Kurt Warner: Brett Favre’s off-field actions tarnished his legacy

Kurt Warner retired a year ago, when he was still playing at a high level. Brett Favre stuck around for another season, and it was the worst of his career.

When asked in a New York Times interview whether Favre has hurt his legacy in the last year, Warner said that he has — but not because of the Vikings’ miserable season on the field.

“He’s a surefire Hall of Famer, one of the greatest players to ever play the game,” Warner said of Favre. “No one’s going to forget what he did on the football field. But I do think some of the things that happened off the field has hurt his legacy to some degree. I do think people look at him differently now — at least in the short term — than they did five years ago.”

Warner is right: Anyone who follows the NFL would have to agree that Favre is viewed differently now than he was five years ago, or even one year ago. That’s a result of both the way Favre acted like a drama queen in deciding whether to retire or play during the last few offseasons, and of the allegations of sexual harassment and the subsequent $50,000 fine for failing to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation.

In time, we’ll probably remember Favre’s great on-field performances more than his off-field shenanigans. But at the moment, Favre’s legacy — unlike Warner’s — feels tarnished.

48 responses to “Kurt Warner: Brett Favre’s off-field actions tarnished his legacy

  1. There’s no doubt BF will get into the HOF, but unfortunately, he will mostly be remembered for the drama. In time, people will begin to forget the drama or not think about it so much and remember him for what got him into the HOF.
    If KW is referring to the texting stuff, then he’s wrong. That’s such a tiny blip, he was never convicted of it and it’s a she said/he said thing.

  2. There are some of us who soured on Favre years ago, realizing that he was a self-serving turnover machine who cared more about his own stats than winning, and was being propped up by his friends in the media (the old boy network). It’s about time that everyone else opened their eyes to the real Brett Favre.

  3. Wow Kurt is just throwing everybody under the bus lately. Its kind of annoying that TV executives think that a former player has to make fake controversies to be good at TV.

    Still to what your good at Kurt. Fumbling!

  4. Kurt Warner says Big Ben is not a HOF player yet…

    Kurt Warner says Favre’s legacy is tarnished….

    Just shut up Kurt. Your cementing your legacy as a retired douche bag who wants to compete with Dungy the All Knowing.

  5. If he does get into the HOF, will he drop trou and show his junk during the induction speech? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. I agree that Favre has tarnished his legacy but Warner needs to keep his mouth shut. I’m sick of his constant criticism of other NFL players.

  7. I wasn’t a huge “Favre guy” but I agree that Warner should just shut the hell up. Bible thumpers like him think they walk on water……we get it Kurt, we get it. When you die you are going to get some “special attention”. Well good for you. Until then, shut your yap and go away with your butch wife.

  8. “In time, we’ll probably remember Favre’s great on-field performances more than his off-field shenanigans. ”

    I don’t know what you mean by “we”, but I will never be part of that particular we. Farve will always be a scumbag as far as I’m concerned. He’s one of those arrogant pricks that think because they are a successful entertainer that they have the right to treat anyone they want like crap.

  9. Favre will most likely will go into the hall on first vote. After all if the voter will put Michael Irvin trouble behind him they surly will Favres. If I was going to pick QB for my team it wouldn’t be Favre, I’d take Rogers over Favre any day.

  10. Interesting…..the last two QBs Warner has bashed are 100 times the QB that Warner ever was. Never saw Ben or Farve as a back up. That’s how Warner spent at least half his career. Hey Kurt, don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

  11. Didn’t his wife call in to a local St. Louis radio station to complain about his benching? Really? REALLY??? To hell with what Kurt warner thinks, what does Mrs. Warner think? Ask Mrs. warenr what she thinks Eisen, and then ask her if she’s a Wrangler man

  12. Warners comments are harmless. Read them again.

    Kurt Warner is one of the nicest guys we’ve seen in NFL history.

    I may not agree with all his religeous stuff but it seems to me the only people that ‘hate’ Warner and look for reasons to rip him are the angry anti religous/athiest types.

    To the rest of us normal peeps, it’s damn hard to find flaws with Kurt Warner personally. He’s such a breath of fresh air in a sport dominated by A-holes.

    BTW, Warner’s gonna be a first ballot HoFamer. Just wait and see.

  13. Legacy is a strong word. Legacy to me reflects what the guy has done on the field, because frankly people will forget about his off-field antics in 10 years or so. Everyone knows what kind of d-bag Favre has been over the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that Warner wants to get his voice heard.

    What will be interesting is to see how Favre tries to repair his image so he’d be accepted back into the GB family. I for one would love to see him retire as a Packer.

  14. I guess Kurt thinks if he muddle off field with on field that he can improve his chances to be in the NFL Hall of Very Good (since it’s been established that it’s not really a Hall of Fame).
    He should stick to dancing and preaching to like minded people.

  15. Kurt Warner IS a commentator now, it is what he does for a living. I happen to believe he is right on about BF. BF is a sleaze and his off field behavior is ALL I remember about his guy.

  16. I don’t know about anyone else but for me, Favre will be best remembered for taking a Viking team that was one “12 men in the huddle” play away from the Superbowl to the basement of the NFC North in 12 short months.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving diva, head coach and franchise. It’s rare that a single player can inflict so much long term damage so for those that say Favre is a special player, I agree 100%.

  17. Its not like 90% of “the greats” weren’t womanizing, egocentric, d-bags in real life. The just played in a day and time before instant, global media. When players private lives were private. Before twitter removed the filter between their brains and their mouths. Don’t tell me that if Joe Namath had a smart phone that he wouldn’t have sent out more dick pics than autographs.

  18. Five years ago was the 2006 season when the Packers went 8-8. Look at what Favre accomplished from ages 36 to 41:

    -transformed 3 average teams into contenders
    -finished 2nd in MVP balloting in 2 of those years
    -Lead 2 different teams to the NFC championship in 3 years (who else has come close to that?)
    -Broke and extended every major NFL passing record.
    -threw 6 TD’s in one game in NY and broke his own record for passing yards vs. AZ in 2010
    -threw a 500th TD pass to Randy Moss
    -had heroically immortal games like the pass to Greg Lewis against the 49ers, the last minute drive to beat the Pats in NE, last minute win vs. AZ, and 2 dominantly emotional games vs. GB.
    -extended an Iron Man streak to 297 games and 20 years.

    Most QB’s would kill to have an entire career like what Brett did in the past five seasons. Factor in his advanced age and its even more remarkable. Any personal stuff fades from memory. Anyone who thinks otherwise should go back to shelving grocery stores.

  19. Didn’t learn anything about Favre last year that I didn’t already know: He chases women off the field but on the field fights harder than anyone to win no matter the odds against him.

    On Dancing With the Stars, Warner came across as irritable and ego-driven. And now he seems to be pushing his broadcasting career by taking jabs at other quarterbacks. Kurt’s the only one showing me new, unpleasant sides of himself that are tarnishing his legacy.

  20. @blackglass3: I completely agree with your opinion. Warner seems to believe that everyone has a flaw that will ultimately hold them out of the HOF. Character issues should not matter when considering HOF status. Warner said that even with 3 rings Big Ben shouldn’t be considered worthy of HOF (yet) due to his off-the-field issues. I may be wrong, but I always thought the HOF was decided by what happened on the field.. like winning division championships and Super Bowls..

  21. tv426 says:
    Feb 6, 2011 12:09 PM
    If he does get into the HOF, will he drop trou and show his junk during the induction speech? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I’ve been a Packer fan since Scooter was in charge. I’m even an owner!(F.W.T’s.W.), and my deepest hope is that GB never puts the obnoxios azzwipe in the Packer HOF. He’ll obviously get in Canton, and for that ceremony I hope that all of the pictures of him are in his purple football costume.
    TT ought to make sure that there’s a street free agent punter sitting on the bench wearing #4 next year.
    The clowns in Minnehaha voted Brint one of the 50 alltime great Vikings (can you believe that chit)-let them have all the surrounding BS that goes with him.

  22. Look at what Favre accomplished from ages 36 to 41:
    -Retired and unretired from 3 teams
    -Helped get two coaches fired
    -Threw back-breaking, game losing heroically terrible interceptions for 2 different teams in the NFC championship game in 3 years (who else has come close to that?)
    -1 of his former teams has made it to consecutive AFC championship games without him
    -Another of his former teams is playing in the Super Bowl, again, without him
    -Broke and extended the career interception record
    -lost 2 games vs. GB
    -lost 4 of 5 final games with Jets while throwing 8 INTs and only 2 TDs
    -Transformed Vikings team that had been to the NFC championship game into 6-10 failure, throwing 11 TDs to 19 INTS, while charging only $20 million for the services.
    -Still has same number of Super Bowls wins as Kurt Warner

    That doesn’t include anything that happened off field. If you want to exclude the sexual harassment and attempted adultery from his legacy, that is completely your prerogative.

  23. People didn’t forget about the stuff Michael Irvin or Lawrence Taylor were doing. I don’t think Favre will get off that easily. His on field accomplishments are great, no doubt. But to say people will forget about the allegations in 10 years is probably a stretch, Legacy includes a player’s reputation, not just what they did on the field

  24. Went from being an awesome winning QB into a losing old rust bucket has been whose glory daze went way way behind him.
    Burnt Fart should have quit while he was still ahead.
    But since he didn’t I was very happy to see how the waffle-headed wishy washing flip flopper turned out to be nothing but a loser.

  25. Yeah, like Hugh Hefner tarnished his legacy by having 3 girlfriends and marrying a 25 year old beauty queen this year.

    “Oh Gawd, I tarnished my legacy! But I think I’ll do it twice more before I go to sleep”.

  26. mrplow3 says: Feb 6, 2011 12:55 PM

    Warners comments are harmless. Read them again.

    Kurt Warner is one of the nicest guys we’ve seen in NFL history.

    I may not agree with all his religeous stuff but it seems to me the only people that ‘hate’ Warner and look for reasons to rip him are the angry anti religous/athiest types.
    Fricking THIS.
    I am in no way religious but I think these anti religious people are acting far more butthurt and intolerant about it than anyone else. If you want to disagree with Warner’s opinion you have every right to. And please back it up with…you know…some form of rational argument instead of crying about the fact he’s religious. That’s not an argument…that’s what’s called a strawman.
    As you noted, if people actually read the comments in the whole article they would find that the only time the word PREACH is mentioned is when he is asked what he would be doing if he hadn’t played. Dude has a right to be religious. It’s not like he said…Brett is TEH DEVIL or god hates what Brett did or something. He’s media now and gave a NON RELIGIOUS and completely lacking in nastiness critique of the guy. Sheesh.

  27. More yapping from the Triple Cheese Pizza Slice Dripping Fatty Grease Heads.

    Boo ****ing Hoo, inbred chubs.

  28. Warner should just shut his piehole and get back to taking orders from his wife before she gets her panties in a knot.

  29. warner wants a job in football broadcast so bad hes trying to be controversial and make headlines but he really just needs to keep his yapper shut. he would be a good in tv if he acted like himself, he’s trying way to hard

  30. Lots of posts for a guy nobody really cares about anymore. Somebody once said that for a person to be in the HOF you have to ask the question. Would the NFL be the same with out that person? For better or worse BF made a contribution to the game that can not be denied. I am not a great fan of the Packers but I loved watching him play. I hope he gets out of the ditch and has a nice retirement.

  31. Maybe Kurt Warner household might say “The day after his father died, he had one of the most inspiring efforts ever by professional athlete. Then he had to ruin it by showing his pea knuckle” This guy is and will be consider a top 10 QB of all time. The hate is strong now, but 5 years out of the public eye will change the heat that is on him.

  32. I’m religious and don’t think this has anything to do with religion. Either Warner’s a bitter guy taking shots at people who have superior numbers or more rings. Or he’s trying to build his broadcasting career by making controversial comments about other players. Whatever the situation, I don’t remember another QB of his caliber retiring and taking shots at two other top-flight QBs during Super Bowl week.

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame does not have a morals clause. It is supposed to be solely about on-the-field performance. If Warner doesn’t like how Favre spends his off hours, too bad. That’s between Brett, Deanna, and God. The fact remains that the man has earned a first-ballot induction for the thrills he gave us and the guts he showed ON THE FIELD.

    I just wish the decisionmakers were NFL execs, coaches, and maybe a handful of serious sports reporters who wouldn’t go around tweeting things about the discussions with nothing to back up their assertions.

  33. Good for Kurt Warner for TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!

    Brett Favre’s legacy is tarnished. Period.

    1.) He’s the most overrated player in the history of the NFL.

    2.) He was a complete Drama Queen Douche with his off season retiring show year in and year out.

    He’s an ass and the world knows it now.

    Kurt Warner is right on! Keep up the good work Kurt!

  34. Favre is, at least to me, a pretty likeable guy – and a certain well-deserved first ballot Hall of Famer.

    That stated, why in good conscience would he bleed the Vikes of $20,000,000.00 for last season? That part kind of bugs me.

  35. Warner took two different teams to the Super Bowl and has the top 3 passing games in a super bowl. Favre has one super bowl win thanks to Desmond Howard and Reggie White. Favre has a long line of seasons ended with int’s in the playoffs.

    Favre is overrated and I am glad as a Packer fan to not have to cross my fingers every time he drops back. Piss on him, good riddance. I do not even want him to retire as a Packer, let him wear the purple shirt into the HOF.

  36. Isn’t it time for Skirt Warner to shut up? I mean really, he doesn’t say anything good about anyone except himself and Kurt, you ain’t all that!! Go back to the retirement home, dust off you beta cassettes, eat your pudding and shut the hell up!! Please

  37. Did Favre tarnish his “legacy”?


    I mean, Jenn Sterger could tell you that having seen a pic of his “legacy” under a microscope.

    Will PervyHarvin the token Viqueen always be there to polish off Favre’s legacy to his purple standards?


  38. I’ll always remember Favre’s 4 legacy… My gosh, just 4 inches! At least he has Pervy and all the low life vike fans by at least two inches!

    No no no… Let’s get serious for a second… The way Favre ended his career, he was half the man we thought he was…. And Sterger had the pics to prove it! ha ha ha! Someone stop me!

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