Fans furious over Super Bowl temporary seating screw-up

A group of furious fans are lining up outside Cowboys Stadium and trying to figure out where they’re supposed to go after the NFL announced that some temporary seating has not been completed, and some Super Bowl ticket holders may not get into the game.

At the moment, fans are being directed to the Party Plaza area outside Cowboys Stadium. I left my press row seat to go down there, and I saw enraged fans getting what didn’t seem to be satisfactory customer service from the ushers assigned to the thankless task of helping them.

“I just found out when I got here two minutes ago,” said Michael Noble, a Steelers season ticket holder from Erie, Pennsylvania, who planned a special trip to Dallas when his team won the AFC Championship Game.

Noble, who was holding a ticket with a $900 face value, wanted to be inside the stadium watching the Steelers warm up, but he’s currently stuck outside, with no guarantee that he’ll get in.

“They’re going to make me stand in a long line for nothing,” he said.

One Cowboys Stadium usher told me he had been dealing with irate fans, but he knew nothing about the situation other than that he had been told to direct affected fans to stand in the line at a ticket window.

The NFL has said it will refund tickets at three times face value, but that won’t come close to compensating fans who spent thousands of dollars on airfare and a hotel room in Dallas.

Noble said he doesn’t want his money back, or triple his money back. He wants the seat he paid for.

“I just want to see the game,” Noble said. “I’ve never been to a Super Bowl.”

30 responses to “Fans furious over Super Bowl temporary seating screw-up

  1. I smell a class action suit. It’s ridiculous that these people have traveled God knows how far, and spent a ton of money to be turned away.

    I’d be pissed, too.

  2. Can you blame them? I mean especially if your a fan of one of these two teams. This is going to make Jerry Jones and his new stadium look really bad.

    Easy Solution: Take all the people affected by these temporary seats and throw them into Jerry’s suit and let Jerry sit in the temp seats.

  3. Jesus. After all these years, you would think that these moneygrubbing shysters would at least be good at these logistics. But no. They treat the fans just like they treat the players, as an irritating afterthought. Take your swill and like it prole, I have money, I command it.

    How long before this fan is sued for ‘defaming’ Jonestown. They should just give him some Kool Aid. End it now.

  4. Relax my man. I’m sure Ashton Kutchner will show up in the Party Plaza any minute and tell you you’ve been “punked”. The NFL wouldn’t do that to you. Would they?

  5. The NFL executives should give their seats, including their luxury box. It’s real fans that but these “cheap” seats….to leave these real fans outside looking in is just wrong.

  6. Hefty refunds plus tickets to the next 5 Super Bowls, but nothing can take the place of wanting to go watch your team play and not be able to. Dang.

  7. Goodell knows what fans want. He was just protected these folks from themselves. They just don’t know it yet.

  8. This is crazy. The fans, who are the reason this game is even played for and sustained by, get screwed. I’m about ready to stop watching this sport.

  9. did you expect anything else out of the clowns in the cowboy organization?the fans got screwed out of seeing a game in the world’s biggest toilet!

  10. I mean really, they waited until game day for the fire marshalls to inspect the seating.

    This Stadium is cursed, ice falling off the roof hurting people, people paying thousands and finding out an hour before kickoff they dont have a seat, and to top it off Christina doesnt know the words to the National Anthem….

  11. Wow. What a big time screw up. They’ve had a long time to prepare for the Super Bowl so there’s no excuses. Jerry Jones has been a disaster: collapsed practice fields, ice falls, effing over hard-working fans, etc.

  12. Nice – Jerry Jones must be proud at how well things went for him this week!!! Karma Jerry, karma!!!

  13. Triple damages is what the NFL owners need to get used to paying. When the union decertifies, the owners will be paying a lot of the triple damages thing.

    BTW, if ‘dem ‘boys had been playing, the seat would have been safe enough for the ‘boys fans. After all, the Cowboy fans can’t get hurt if they fall on their heads.

  14. I would definetly be talking with a LAWYER. Triple Refunds is fine for a start on Punitive damages. But I definetly think, Plane Fare & Hotels should be included. This was an EVENT that people wouldnt have come to DFW normally for without it being here. So ALL EXPENSES should be covered.

    And YES I am sure some people will try to gouge it. But the 400 people who didnt get into seats should be able to submit all bills associated with this & get FULL REFUNDS of everything.

    Also the NFL could COMP them seats Gratis to next years game as well.

  15. I was one of these fans that got screwed over. Does anyone know how I can contact the NFL or Roger Goodell? I want to contact the press somehow so I do not get left in the dark.

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