Dallas Fire Marshall deems some temporary seats unsafe

Five sections of temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium have been deemed unsafe to use on Super Bowl Sunday, according to a report from Chris Myers of FOX.

As Florio mentioned earlier, this is an incredible failure by the NFL and Cowboys Stadium that isn’t rectified simply by paying off the ticket holders three times the face value of the tickets.

It’s unclear just how many fans are affected.  Myers reported 1,000 fans would not have a seat.   Based on our view, that looks right.

A widely repeated radio report said that 6,000-9,000 fans could lose their seats, but that number appears incorrect.   (We believe that number is the total number of temporary seats.  The majority of them are able to be used.)

Many of the temporary seats in the upper decks have recently started filling in.  PFT heard that those ticket holders were being held back by Stadium officials for a while, until eventually the sections were deemed ready for use.   FOX reported that five areas of seating will ultimately be affected.

We can see  four of the areas affected clearly from our spot in the press box.   They are on the third level of the stadium (below the Cowboys ring of honor).  One of the sections along the Packers goal line is covered with a black tarp.    The section on the opposite side of the field is clearly unfinished and uncovered.

The other two sections we can spot are around the 15-yard line on the Steelers side.  One of them has some spare gates and hand rails sitting there, apparently never to be completed.

The NFL is lucky the game is almost ready to start so they don’t get a chance to screw anything else up.

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  1. I’ve given Dallas some slack for the weather, but this takes the cake. But as horrible as this is, we should wait to see exactly who’s responsible (Jones? Goodell?). Again, sizable refunds plus tickets to the next 5 Super Bowls for those holding legit tickets.

  2. Actually, Jerry, you have me thinkin’ that Wade is a genius for winning as many games as he did with you running the show.

  3. I’m sure Roger will personally take care of this matter right away because everybody knows he only cares about the fans…

  4. Congratulations Jerry. Thanks to your egotistical desire to set a Super Bowl attendance “record” you’ve ensured that Dallas will never again host the Super Bowl.

    In case it wasn’t already obvious, Jerry Jones is a jackass.

  5. Jerrah’s “palace” is as good as his team…………a laughing joke. Jerrah has got to be pissed and embarrassed….good for him, He deserves the embarassment and ridicule.

  6. And Jerry jones,once again, proves to the world why he sucks as an owner. Instead of letting him down on the sidelines, the nfl should make him pay the people who no longer have tickets the money back face to face…then stand in the place where the seats should be….all alone….in shame…..pathetic greed……

  7. Besides Jerrah Jones, R. Goodell and the NFL have no shame. They postpone the Vikings/Eagles game because of a “pending snowstorm” which is an everyday happening in December when you live in Philly because the NFL “was concerned about fan safety”, LMAO….but yet they do NOTHING about a snow/ice storm in a warm weather state that didn’t have a clue how to deal with it, but yet a dozen individuals are sent to the hospital after getting hit with falling ice and snow…..fire marshall has to step in and deem seats unsafe…..what a joke this has become for the NFL, Goodell and Jerrah.

  8. Looks like theres going to be an opening for a new Fire Marshall once Jerry Jones hears about this……

  9. Here’s to staging a very flawed event that has had it’s flaws virtually ignored by the telecast. Good work NFL and FOX. You’ve done JJ proud.
    Bet they say despite all the problems beforehand, they say the event itself came off without a hitch? Which is what the goal was anyway, right? Sad state of affairs.

  10. 1,000 fans will lose their seats? If the NFL brass has a shred of empathy or ethics they will ensure that these fans get into this game. No matter what. Start asking each luxury box if they can accommodate 10 more people. Put them in the end zones, in the tunnels. Put some in the press box. Does this go in direct opposition to NFL policy/regulations? Yes. Is this a once in a lifetime experience with a once in a lifetime problem? Also yes. It’s one of those times in life when exceptions must be made no matter the cost, inconvenience, or precedence that is set. What a disaster this week in Dallas has been.

  11. joelvis72 says:
    Feb 6, 2011 5:54 PM
    I’ve given Dallas some slack for the weather, but this takes the cake. But as horrible as this is, we should wait to see exactly who’s responsible (Jones? Goodell?). Again, sizable refunds plus tickets to the next 5 Super Bowls for those holding legit tickets.

    The NFL takes over ownership of all facilities that host the Super Bowl for the duration of the event. It’s the NFL. But JJ built this dump. Yes, I said it. A billion dollars, a freak snowstorm, and no one wondered what would happpen to the snow on the roof? Wayback machine, to Dec. in MN might help. Yo-yo’s.

  12. Shoutout to the genius who shoves 100,000 people in a building without checking with the fire marshall.

  13. Wait..so the NFL (nor JJ) is NOT going to reimburse them for travel costs or hotel? What a JOKE!
    I dislike frivolous lawsuits, but I hope they file a class action suit against the NFL, Roger Godell , and Jerry
    for three times the amount the are due.

  14. Danish television reports that 400 people lost their seat at the super bowl.

    They are not even in the stadium.

    Nicely done Jerry.

  15. First off, the stadium is in Arlington which is in Tarrant county. It isnt in Dallas or Dallas county & the Dallas Fire Marshall has nothing to do with this.

    Second, the Fire Marshall only says YEAH or NAH to these seats once they are completed & ready for inspection. They were never completed by whatever contractor was supposed to do it.

    My thinking is, someone didnt get paid properly to do the work & thus it didnt get completed. Also the NFL was in charge of the stadium for the last month. JJ & his idiots were on the sideline. Nt saying they couldnt screw the pooch just as well, but this time I think they were just watching & taking notes.

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