Goodell keeps making case for 18 games, fans keep saying they don’t want it

It’s Super Sunday, and while circling the dial here at the Motel 6 in Dallas we tripped across an interview of Commissioner Roger Goodell on FOX News Sunday.

Sitting with Chris Wallace (whom Goodell called “Mike” at least twice), Goodell addressed once again the question of whether fans truly want to see the regular season increase from 16 to 18 games.

Goodell continues to focus on the notion that the fans don’t want a four-game preseason.  And there continues to be a disconnect between the discontent with a four-game preseason and a desire for an 18-game regular season.

As far as the folks who frequent this site are concerned, the hope for fewer preseason games doesn’t translate into a push for more regular-season games.

Though the process is hardly scientific, a one-word reader comment in response to the question of whether fans want an 18-game regular season — “No” — drew 1,145 thumb’s up and only 98 thumbs down.

A more pointed comment resulted in a similar landslide:  “Please do not speak for me. I don’t need an 18 game season. I just don’t WANT to pay regular game prices for preseason.”  Of the folks who hit one of the two thumbs, 1,050 chose the thumb’s up, and only 40 went with thumb’s down.

The fact that our Friday item about the issue, which came from Goodell’s annual pre-Super Bowl press conference, has generated 351 comments and counting.

The NFL has painted itself into a corner here.  The league has admitted that the preseason must shrink.  But plenty of players and plenty of fans don’t want it.  Though the players may be posturing in the hopes of getting a better deal, the fans have no agenda when it comes to voicing their disagreement.

All things considered, we’d shrink the preseason to two games and increase the regular season to only 17 games, with the extra 16 games played in neutral sites, both in other countries and in the U.S.  Even with only 19 total games, the sport will still continue to grow — and everyone will continue to get richer.

Including all season-ticket holders, who won’t have to pay regular-season prices for tickets to one of two meaningless home preseason games.

86 responses to “Goodell keeps making case for 18 games, fans keep saying they don’t want it

  1. 18 games are coming. And the pundits and one-off that come tintype site and complain about it coming can’t stop it.

    You can thumbs down this comment all you want, but it won’t stop the 18 game season from coming. And I, for one, will love it!

  2. Goodell is 100% in fantasy land if he thinks the fans want 18 regular season games. We know what the players want and we see our favorite players hurt all the time. Don’t be a dumbass Roger.

  3. Goodell, as a fan, I have absolutely no desire for an 18 game season.

    The players don’t even play a full game in the preseason, so to sit there and argue that they won’t be “adding” any games is just dumb.

    Do whatever the heck you want with preseason, but leave the regular season at 16. And stop putting this on the fans, because saying we want it is BS.

    Goodell is just using this as a bargaining chip.

  4. Attn PFT: please don’t base your opinion on what us jackasses say on here. We only count for a small part of the NFL fan base. (The OCD football fans) The NFL fan base is much larger than us and on’s poll, it was a landslide in favor of the 18 game season

  5. Not quite sure why the NFL doesn’t concede to drop prices for preseason tickets. Lower prices = higher attendence = more concession sales.

  6. An 18 game regular season works perfect. Play in team in your division twice and each team in your conference once.

    This brings back a true superbowl. No more intra-conference games.

  7. I knew we were in trouble w/ Goodell early on when he disbanded NFLE which was a great resource for the NFL to develop players while also helping develop/gauge interest in the sport in Europe. He says it’s going because it’s losing money. Then a few months later he’s pimping all the great interest in the NFL in Europe and how more games need to be played there. Maybe even the SB. Wait… what???
    He’s either the dumbest SB on earth or such a tool of the owners that he doesn’t care how contradictory and nonsensical he sounds. Me, I think he’s a guy interested in his own legacy and therefore loves change..change that can be attached to HIS name. Change for change’s sake is NOT a good thing though. Another reason I think he’s interested in his own legacy is his idiotic and horrendously timed swipes at Roethlisberger and Belichick. It SCREAMS… LOOK AT ME I PUT THE BAD GUYS AWAY. AIN’T I GRAND?? AIN’T I MORAL and PC BECAUSE I LOVE VICK (an actual criminal) but HATE those eeeevil SOBs ??? He’s petty. Vick told him what he wanted to hear and it’s politically correct to love him.

  8. Roger Goodell — a.k.a. Owners’ Errand Boy — School of Negotiation

    1) Despite multi-multi-billion dollar TV deals and usurious PSL practices and jerseys that sell for $500 each claim that the owners are hemorrhaging money but at all times refuse to open the books to show how this preposterous assertion could be even remotely possible.

    2) Claim it’s not the billionaire owners idea but instead it is really the FANS’ idea to make billionaire owners even richer with an 18 game season..

    Repeat ad nauseam.

  9. And he keeps saying in public “The fans wanna see an 18 game schedule”. He’s in the owners’ pockets.
    He’s a sham. THE OWNERS want 18 games cuz their
    greed cannot be stopped.

  10. I think it’s fine the way it is, but if the league insists on fixing what ain’t broke, your system makes the most sense.

  11. I could accept 17 games, and the neutral site thing is a good idea. Maybe the Raiders and the Rams play in LA, the Cardinals and Cowboys in Mexico City, or the Bucs and Dolphins in Orlando.

  12. We want 2 preseason games
    We game a 16 game schedule
    And were willing to add an extra round of playoffs.

    Commish needs to Stop spinning and basically lying by suggesting that the fans actually want an 18 game regular season to the point the we will support the owners over it.

  13. You know what bothers me the most about the current four game pre-season sixteen game regular season? Nothing.

  14. We all know that the fans are the last consideration before:

    1. Money
    2. Greater TV Revenue
    3. Money
    4. A new chip in the bargaining agreement to give players more
    5. Money
    6. Allow the league to increase health insurance coverage for players to 10 years after they retire as another chip
    7. Money

    Fans are somewhere around #106

  15. Thank you for posting this! I have been saying this ever since the NFL insisted we the fans want an 18 game schedule. That is not true, I like the current 16 game schedule right now! Roger Goodell needs to stop insisting that we want this 18 game schedule, we like it the way it is!

  16. And to the 17th neutral site idea, that would be acceptable although I prefer not to see another adjustment to the records books, 14 to 16 to 17.

    Decades later we still refer to 154 vs 162.

  17. Heres the reason Goodell is making a hard push for eighteen games. it has everything to do with growing the financial pie for the owners, and nothing to do with the game it self or what the fans want. They all could care less about that.

  18. its crazy not to want 18 games, unless you have 10 seats at a stadium. and are afraid you cant sell all those tickets.i say go for 20, i cant get enough.

  19. There’s a happy medium. You can have your stinking 4 now-useless-except-to-coaches preseason games IF you weight them as counting 1/2 of a regular game. It works out to 18 games; the preseason games would actually ‘mean’ something, but not as much as a ‘regular’ game.

    Added incentive would be to price these 1/2-weight preseason games accordingly.

  20. Mike, your proposal is better than Goodell’s but I still think keeping a 16-game regular season is best (regardless of whether there are 2, 3, or 4 preseason games). Don’t mess with a good thing.

  21. It’s not as simple as it sounds just adding two regular season games in place of two regular season games. This is part of the current TV deal already in place (20-game slate). If the players and owners agree to two more games it is a win-win financially for all! TV gets more money, owners get more money, players get more money, and fans get more football!

    The problem is TV gets more money, the owners get more money, players get more money (and injuries, thus the trade-off), and the fans spend more money! (but get more football too!)

    As the saying goes, “It’s NOT about the money, it’s about the MONEY!” (yes, I wrote that correctly)

  22. All I’ve got to say to the players is:

    Suck it up, put on your pads and play football

    The lowest paid practice squad player make more money than 99.2% of the people on earth that’s 6,842,690,333 people

    Suck it up, put on your pads and play football

    The highest paid players make more money than 99.999% of the people on earth that’s 6,897,804,341 people

    Suck it up, put on our pads and play football

    Baseball plays 162 games a year
    Basketball plays 82 games a year
    Soccer, yes soccer, plays 45 games a year
    And our Ausie bretheren with 16 teams in a league play 24 Rugby games a season. Have you seen those guys faces after a game? Blood and all?

    Suck it up, put on our pads and play football

    Billions of people on earth work hard jobs for long hours and little pay. They struggle for food and the care of thier families. They get no glory, no sports magazine write ups, no trophies in this life time and commercial sport for Head and Shoulders or Fedex or Wranglers. The just “Do It”

    Suck it up, put on our pads and play football

  23. Goodell is really starting to embarrass himself on this issue. Fans see right through it and if he keeps pushing it under the guise of the fans will, he will lose all credibility. If that happens, the owners will throw him under the bus in a hurry.

  24. 18 games would be great.

    Let them find a way to rest everyone enough…a few more players on the roster…2-3 bye weeks…perhaps a mandated 2-3 games on the bench for all players. There are plenty of ways to extend the season…which seems so short. Partly because it IS short when compared to the other sports…but even shorter when time is divided between all the holiday stuff going on.

    I don’t trust any polls for pretty much anything. The people I talk to all seem to want the schedule expanded.

  25. The whole idea that fans don’t want it is a bit deceptive. While many fans hate the “man” and therefore will be a contrarian to any of their ideas, if they were honest with themselves, they would know they will watch and be excited for the extra games. When the pig starts squealing, not one of these so-called fans who are against 18 games schedule will complain about having to sit through another week of meaningful games.
    I wish people could be real with themselves instead of trying to make a stand with everything they say. Be real and you know you will be more likely to watch the extra two weeks, than to watch preseason games 2 and 4.

  26. “we’d shrink the preseason to two games and increase the regular season to only 17 games, with the extra 16 games played in neutral sites”

    Roger that!

  27. Is it just me or has the No Fun League become a mess since this commissioner took over. I’ve been watching the NFL for more years than I care to remember and I think this guy is clueless and a BIG part of the problem.

  28. I want an 18 game season. It’s just not that simple though. Throw in another bye week or two heck have a mid season intermission, increase the roster size, increase minimum pay and begin a post career health care plan for the retired and hurt. There are more details that need to be tweaked I am sure. The team I root for stinks, so once playoffs hit, I lose interest, I’m not a majority in that case but if my team had two more games, I would watch, no question.

  29. Even one more game is a bad idea. There’s no need to get the ball rolling on this issue at all. The fans and players (the two most crucial aspects of the NFL) do not want it. If we add one more game, how long will it be until we add another?

  30. The currents situation is:

    4 preseason gms
    16 regular season gms
    1 bye week
    total of 21 weeks

    17 game suggestion would be:

    2 preseason gms
    17 regular season games (one nuetral)
    2 bye weeks
    total of 21 weeks

    I think that actually a good idea. The neutral site games would add a new demention to the game and the extra bye week would give teams that much needed extra rest. But I am fine with the current situation. Just please NO EIGHTEEN games!

  31. An 18 game season is like Obamacare. The people don’t want it, the players (doctors) don’t want it, and still, some egomaniac will try to force it on everyone.

  32. Not that I’m for or against anyone making money for themselves but to lay the blame solely at the feet of the players is rediculous. It’s the owners who decided to back out of the deal. And I’m so tired of all the idiots posting their brain vomit everywhere. This is simple. Owners were scared last time so they signed an agreement that did not favor them. Now the agreement is up and the owners want some of the money back. The players know the last deal was too good to be true yet they say they won’t take less. We have a situation of millionaires fighting with billionaires for who gets the bigger slice of a pie that’s big enough to feed everyone well. so I say both owners and players should pull their headache out of their assessing sign a Damn deal and quit scaring the fans who only want to watch their team play on Sunday.

  33. Commissioner Roger Goodell might as well be Senator Roger Goodell —- Like most Senators he lives in his sheltered limo driven multimillionaire world and is totally out of touch with at least eighty percent of the people (the real people — the real fans in this case) and just worries about the concerns of his multimillionaire friends and colleagues and when he talks he’s really just trying to shove his personal money making agenda down our (the peoples — the fans) throats and unfortunately and in reality it has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with what the fans want — It’s really just all about him and them and like most Senators he will treat the people like their stupid and just keep shoving the garbage down are throats — But the fans know the truth — The fans know that Roger Goodell is really a Clown — He’s just not a funny Clown — He Sucks

  34. @gypjet – keep this on topic. Don’t bring politics to sports. They are not conducive. Thanks.

  35. and we DON”T want a team in LONDON either. as reported the smorning by Mort & Schefter… that its gonna happen… there are TOO MANY BLEEPING TEAMS NOW…1/3 of the teams can’t sell out there home games & get blacked out….

  36. Thank you. I’ve been trying to push the 17 game, neutral site idea from the start. Having your team sacrifice a home game to play in London or Toronto is lame. Every team should be on the same playing field in that regard.

  37. More playoff games makes a lot of sense….instead of stupid “Pro-Bowl” style pre-season games….Teams will just practice and scrimmage at away camps to get extra preseason looks at players.

    But if they want to extend the season, I would love that too!

    Should start UFL on March 1st…..and play until September.

  38. What doesn’t Goodell get?…’s not that fans are against 4 preseason games…’s that fans don’t want to pay FULL PRICE for preseason games. Drop the price of preseason games in half (actually they should drop it lower than that) and fans won’t have a problem

  39. Here’s what the fans want:
    1. Lower ticket prices
    2. Exciting games
    3. The NFL Network not taking away regular season game viewership.
    4. Stripping of the blackout rule.
    5. Better fan experience at a game.

    I will say yes to 18 games if you can make those 5 things happen. Until then, it’s what the players want. I want to be able to see my favorite players play for many years, not the have the toll of 2 more games pile up on their bodies and they leave the the league that much quicker.

  40. More NFL games means more NFL on tv and more Sunday’s filled with fun. Bring it on. I can’t believe fans are whining about this. These are the same fans lobbying against cheerleaders…

  41. Fans don’t give a crap about a 4 game pre-season. Season ticket holders just don’t want to be forced to pay for the tickets to meaningless games.

  42. GODdell is a moron! He is for the owners and the owners only. I don’t remember any other commish being so involved in the press about players.He needs to go and it would be nice if the players band together and before they sign a new CBA get him out.

  43. There are two different issues here.

    1. Do the fans want to pay regular season prices for pre-season games? No.

    2. Would the fans sacrifice two pre-season games for two more regular season games? Yes.

  44. Didnt the league break countless tv records this year…? Doesnt that mean, tv contracts will be even higher next year…? DONT go to an 18 game season, we (the majority of fans) dont want an 18 game season.

    In an economic environment where most are hurting, the NFL seems to be increasing revenue…! That’s not enough…?! The league has tremendous parity in it now. It aint broke… dont fix it.

    The only “real” beef I have, is that as a season ticket holder, I have to pay full price for a pre-season game.

  45. People need to be realistic. Dropping the preseason from 4 games to 2 games and keeping the regular season at 16 games IS NOT AN OPTION.
    Owners and players are fighting over revenue – there is no way they’re both are going to agree to decrease it by dropping the pre/reg season to 19 weeks from 21.

    The opposition to 18 games is based upon fear and irrationality – at least from the fans perspective.
    Change isn’t always bad and the 2 extra game probably isn’t going to make a difference as to whether or not your team makes the playoffs.

    18 games is coming, it’s best you learn how to deal with it.

  46. I like the fact that every game is so important in a 16 game season. Look at the other major sports leagues and how a lot of people don’t even watch games until the playoffs.

    If the NFL goes to 18 games, the signifigance of each game would be lessened slightly.

  47. Goddell needs to stop using the fans as a ploy to get an 18 game season. The bottom line is they want to make more money PERIOD. Now, as a season ticket holder and a fan of football I would love to be able to watch 18 regular season games, but, I would rather pay less for a preseason game!

    Has anyone ever tried to sell a preseason game on stub hub? You can’t sell it for regular price!! You are luck to get half of what you paid for. I think most of us would agree that we do not want to pay 140 plus dollars to watch a game that means nothing. Hey, Goddell start by dropping the prices for preason and regular season games before you end up with a larger TV ratings and less fans in the stands.
    Remeber the bottom line is MONEY!!! NOT the FANS!!!

  48. Rule #1: people hear only what they want to hear. Season ticket holders complained about being forced to pay the same amount of money for a pre-season game as a regular season game. However, Greedy Goodell & the owners interpret that to mean fans want more regular season games. Why? See rule #2…. Rule #2:it’s ALWAYS about the money. The league & it’s owners don’t want to miss out on a single penny. Rule #3: the regular joe ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick when dealing with multi-million (or billion) aires. The bottom line is more games means more injuries to players. More injured players means fans will be stuck watching games in which the “product” on the field is diluted. I can hardly wait.

  49. Go to 3 pre-season games and keep the 16 game regular season. 1 Pre-season game is on neutral turf (HOF game, etc) plus a team can petition to have the game at home PROVIDED that the game can not be required to be purchased as part of a season ticket package. Fans in Green Bay, Dallas & Pittsburgh would buy those tickets. Fans in San Diego, Jacksonvile and St. Louis wouldn’t.

    The whole problem isn’t that pre-season games exist, it’s that we’re required to buy them.

  50. I am not sure where most of these “fans” are from. personally, I would love to see NFL games all year long (yes, 52 weeks). But, of course, I would like more than 16 if possible.
    The preseason games will ALWAYS cost as much as the regular season games.
    Just wait, in a week, there will be no more NFL, at least for a long time.
    All these “fans” who do not want 18 games, lets see what you think in April or May.

  51. would rather see a 18 game season starting in Sept and ending in March or April with 2 bye weeks.

    plus espn does a weekly 1 hour game by game breakdown for every team with special attention and breakdown given to line play.

    Plus the owners offer a lottery for 1000 free tickets ea week with at least 500 of them being plaza level or better seats.

  52. If everyone is so concerned about the wear and tear on players during an 18 game season, adopt a rule that ALL players can be active for only 16 games, and have to sit out two games, at the teams discretion. That would also help slightly injured players a chance to heal.

  53. Pay for ten games in each season. 18 game season works fine for me. I tired of wasting my money on worthless preseason games.

  54. Wow, the best reference you can come up with is the ‘Thumbs” on PFT comments? Sounds…flawed.

  55. So what are all of you going to do? Not watch the 17th and 18th games of the season? You can all push a down thumb as much as you want . . . Goodell knows he owns you. He can roll out a Pro Bowl that can beat some World Series games for ratings. You’ll watch, the networks know you’ll watch, and they’ll be paying out even larger broadcasting rights. It’s a fait accompli – – get used to it.

  56. Let’s see how many thumbs up or down we get for this one: besides the stupid 18-game season idea, we also don’t want Roger Goodell to be the NFL Commissioner in the first place.

  57. The preseason is not going to all of a sudden become free. And the NFL isn’t going to drop two games just for the hell of it. Pro football used to have 12 regular season games and 6-7 preseason, in which the starters played most of the game. If by the NFLPA’s logic 18 is too much because of safety concerns, isn’t 16 too much as well? I haven’t seen one single outlet mention the fact that players used to play 18 full time games and the sky somehow didn’t fall in.

  58. Personally, I like the idea of increasing roster size by a few players and trading two meaningless preseason games for two that actually count.

    Don’t kid yourselves, those of you that are up in arms about this will keep watching just like the rest of us.

  59. @nothimagain

    You seem to be the only one here who actually gets it. The owners AND players want the money that is generated by having 20 games per team. The fans and especially season ticket holders don’t like paying full price for preseason games. The easiest solution to this problem is the 18 game schedule.

    The owners and players won’t lower preseason prices because it means less money for them to split, same with less total games. The 18 game schedule actually means more money because it will also increase the TV contract with 2 extra weeks to the regular season.

    I also find it funny all the people comlaining about the fact the NFL wants to make as much money as possible. How is this different than any other business? They aren’t a charity or a government service, they are business and every business in a capitalistic society has one main goal, make as much money as possible. In a country where even your health care providers main goal is making as much money as possible I find funny that people chriticize a sports league and it’s players and owner for having that same goal.

  60. Adding games makes no sense. They have the perfect number. You play six division games, four vs. a conference division, four vs. a non-conference division and two against other conference teams who finished in the same position in their respective divisions.

    Where would the other two games come from? Would the No. 2s face the top two teams from the other divisions instead of just the other No. 2s? That’s the only addition that would make sense to me, but it’s still a step back from where we currently are.

    Stick with 16 games. Everyone’s making plenty of money.

  61. 1. Keep 4 game preseason, with the first game to be played by only players w/ 3 years or less experience on the new team (if possible since that still might not be enough to field full squads),second game a limited contact scrimmage, and final two full squad

    There are many active players who needed the full 4 game preseason to impress coaches enough to earn a job. Eliminating some of those games would mean that some of the players today would not be playing. Gotta give them enough of a chance to show what they got.

    2. 18 game season

    3. Two bye weeks

    4. Expanded rosters

  62. Here’s another point that Im not sure has been addressed:

    The players who are against an 18 game season keep saying its not safe for the players to play in 2 more games. They’re afraid of more wear and tear on the bodies and injury.

    Meanwhile Goodell counters by saying, “well, the fans want it so we need to deliver…”

    Well, has Goodell taken the fan’s input on anything else? Most fans hate all of the sissified rules Goodell has put in place that make hitting a guy almost impossible without getting a penalty. But he had no problem with that, right? He didn’t seem to care what the fans wanted then.

    Not very consistant is he? Then again, the 18 game rule helps line his pockets. There’s the difference.

  63. Players don’t want 18 games, and owners are not going to just discount the preseason games for fans – that takes money out of the owners pockets. I am a season ticket holder, and I am not a fan of paying full price for preseason games either – but there is another solution.

    I propose the NFL.1040 plan.

    Season ticket pricing would adjust as follows: each regular season game (8) would increase by 10%, while each preseason game (2) would decrease by 40%. The total money spent by each season ticket holder would be exactly the same. The fans would no more than they currently do for season tickets, and the owners make no less.

    That is just part of the benefits for fans and owners. Season ticket holders have regular games that are more valuable, and they will no longer be able to complain about paying full price for preseason games. Its win-win for the fans.

    The owners will also tell you that preseason games, while technically ‘sold-out’ are not fully attended. Season ticket holders who can’t attend have a difficult time selling their tickets because they try to get at least face value. No one is paying face value for these games on the secondary market – just isn’t happening. The teams also have extra tickets for each game, and they have many go unsold for the preseason. Not only does this hurt the owners with ticket sales, they also are losing out with concession and parking revenue. Lower price preseason game tickets would help encourage larger attendance.

    Every plan has faults – but this plan is the only one I know of that benefits the fans, owners, AND players. If you don’t think it helps the players – you must have found the ONLY player in the NFL who actually wants 18 games.

    Next time you are part of the NFL ticket price debate – offer the NFL.1040 plan.

  64. I don’t recall being asked, but this is one fan who is in favor replacing meaningless full priced pre season games with two games that have meaning. A a season ticket holder, the ticket “package” includes those meaningless full priced games.

  65. Keep the four preseason games. Camp and preseason are the best time of the football year. Everything’s relaxed. Everybody’s hopeful. There are plenty of new players to watch. Lots of energy but none of the incredible stress that builds as the season progresses. In April and August, every team is about to win the Super Bowl.

  66. I’m a fan. I don’t like change. If anything, I’d like to see them roll back the QB protection rules. I’m scared to think what the NFL will look like 10yrs from now for my son.

    For the Record. NO 18 game regular season.

  67. I love how some people act like they’re going to stop watching football if they add two games or they’re going to protest or something.

    Me, I don’t want it. It’s not big of a deal, sometimes I feel the preseason’s too long. I don’t think the league needs to cut preseason games in half, I think they should shorten the time between each game. Like have it be every 3-4 days instead of nearly every week and have every team play the games on the same day. Overall, make the preseason games last about 2 weeks long equivalent to 4 games total.

    Making 18 games decreases the value of the regular season in that games would matter less and less. The season already gets that “dead” feeling around Week 15ish outside of the divisional races, why add more irrelevant games? Do we want this to become like NBA/MLB where games are so bland and meaningless? C’mon man

  68. 18 games would be great, hopefully they can start next season. Injuries are part of the game, to not want to see more of our favorite game because of injuries is just plain silly.

    Using this logic there should only be 14 games, no.. 12 games.. no 9 games.. no.. don’t have regular season games at all.. skip right to the playoffs.. no skip to the Super Bowl to prevent injuries.. no… don’t even play the Super Bowl in fear of injuries play the darn game on Madden.

    Most fans that don’t want more games generally do so because the players and media are against it and not based on their own reasoning.

  69. The people who want 18 game seasons that Godell probably refer to, aside from those who simply don’t want two pre-season games are those who either bet heavily on the NFL and/or rely on betting from NFL games to make their living for the year. Having two extra games and possibly four additional weeks of NFL games (as with 18-games I can see each team getting three bye weeks for a 21-week regular season) for a lot of these people would be huge.

    The major stumbling block to an 18-game season is NOT the fans or playing wanting it, but something Godell has forgotten about it seems: The Winter Olympics.

    Unless you have a winter Olympics taking place in the Southern Hemisphere (allowing it to take place in the spring or summer on the US calendar), the NFL likely would be blocked from an 18-game season by having to every four years (2013 and 2017 being the next two) start the regular season in the first or second week in August to assure the Super Bowl is played prior to the start of the Winter Olympics. Otherwise, the NFL would almost certainly be thrawted in their attempts to expand the league globally because the International Olympic Committee (IOC, which is the one organization bigger than the NFL) likely would use their power to make it impossible for the NFL to expand its footholds in Europe and other countries for scheduling the Super Bowl during the Winter Olympics, as the IOC would likely be killed on rights fees (which for each Olympics, winter or summer is either just short of or just over $1 BILLION in rights fees from the US Network for the IOC) because of the Super Bowl taking place during the games.

    That to me is what prevents an 18-game season.

  70. You forgot one thing, wallyhorse:

    After the Muslim Brotherhood settles into power in Egypt, they will surely attack Israel, which will launch World War III – and there will be no Winter Olympics in 2014, and maybe not even in 2018 either (and no Summer Olympics in 2012 and/or 2016).

    And all you people who are kvetching about money and “greed” remind me of the union leader Sylvester Stallone played in the movie “F.I.S.T.”: In one scene, the management guy says to Stallone, “Your wages are too high,” whereupon Stallone snaps back, “Well your profits are too high.”

    It is zero-sum thinking like this that could very well lead to zero NFL games being played in 2011, and perhaps beyond.

  71. So when i have a major choice to make i make a list of pros and cons so here goes.

    1. Two more meaningfull games
    2. More money for the players (who no matter how much more they make than an average guy do deserve a large piece of the pie)
    3. Fans not forced into paying full price to watch guys who will probley be on another team in the preseason
    4. Chance to grow the game into the rest of the world by playing extra games in other countries.
    5. probability of a expanded roster giving more players a chance to make it

    1. Two less games in the preseason means two less games for coaches and players to get ready to play. Give coaches less of a chance to see who the bottom of the roster is going to be . (this to me is the biggest problem)
    2. Injuries, there is no argument here. There will be more star players lost for play off runs.
    3. Expanded rosters like the last few expansions will means more players who probley shouldn’t be playing yet/at all
    4. “chance to grow the game all over the world” …. Why?? who cares if china watches football. I don’t want my team playing games in south america. If you want to expand move a team to Canada and if that works well then maybe we can talk.
    5. The watering down of the product. 16 game seasons have helped turn Pro football into the biggest sport in this country. Why would you mess with that?
    6. “instead of two meaningless games to start the season, we will have two more meaningless games to end it ” odds are every year at least 2-3 teams will already have clinched and will be playing 2nd stringers and at least 5-6 teams will be out of it and playing 2nd stringers
    7. Two extra games a year will take what would have been an extra season off players careers after 6 seasons. So what would have been 6 will now be like 7 and will shorten the amount of time a player will play in terms of seasons (especially at rough positions such as running back)
    8. So were gonna play the super bowl in march now ?

    So here’s the simple answer. Just drop the prices for preseason and stop making it manditory for season tickets holders to buy those tickets. Make it Family time football so the fans who couldn’t go in the reagular season can go and enjoy a more light atmosphere. But i guess that would never happen because it would hurt the bottom line. Man its a sad day when even sports have decided that there is no public good anymore. I would love to see a goverment ina state say F U to football team when it asks for a billion dollar stadium so they can make billions more.

  72. andyreidisfat (and I love that username, by the way):

    Your #1 Con is actually a Pro, since that means the players who get cut will be snapped up by weaker teams under the league’s waiver procedures, promoting competitive balance – which, like it or not, is essential to the survival of the league as a whole.

    As for Con #6: Meaningless games at the end of the season – or as I like to call them, “Siesta Bowls” – can be entirely eliminated by giving the team with the better record home-field advantage in the Super Bowl; and the owners can no longer play the “weather card” now that they have awarded SB XLVIII to the New Meadowlands. And contrary to what one might think, this would not only impact the teams battling for the best overall record in the league: This year, for instance, the Eagles would have entered Week 17 fighting to finish ahead of teams like the Jets, the Colts and the Chiefs, in case they ended up playing them in the Super Bowl; therefore the Eagles wouldn’t have rested their first-stringers against Dallas. As for the glitterati? Let them freeze their (fill in the body part) off in Green Bay if that’s where the SB ends up being played some year – and not for nothing, but why does the Super Bowl exist? To crown the champion of the National Football League – not so Cameron Diaz and A-Rod can make nice with each other. And if the owners actually lose chump change due to a future Super Bowl being played in a Green Bay or a Buffalo? They’ll make 10,000X that amount with the two more regular-season games.

    Con #8: No, the SB will not be played in March with 18 games; instead, it will be played on the Sunday of the Presidents’ Day weekend, giving tens of millions of people the next day off and saving America’s businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity, and sick and overtime pay, because “Super Bowl Monday” has far and away the highest worker absentee rate of any workday in the entire year; and you move the SB into this weekend by eliminating the week off between the conference title games and the Super Bowl – an idea that has long since outlived any usefulness it ever had; otherwise the SB would be three weeks later instead of two because the 18-game regular season will almost surely come bundled with a second bye week for each team.

  73. It appears that Goodell and the owners believe that when they want the public to have an opinion, they’ll give us one.

    Greed rules the NFL. And everyone who said that we can bet that it’s coming is right…….they will do as they damn well please.

  74. As far as I’m concerned:

    The “fans” who want an 18-game schedule are those who make their living betting on the NFL, or get most of their income for the entire year from betting. It would not surprise me if people in Vegas are quietly pressuring Godell to get an 18-game schedule (preferably with 20-21 weeks) so that Vegas can make more money off the NFL.

    Those are the “fans” I think Godell speaks of.

  75. That’s it: Slander those who want to replace two meaningless exhibition games with two games that actually count by insinuating that they’re mobsters and criminals.

    How much is the union paying you to post this drivel?

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