Arthur Blank talks about his improved team, possible new stadium

As we post the final few PFT Live bonus videos from Super Bowl week, one of the last but surely not one of the least came from Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

The man who purchased the team in 2002 paid us a visit on Friday, and we talked about the dramatic strides his team has made in three years, along with the plans for a stadium to replace the Georgia Dome.

More than a decade after an ice storm dropped Atlanta out of the Super Bowl rotation like a hot peach, this week’s experience in Dallas could help Georgia’s effort to get another shot at hosting a title game, especially if a new venue is constructed there.

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13 responses to “Arthur Blank talks about his improved team, possible new stadium

  1. Of course, an owner wants a new stadium with the taxpayers forking the bill for one. There is nothing wrong with the Georgia Dome.

  2. Here we go with another billionaire asking for tax dollars to build a shiny new stadium. He may not have explicitly stated that, but you know that’s coming.

  3. Why are these billionaire owners always wanting a new stdium at tax payers expense when the one they have now is beautiful?Why not use the money to help United States citizens who are having it hard?

  4. Adding Larry and Champ would make them even more improved. Hope we get at least one of em!

  5. Falcons already have trouble selling season tickets. With a new stadium come PSLs and overpriced tickets. If Atlanta gets a new stadium then there will be plenty of empty seats because most Falcon fans are not big spenders.

  6. Wow there’s a ton of misinformation flying around here. The Georgia Dome is getting older, the biggest problem is the Falcons don’t own the GA Dome. They don’t own the parking lots either. What does that mean? Inferior product from the Georgia World Congress Center and lost revenue for the Falcons. The Falcons do not control the parking lots, the concessions, the stadium staff and what happens in the Dome 355 days out of the year.

    It makes complete sense to build a new stadium, possibly one without a roof, possibly one with a retractable roof that the Falcons could control themselves. A game at the GA Dome is fun but overall it’s not up to the Falcons/Mr. Blank’s standards. One only needs to look at how the Falcons handle their Training Camp to understand how great their overall stadium experience would be.

    The Falcons get knocked a lot for their long history, as someone who has experienced the NFL in other cities the Falcons do it right. They have a great Owner and they have a great direction, they also treat their fans as humans, not Ticket account #’s which quite a few teams could learn a thing about. (Redskins)

    Blank has tried and spent good money improving the GA Dome, now it’s time to build his own legacy in the city of Atlanta, a city that happens to love having him as a part of the community.

  7. Stadiums make cities money. Tax payers don’t just help out for nothing. Do you have any idea how much money a super bowl would give back to Atlanta? Come on everyone…business people aren’t just devils out to rob us blind. You need big draws and expensive projects for a city to get people to visit and move here. You don’t think we all paid for the Aquarium? Which has paid us back ten fold? I say build the new stadium and I’ll gladly chip in. And he should build it on the old GM Plant site near Doraville, so everyone in Atlanta and the surrounding burbs can get there. That area is the true center of it all, location wise. I think it would be amazing…and then all the super stars and athletes can fly their private jets into Peachtree Dekalb airport and be right there by the action.

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