McCarthy, Tomlin can get big bonuses for Super Bowl win

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is dominating on Super Bowl Sunday, breaking all kinds of news on Sunday NFL Countdown. He’s got the latest on the Super Bowl head coaches’ bonus information should they win today.

A league source tells Schefter that Packers coach Mike McCarthy can add $500,000 to his wallet with a victory over the Steelers.

Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin is eligible for a similar bonus should his team upend Green Bay.

McCarthy told Schefter on Friday that he expects to win.

“We respect Pittsburgh,” said the Packers’ coach, “but we feel that this is our time and Sunday will be our night.”

McCarthy’s career playoff record is 4-2, while Tomlin’s stands at 5-1.

17 responses to “McCarthy, Tomlin can get big bonuses for Super Bowl win

  1. “Mike Tomlin is eligible for a similar bonus ”

    “similar” and my hunch tells me Tomlin is being paid less. If it was the same Schefter would have simply said both coaches are going to make $500,000.

    Just yesterday I was reading how Doug Williams despite leading the Bucs to 3 playoff appreances in 4 years. The first time the Bucs had ever been to the playoffs in their entire history. Williams was making $120,000 a year, the lowest amongsts starting quarterbacks as well as 12 backups.

    And maybe Tomlin is paid more but I doubt it.

  2. You are right, Mike (McCarthy). It is your time … to lose No. 7 (this season) while the Steelers win No. 7 (Super Bowls). You are a prophet!!

  3. Even though the headcoaches should remain paid during a lockout, the rest of the staff will literally be starved for money. Most of them don’t make millions a year & paydays are in-season related events.

    Pray for them.

  4. airraid77 says: Feb 6, 2011 2:05 PM

    i guess a black can make it big in “racist america”…..
    or so we are told by our media.
    “A black…”?

  5. tommytd says: Feb 6, 2011 2:29 PM

    $500,000 could buy lots of sandwiches for McFatty! Too bad he’s gonna get creamed!
    And yet, “McFatty” is coaching in the Superbowl.

  6. I would expect that most NFL and pro sports coaches should be handsomely rewarded for taking your team to the top in a billion dollar industry.

    That is, except in Oakland where Uncle Al takes his cut and makes the coach pay his own way to the SB.

  7. I guess when all the coaches, players and owners and front office employees are black then airraid77 won’t have any thing to complain about. Bill

  8. racist america says shut the hell up quit crying. it’s in his contract so if tomlin’s not smart enough to put that in his deal well HIS BAD!

  9. Which bonus is Tomlin’s? The one that says BAD MOTHER #$%@eER! I am so glad he is our coach, he is simply the best.

    I’m glad the media is getting all the Green Bay hype out of the way today…’cause it’ll be all Steelers all the time after 6:29 pm.

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