Classy comments can only help Curtis Martin’s Hall of Fame chances


Curtis Martin was passed over for enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, and he wasted no time in commenting on the matter.

But Martin didn’t complain: Instead, he released a statement through the Jets’ public relations staff congratulating those who were chosen and saying he thinks the selection committee (which can choose a maximum of seven inductees each year) made the right choices.

“I think the voting committee did a great job selecting the 2011 class,” Martin said. “If I were a part of the committee I can’t say that I would have voted any differently. I’m not being modest at all, but I truly don’t feel that there’s anyone in this year’s class that I should have bested in the voting process. Of course I would have loved to get in this year but, number one the inductees truly deserved it, number two there’s always next year! I thank you all for the recognition and congratulations to this year’s inductees!”

Martin also said on Twitter that if he were to get in alongside his old coach Bill Parcells next year, that would make him glad he didn’t make it this year.

Although the selection committee is supposed to consider only what a player did on the field, those comments can only help Martin’s chances. He handled what some are calling a “snub” with class.

23 responses to “Classy comments can only help Curtis Martin’s Hall of Fame chances

  1. curtis is a sure fire HOF’er. surprised he didnt make it this year but his time will come soon.

  2. I’m a Pats fan and even thought this guy went to a team I hate…I still love him. (Unlike w/ Vinatraitor). Martin is a class guy& was a great player. I believe he rushed for over 1,000 yards every single year of his career except the last one and tat has never been done. Not sure he’s a HOF guy but with some of the people they’ve let in he should be a no brainer. His problem is that he never played on a “great” let alone SB winning team. It seems like most HOFers were on great teams. And that most players had signature moments in big games. Like Lynn Swann for example.

  3. It was kind of a snub. Fourth all-time leading rusher (ahead of Tomlinson, who seems like an eventual first-balloter). I’m sure he’ll get in though, probably next year.

  4. Greatest NY Jet of all-time!

    I’m peeved that he didn’t get in this year, but I’m positive he’ll get in next year or the next!

    HOF player on AND off the field.

  5. How on earth could this be considered a “snub?” You want to see a snub, see Carter, Cris. The guy with the third most catches in NFL history gets beat out by a film maker. How embarrassing for the NFL. They need to change the voting process.

  6. He and Bettis should both get in next year. 4th and 5th ranked rushers all time and both class acts.

  7. I think the comment about him not having “bested” the other candidates was an excellent one. He’ll get in, it’s just hard to put him in the same class as Faulk.

    Everyone knows how political this is, and I think it’s smart of him to look at it like an analyst instead of a candidate. It makes his opinion more credible.

  8. FACT: During there playing years in the 1990’s Irvin is on record as saying he was the the 3rd best WR behind #1 Rice # 2REED!!!! Also Rod Woodson a HOF DB who covered these WR is constantly pushing for REED induction. Woodson vouches for no other WR as he does Reed.. Those are playeres who know. Reed did his damage in bad weather. As for the Giants crushing him in the super bowl, Reed still had over ten catches and 100 yards. The Giants had 8 db the whole game waiting for him to catch the ball. Levy was a bad coach

  9. Curtis was light years better than Bettis. Had more yards, rushing and receiving, more total touchdowns ( only 1 less rushing than the supposed great goal line back bettis). He did all this while playing 2 fewer seasons and as a Jets fan i know that he did it with inferior talent around him than Bettis had in Pitt.

    Its too bad Herm shortened his career by telegraphing draw plays that got him crushed game after game, all jet fans know what im talking about.

    In the post Barry/Thurman/Emmitt era only Marshall Faulk is legitamately better than the great Curtis Martin

  10. Compare Curtis Martin’s adult perspective on life to Deion Sanders’ petulant whining about his placement on the NFL Network’s 100 Greatest Player’s list.

  11. Curtis played for 2 teams that I don’t like,but I enjoyed watching him play.What a classy guy.!!!!!!Congrats also to the ones that got in for 2011.Curtis will get in soon.

  12. Pats fan here who hated that Curtis left, made even worse that he followed Tuna to the Jets. Fact is he was one of the best ever and that’s not even taking into the account that the guy is a class act. Surprised he didn’t make it in. Hopefully that will be fixed next year.

  13. Hopefully he will get in, he is a great player and a guy, however HOF often goes to great seasons and Super bowls, or another thing I am starting to fear is staying with the game and becoming part of the media. Chris Carter is the only player no enshrined this year that works for a major media outlet. (Faulk & Sanders NFL Network) Sharpe (CBS). Bottom line is it is really hard to split hairs at this level of accomplishments. It does seem a lot tougher if you are a WR though. I think all 3 deserve to go.

  14. Arguably the second best receiver of all time isn’t in. Cris Carter was a great player. Curtis Martin was a good player. Bettis was a good player. Good players don’t belong in the hall of fame, great players do.

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