Jeff Fisher thanks Nashville in full-page newspaper ad

Jeff Fisher placed a full-page ad in Sunday’s edition of the Nashville Tennessean, aimed at thanking the Titans and their fans after his 14-year run as coach. Fisher came with the franchise to Tennessee after its move from Houston in 1997. All told, he was the football organization’s head coach for 17 seasons.

The Titans blog has a snapshot of the classy gesture. (Click here to see.)

“With heartfelt gratitude,” writes Fisher, “I would like to thank all of YOU for your unwavering commitment and support through the years. This has been an experience of a lifetime. Without the trust of (owner) Bud Adams and the entire organization none of this would have been possible. Words can’t describe my feelings for all the players, coaches, and staff that have been a part of this franchise.

“I am honored to have been part of this legacy! Thanks for the memories!!

“Jeff Fisher.”

26 responses to “Jeff Fisher thanks Nashville in full-page newspaper ad

  1. He should of took the ad out in Houston as well, if the paper is open after a week of Texas being frozen in ice.

    Next Superbowl site, next to the Alaskian pipeline.

  2. Class act! Mike Nolan and Mike singletary can learn from this guy. Would love to see fisher return to the side line soon! Let see how lane kiffin do next season before we start fisher to USC rumors!

  3. Class act guy. Remember hearing when Tommy Maddox(Steelers) was injured (possible permanent at time) Fisher & McNair were the first guys that went to see him at the hospital.
    Drew Bledsoe did 1st page ad that was similar.

  4. What “legacy” is he talkin about? Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Don Shula etc…Had a legacy, a coach who takes a team to one superbowl every 15 years, and never wins anything isn’t leaving any legacy….

  5. Without your support I wouldn’t be able to ride my Harley down to a juke joint and plug in coins to listen to Elvis. Whenever I felt like it.

  6. Jeff Fisher is a prick. Everything he does is calculated. Suing USC and Lane Kiffin for recruiting the Titan’s RB coach was calculated to attract anti-Kiffin fan support for the Titans in the inbred state of TN. Most players/coaches with longevity with one team are well involved in their community with various non-profit support organizations. Taking out an ad is more for media ( and other owners’ attention) than it is required or ‘classy’.

  7. NFL Network reported that Jeff Fisher met with the Rooney’s at the Steelers hotel this morning. They had no further details.

  8. Since when does having a class act have anything to do with winning a super bowl? An average person can have more class act than a wealthy person. Just because a coach win a super doesn’t mean he’s guerranteed to gave class act.

  9. I’ve been a vocal critic of Fisher the past few years, but I still remember the good days (1999-2003) and appreciate his service. He did a lot of good in the community, and deserves praise for that.

  10. Dumping him and Chuck Cecil should clean things up.
    Fisher always knew how to play politics.

    Good riddance.

  11. Meanwhile some guy who used to wear #4 is texting the Steelers to see if they want tips on how to beat Green Bay…

  12. My only complaint was why didn’t he do this sooner? Why wait until the week of the Superbowl to make his decision? He saw the handwriting on the wall when coordinators were not too thrilled to sign on with him this year knowing he only had one year remaning on his contract

  13. Congrats, to the Tennessean sports writers and those two guys on 559 AM, morning show, now you have what you wanted.
    Get you a big stick to beat away all those coaches lined up to move to Nashville, and work for Bud.
    Call Phil Fulmer, he is more one of you anyway.

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