As to Jordy Nelson, he’s damned lucky not to be the goat of the game for outrageous drops.

    Jennings was the star receiver tonight.

    It all boils down to football 101: turn the ball over and you WILL lose.

  42. Great game. Packers made the big plays – Steelers didn’t. So hat’s off to the Packers and hope you fans enjoy the celebrations.

    Ben had yet another poor day throwing the ball. Third playoff game in a row he missed a wide open receiver for a TD (Heath Miller against the Ravens, Mike Wallace against the Jets and Wallace again tonight against the Packers). He ran well this playoffs, he made clutch plays out of the pocket, but too many passes this post-season were just off target. I’m thinking the due is hurt.

    Anyway, with any luck the Steelers will not decide to take next year off as they seem to like to do after SB appearances.

  43. Wonder how Alex smith feels right now; the guy that’s suppose to be more intelligence more athletic more accurate mobile and is just a better qb overall than Arod. Alex smith do us a favor and win the starting job then go 0-16 so we can start our fanchise over with Andrew luck.

  44. I don’t want to hear about injuries or that the Steelers beat themselves.

    The 3 turnover were forced. Raji hits rapistburger’s arm that lead to the pick-6, Bush made a great play on the ball, and the fumble was a strong, hit.

    Green Bay won this one clean.

  45. I love when people are contrarian just to be so. Rodgers not the MVP??? Really? I like Jordy Nelson, but come on. 28-39 is what Rodgers should have been, and he was hit 16 times and sacked 3 times.

    Rodgers is ascending to the pinnacle of Quarterbacks. When all is said and done, he will be argued by many to be the best QB in NFL history.

  46. How were the Steelers that unprepared at the end? It was clear for a long time that they were going to need a drive at the end with one time out. Their wide receivers didn’t know what route to run. Ben looked lost. Tomlin is going to have some questions to answer about this.
    Clay Matthews is like Bruschi of the Pats. Somehow, he makes the key plays(forced fumble). All game, he was Ben’s shadow and Ben didn’t get off his big plays after avoiding a sack. When Rodgers had his rhythm, he was fantastic. Just looked like the pass rush shook him up on a few series. Like how he went right back to Jordy after a drop. Class guy.

  47. goldsteel, I’m sure Goodell won’t be happy when you drop dead. What the hell kind of statement was that to make? Wishing death on someone! You’re a damn moron.

  48. The Patriots Team of Decade/last 10 years debate ended tonight…if it was even a debate. Now Brady, Manning, and Ben have LOST a Super Bowl…but Brady still stands above them all with 3 rings and 2 MVPs.

    Steeler fans – this game reminds me a lot of our loss in 2007 (short of that whole 18-0 thing). THE REASON IS – you guys have an aging team like we did then. Ward, Farrior, Harrison, Keisel, Smith, Taylor, Polamalu, Randle El, Hampton, and Clark are ALL OVER 30 with some of them entering their mid-30’s. Good luck with that…

    PS – for anyone who wants to drop some weak spygate non-story comment, remember that the Patriots have gone 16-0, 11-5, 10-6, and 14-2 since with a rebuilding team. The Steelers haven’t done much since Rape-Gate either 😉

  49. Rodgers had a Super Bowl performance that stands on its own as one of the greatest ever. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and did it against a good Steelers defense, on a day when his receivers weren’t giving him much help, with several drops. Rodgers was as good as it gets in the biggest game of his career.
    Yeah ….. ahhhhh….. I was pulling for the Packers, but let’s be serious here.

    Rodgers made some good throws but, dropped balls aside, he was pretty inconsistent through most of the game. Didn’t see him as the MVP at all.

  50. Pretty inconsistent? 6 dropped passes. He missed Quarless on one pass and Jackson on a screen that he had to throw low. He was 61% passing and without the 6 drops, he would have had a 77% completion percentage. 3 TD’s and 304 yds passing. Of course he was the MVP.

  51. One thing I learned when the Giants beat the Pats in XLll, when you win, you don’t have to explain ANYTHING. Just enjoy the heck out of it. It’s for all time! Watch it over and over like a song that you like. Odds are you’ll win the SB once every 32 years. You got to savor the moment.

  52. Wow, short memory packer fans. Brett (not Brent as certain clowns would say) brought Green Bay back to be a winning team in the 90’s. As a fan outside of the NFC North I have personally witnessed the shame of how Packer Fans now treat him. I’m definitely not a Favre fan but I have to respect how he led your team from being known as the “bay of pigs” along with Tampa to be a contending team every year. I’ve could never imagine treating Drew Brees like that. I guess I’m trying to say ya, celebrate the victory but don’t trash the guy who got your team from being a perennial loser in the 70’s and 80’s to a winning team. I’m glad that guy didn’t get a chance to beat us in OT last year in the NFC Championship.(sorry vikes fans)

  53. PS – for anyone who wants to drop some weak spygate non-story comment, remember that the Patriots have gone 16-0, 11-5, 10-6, and 14-2 since with a rebuilding team. The Steelers haven’t done much since Rape-Gate either

    How about 2-3 in the playoffs since Spygate? And losing 3 in a row.

    Does that work?


    Thought so.

  54. @gbfanforever:

    I only read a few posts to find what I think.
    Beyond stupid to say that AR can be the greatest of them all. As a football fan first (and born in Pittsburgh) I wouldn’t start a franchise with AR but I would take him with a ‘made’ team. Unfortunately he is one hit away from Al Toon world and that is HOF talent who ended up with no recollection of shtt. The concussions will end AR’s career way short of what Favre did.

    More importantly it is a team game driven by the QB. The QB can only do so much as evidenced by the GB drops. The game was on Nelson and he couldn’t help but succeed because of Rodgers talent and McCarthy’s persistence and and thus Rodgers being the MVP and McCarthy being a SB winning coach.

  55. @Matt-NC …

    What? None of us has said anything about injuries, you ginormous jackass. We’ve continued to post gracious congrats despite nonPack-fan idiots like you raving about “rapistberger” and bitchy karma regarding a guy the evidence shows was falsely accused. I sure hope they’re right about karma because if they are, it will come around to bite men like you who keep slamming someone for something he didn’t do. You’re not a Pack fan, so none of us is talking to you anyway. So piss off.

  56. Deb says:
    Even though I was told that my comments wouldn’t be censored anymore, my congratulations to the Packers have been censored repeatedly for the last half hour. Sorry Packers fans. It’s not a lack of sportsmanship that’s kept me from wishing you well.
    Apparently you aren’t the only Steelers fan who is facing this problem. Have to say, Steelers fans have by and large been first rate tonight with their congratulations to Packers fans.

    That said, just how did you gain this “special status” that your comments will never be censored agin?

  57. Brett who?

    We’ve all moved on – when are you sports writers going to stop droning on and on about this jackass. Aaron Rogers has earned his time on the field and in the spotlight and shouldn’t have to deal with you fools continuously vomiting out boring comparisons for the next 5 years

  58. In related news a ugly little monkey wearing a purple #4 Jersey was found lying dead in a Minneapolis gutter with two bullet holes in its head and chest. The cell phone clutched in its little hand supposedly was still pointed at its’ crotch and one of the creature’s crocs was missing.
    Preliminary testing of saliva found on the monkey’s genitals has a C.O.D.I.S. HIT.
    The DNA matches a known scumbag named Pervy Harvin.
    Usually he is easily found being a boisterous ass on PFT but probably will be in hiding after this HISTORIC PACKER 13th Championship

  59. Clay Matthews is 1st MATTHEWS to win a SB….congrats packers…classy organization… now that you got rid of that egomaniac, prima donna BF

  60. The dumbass announcers tried to create a controversy on the last play by prematurely claiming PI. They quickly reversed themselves when there was NO evidence of PI. That’s all we would need to detract from a great well played game.

  61. Rodgers is a class act, a lot like Starr. If you caught Starr on Fox pre game, Menefee called him Mr. Stare. That was a classy Mr. Menefee! Thank you #12 and the rest of the Packers for a great season,

  62. I find it hard to defend that selfish bastard but here it goes-

    The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl II after the 1967 season. Then till the 1993 season, they made it to the playoffs two times in the 25 seasons since 1967 and had 1 playoff victory in those two 25 seasons.

    Then a guy named Brett Favre started as QB for the Green Bay Packers in the 1992 season. He played 16 seasons in Green Bay, WI (1992-2007). Only 3 of those seasons were not winning seasons. His Green Bay Packers made it to the playoffs 11 times in those 16 seasons. The Packers made it to 4 NFC Championship games, 2 Super Bowls and won 1 Super Bowl during that time.

    Brett Favre is one of the main reasons for bringing back the national spotlight on a once legendary but forgotten NFL team.

    Hate the guy as much as you want but please do not undermine his contribution to the Green Bay Packers and the game of football.

    Having said all this, tonight is a night for Rodgers and the Packers to cherish because they sure don’t come that often. Let them enjoy it without bringing Favre into the picture.

  63. Rodgers earned the MVP but I am tired of seeing the QB win it. I don’t know who else deserved it? Maybe Jennings? The reason you see all the steeler class is the buttchaps do not come back to take their medicine after they lose. Thanks to all the classy steeler fans and if you know some of the retards tell them I said suck it.

  64. @patriotinvasion, I think those guys would have been 30+ or close to 30 two weeks back also when they won the AFC Championship game. Please stop making a fool of yourself.

  65. Good for Rodgers who patiently waited for his turn while Brett Favre patiently wasted everyone’s time. Now, let’s pray there’s actually football next season so my Eagles have a chance to overthrow the freshly crowned kings.

  66. cris carter: this is Aaron Rogers moment “BUTT” brett farve….please SHUT THE BLEEP UP ABOUT THAT JAGOFF….if i was rogers, the next reporter who says something about #4, i’d go OFF on…

  67. Regardless of how Wrangler tainted his legacy, the Packers were extremely fortunate to have two elite QBs on after another. Smart personnel decisions and talent evaluation always wins out. Congrats to Aaron for handling everything with class and dignity, something severely lacking with his predecessor. The CAL family is so proud of you.

  68. Aaron Rodgers played lights out all year. When it mattered most he delivered on the biggest stage in all of professional sports.

    Great game!

  69. As a fan, I cherish this SB victory the most. When your favorite team is matched up against a tomato can… Well, who cares?

    But this victory was over the Steelers. A great franchise, run by some of the smartest, kindest, and most savvy people in football history. Their players are great football players and many will be in the HOF. At first, I didn’t repect them as much as I should have, but after watching them never giving up… Wow!

    And their fans… Class acts, super smart, they turn out in droves and make noise for their team. They did all that, when they were never in the lead. At one point down 18, they didn’t turn coat and leave. They stayed and fought on yelling and screaming… Amazing!

    A victory like this is special in the way Ali/Foreman is special. Pittsburgh has nothing to feel bad about. You guys are glorious…

  70. As a Packer fan I must say this: this is a special Super Bowl win because it was against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are a great team with a great fans and a great tradition. Good game Steelers, your presence in a championship game means a lot.

  71. A rodge is good but people fail to realize that he learn how to be a great QB from a legend so don’t get over yourself and start thinking that he gonna be winning multiple superbowl because of tonite game it so hard to get there and actually win it the league is great like that every year any team can win it all my point is once A Rodge career is finish then well know who is better but for now A Rodge is ahead of farve pace but who knows he might not win another one either can’t wait till 2011 season if there even gonna be one lets go Viking good karma will eventually hit us with a superbowl win should off neva pick up green bay leftover anyway it a team game not a one man show draft a QB and and just ride with him win or lose BTW it was a great game tonite even doe I lost some money lol but anyway am out

  72. what da says: Feb 6, 2011 11:40 PM

    Wow, short memory packer fans. Brett (not Brent as certain clowns would say) brought Green Bay back to be a winning team in the 90′s. As a fan outside of the NFC North I have personally witnessed the shame of how Packer Fans now treat him.


    And he brought this response from fans – and not just Packer fans – completely on himself…

    I have always admired his style and commitment to the game. His accomplishments are laudable and he is a first-ballot HOF’er but the man is full blown diva and jackass IMNSHO!

    And now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

  73. And Favre has many things Rodgers doesn’t have, like regular season MVPs (something that takes more than just one game into consideration) records for wins, TDs, completions, yardage, consecutive starts and yes, interceptions. Favre also brought the Pack back to after 2 1/2 decades of insignificance.

    How about we let Rodgers career play out before we start considering him for best Packer QB of all time? After-all Favre also won a Super Bowl at age 27. Rodgers already has had some concussion issues and, you would hate to see it, but that can always lead to a shorten career.

    Rodgers played great, deserved the ring, so let’s give him his props and leave it at that.

    (Just one more thing when comparing – Rodgers has as many losing seasons in his three years as a starter as Favre had 16 seasons in GB – jsut saying…)

  74. The only ones putting Rodgers in Favres shadow is the media……let it go already would ya’s!!!!

    Now we just have to wait for Rodger to age and reach the tail end of his career before the Packers organization craps all over him.

  75. PRICELESS ! We welcome the trophy back to title town. If you want to see one great celebration , come to TITLETOWN this week. Im sure it will be going until training camp starts

  76. @rich …

    Was a squeaky wheel complaining that my stuff doesn’t contain obscenities or anything else one would rationally block; complaint line agreed. They’re good guys but have a hard time reining in overzealous interns. Apparently the problem here was that I’d criticized MDS for running a Favre pick on Aaron’s big night. 🙄 That’s not something a rational adult would censor. Mike and MDS have received much more virulent criticisms.

    @ppdoc13 …

    You’ve apparently confused us with Ravens fans. None of the Steelers fans are whining. And the Packers fans didn’t have to overcome any officials to win. You’re so used to making that excuse yourselves, you just toss it in. Maybe you can read our comments and learn how to take a loss wearing big boy pants.

  77. Awesome, now can we finally stop hearing about Favre?! He’s retired. End of story!

    From the mouth of a Lions fan, congrats to the Packers. A well deserved victory and a very classy QB!

  78. Favre would have probably won Super Bowl MVP last year if not for the refs in the NFCC game. We all remember the un-flagged ankle-hit that caused a pic and took points off the board for the Vikings. The Saints were laughing about how they got fined after the game – big deal! But go back and watch the 5 straight bad calls in overtime, all in favor the Saints. It was truly unbelievable.

  79. We won the freakin super bowl! We are going to enjoy the moment even if it means we poke fun Ben double-cheeseburger and his 4-game suspension behavior.

    Deal with it.

    It’ll die down in a couple weeks. Come back then.

  80. Censors, I’ve consistently congratulated Packers fans and made no excuses for the Steelers loss. But they don’t have to harp on what the authorities said was a false rape allegation in order to celebrate their win. Since you don’t have any problem posting that slanderous material, you shouldn’t have a problem posting my rebuttals. As I’ve said many times, stop reveling in posting false accusations, and I’ll stop writing rebuttals. If you’re old enough to get a job for NBC, you’re old enough to understand a medical exam that showed the alleged crime didn’t occur. The media tried and convicted Richard Jewell. How’d that work for ya? (Google it.)

  81. @captain marvel

    Spoken like a true Viking fan, could’a would’a, should’a blah, blah, blah.

    But since the Packers won the Superbowl, I have to tell you it does feel great. Not that I expect you to know that given the Vikings have never won, but I do want you to know it feels great.


  82. @ Deb

    “If you’re old enough to get a job for NBC, you’re old enough to understand a medical exam that showed the alleged crime didn’t occur.”

    I don’t think the Censors are old enough. It seems to me that they have a monkey in there just punching at keys given how inconsistent they are in censoring comments.

  83. @rlsmit …

    ROFL … I had a Pack fan telling me not to spoil his Super Bowl victory celebration of ragging on Ben’s rape accusation. Huh? That’s how you celebrate a Super Bowl victory? Are you serious? All I did was try to tell him I would never spoil the celebration, but rape is a bigger issue and I won’t leave untrue material unaddressed. They deleted that post every time I made it no matter how it was worded. Either today’s censor is 15, or you’re right, the zoo is missing something hairy LOL

  84. Ben should have gotten a greasy, sloppy double-cheeseburger and enjoyed it in private instead forcing himself on these women.

    No, he never got brought up on formal charges. We’ll never know if he wrote a check or the woman was simply too drunk to recall.

    But it was enough that Goodell suspended double-cheeseburger for SIX GAMES (reduced to 4 after Benny put on a massive smoke-and-mirrors PR effort). Vick served less suspension time and he was found guilty and did time.

    It was also enough that the Steelers tried to trade him. Seven teams passed on the offer and choose to keep their respective 1st round picks.

    So Deb you’re only arguing about 1/3 of the evidence about his character. Wise up.

  85. Actually Matt, I’m not just arguing a third of the evidence and have no idea where you pulled that from … but let me guess. The medical exam showed that she never had intercourse–and the only thing she alleged of her 10 minutes alone with Roethlisberger was vaginal rape. It simply didn’t happen. That’s why the DA said he hoped she’d and her friends had learned their lesson. That’s why he said Ben needed to grow up but he was welcome back in Milledgeville anytime. That’s why Goodell in his letter to Ben that nothing in his investigation contradicted what the authorities found.

    You see, I’m working off police files, lab reports, prosecutor comments, and Goodell’s letter–not some salacious gossip headlines and my putrid imagination. I’m also working off a career of covering medical and legal issues so I know how to read case files. Even if I didn’t, I’ve been going over the material with criminal defense attorneys and other professional. And I have a friend who worked the investigation … so, yeah, I do really know. In fact, we were just discussing today that it’s unfortunate there wasn’t enough to charge the accuser and her sorority sisters with deliberately making a false allegation … but as you say, she could claim the alcohol confused her.

    Wise up? Oh honey, I’m a real rape survivor and have been dealing with these issues and dozens of real victims for many years. Unfortunately, false allegations–especially against celebrities–aren’t unusual. Given that seven of your team were accused this summer, I’d think you’d know that. I’d suggest you grow up and focus on your Super Bowl win instead of something you’ve never bothered to research that you’re blessed doesn’t personally concern you.

  86. @JimmySmith

    Have you ever heard of good sportsmanship? With trolls like you I’m starting to believe there are many Packers fans are rude Philly want-a-be’s. It’s a good thing other fans have more class than you. I’m glad my fan-base didn’t act like you last year.

  87. To the sports writers and the entire staff at ESPN!!! You have the fan’s permission to STOP working Brett Who??? into every single NFL story from this point forward. You have beaten this horse dead, reanimated it, beat it to death again, reanimated it, had sex with it, beat it to death again, reanimated it, had sex with it, then beat it to death again… ENOUGH!!!! We grew tired of this arrogant ass 4 years ago – you need to find another story!

  88. So Rodgers wins the SB MVP and he is automatically better than Favre? Thats laughable. By that rationale Larry Brown was the best CB because he won the SB MVP when the Cowboys beat the Steelers. Gimme a break.

    Thanks for censoring my other comment.
    Heaven forbid someone ripping you geniuses for continually keeping the Favre flame goin. Let it F-in die man!

  89. For the last year everyone was complaining they wish Brett would go away, they were tired of hearing about Brett all the time. Now the guy had disappeared and people still want to bring it up. What exactly does everyone want?????

  90. man, you know we’re the best franchise in the world when we’re having “Which Superbowl Winning QB won an award here or there/who’s better/etc” ….there’s some franchises that have never won one….and here we are having a debate between Rodgers and Favre (some franchies don’t have a legendary qb, let alone 2!)…

    Just sayin’, we shouldn’t be taking any of these two forgranted, just Enjoy winning Championships!

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