Daniel Snyder sits down with PFT Live

After last week’s five-day allotment of ProFootballTalk Live ended, the opportunities to talk to some of the biggest names in the sport continued.

So in lieu of a weekend edition of PFT Live, we’re posting the videos as bonus segments.

Here’s Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who talks about various issues including his ongoing desire to host a Super Bowl at FedEx Field.

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18 responses to “Daniel Snyder sits down with PFT Live

  1. Daniel Snyder wants to organize a Super Bowl? The guy is a model of mismanagement and he’s running a franchise into the ground. How the hell is he going to take care of an event of such magnitude?

  2. As a Giants fan living in DC, Dan Snyder makes me very happy. His team will never be competitive. That said, this guy is a scumbag. The story published in the City Paper was in fact very true and never mentioned his wife. If anyone is lying, its him.

  3. it amazes me the people you bash on pft would want to appear on your show and when they do you don’t ask them the “hard hitting questions” you always complain when a reporter does an interview without hard hitting questions, and yet you whiff when you have the chance.honestly it’s almost like watching an episode of the view with you gushing and lobbing softball questions at your guests. first Elway and now one of your favorites Dan Snyder and not one confrontational moment guess it is easier to insult somebody and tell them how to run thier team from behind a keyboard than in person right?

  4. @ MichaelEdits…I hear you. I have been a fan since 1975, but it’s hard for me to drop the team. I am hoping Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan can clean up this mess soon. I have too much Redskins memorabilia to get rid of.

  5. Snyder’s lawsuit has no merit. First off, the columnist in no way, shape or form made fun of his wife, or her fight against breast cancer. Read the article. Snyder is pulling that one out of thin air. Secondly, Snyder’s company, Snyder Communications, was found guilty of slamming, which is the act of changing a customer’s long distance service without permission. This guy is loathed in D.C. Just read the comments section of Washington Post articles about this lawsuit, and you will see the disdain that people have for this guy.

  6. No way there should be a Super Bowl at that horrible stadium. It would take hours to get in and out of that complex.

  7. Imagine the MONEY Dan Snyder could make by hosting the Super Bowl:

    Tickets $4,000 Those old dudes are going to miss their first Super Bowl!

    Parking $500

    Satellite Parking $495

    Beer $35

    Water $20

    Watching the game nearby on video boards $900

    Oh, wait, here it comes: Advertising in and around the stadium $??? If you have to ask you can’t afford it

  8. The reason he wants a Super Bowl at FedEx is because it would be good for “Mr.” $ynder. Every decision he makes is around how fill his own pockets. He’d take an already “super” expensive event and find new heights in which to charge the fans!

  9. @palinforpresidentofnorthkorea…

    You forgot:
    Use of toilet for a leak – $20
    Napkin for $30 hot dog: $5
    Straw for watered down soft drink: $7
    Cost for a look at souvenir stand: $25

    Welcome to the world of Al Davis East!

  10. How many times do I have to hear “the coach has the keys and I sign the checks.” Is this the best the Redskins team of PR lackeys can come up with? I can’t imagine any Redskin fan believing anything Danny Boy says. Sell the team we can’t stand you!

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