Packers fan who has attended every Super Bowl will miss Sunday’s game

Four men have attended all 44 Super Bowls.  On Sunday, the “Never Missed a Super Bowl” club will be trimmed to three.

Robert Cook, 79, of Wisconsin has been hospitalized and won’t make the trip to Texas.  His two daughters will be going in his place.

Per the Associated Press, Cook became very weak on Thursday.  “We were packed and ready to go,” Sarah Cook said.  “To have the Packers go to the Super Bowl, we were just over the moon about it.”

Donald Crisman, Larry Jacobson, and Thomas Henschel have been to every Super Bowl, and they’ll be attending the 45th edition between the Packers and Steelers.

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  1. Well that sucks. On the other hand, he’s had a pretty good run… Most of us are still hoping to go to our FIRST Super Bowl.

  2. Mr Cook revealed some of the background about a well known Packer fan tradition.

    “Y’see, it were originally a large block of cheese that fans used. Called ourselves Cheese Block With Holes Heads. To save a bit of money, they started cutting them in half then cut them halves perpundicalur. So the whole dang family could have one. Sorta like a slice of pizza, which is the staple diet around here. Goes well with beer and you don’t have to leave the housetrailer to pick it up. But, they ain’t made outta real cheese anymore. Taste like stryofoam and don’t stink harly atall. It just ain’t the same.”.

  3. It’s for the best. You would hate to go and see your team lose.

    But seriously, I hope he is OK. Really sad he has to miss it this close to the big game.

  4. Anybody have his room number so i can send him some balloons and flowers wrapped in a Terrible Towel when the Steelers win it all tomorrow night?

  5. Terrible news, just terrible!
    The rest of us who have NEVER been to a Super Bowl are heart broken over this.

  6. Of all the games to have his first miss on, when his team makes it to the SB. Damn shame.

    I hope he gets well soon.

  7. Ok Jerry. Here is a chance for you to flaunt your money and influence and actually come out smelling like a rose.
    This club of four is Americas Team. Four heroes to the fans that will never get to ONE Super Bowl.
    Pony up the money for a life-flight jet and all necessary medical personnel for Robert and bring him to the game.
    Think of the headlines ! The talk shows ! The new born babies named Jerry !

  8. Yeah, get well and all, but this might as well be a story about some rich snob bragging about having every year model of a Maserati. Bury this little piece of useless white collar trivia please.

  9. It seems like such an easy streak to achieve: you get your tickets; you go.

    I came close to winning Super Bowl tickets once. A stranger called our house telling me that my wife’s name had been announced on the radio as a recipient of two drawn tickets if she phoned back within 10 minutes and 40 seconds. I contacted her at work and begged her to drop everything, that I had placed her name into the drawing at a gas station box.

    Oops! I never took note of which station was sponsoring the drawing!

    She was two minutes late with her RSVP once we figured out which radio station it was, so somebody else got to see the Bills vs. the Redskins in Minneapolis.

    But I came down with the stomach flu as the game kicked off and spent several hours on the bathroom floor kissing the linoleum. (The guy’s streak is much more impressive than it looks!)

  10. Not that I wish this guy ill (quite the opposite), but I don’t care that he’s going to miss the game. Leave it to a credit card company (Mastercard) to rub it in the nose of the general broke public that these 4 guys have had thousands of extra dollars every year to go to the Super Bowl while many of us are struggling to make mortgage payments, keep our kids fed/clothed, etc. Oh, I get it, we should all just put the $3500 tickets on our Mastercard anyway… So out of touch with reality and it pisses me off every time I see that asinine commercial. Congrats, you old geezers, thanks for rubbing it in our faces.

  11. Good, those guys are douche bags. I’m with Drew Magary on this one. The Superbowl isn’t worth skipping family events for and those four idiots are not cool.

  12. Too bad his streak comes to an end, and after they did the commercial about those 4 guys attending every game. Speedy recovery to you, sir, and hope you can enjoy the game watching it on TV. It should be great.

    However, GO STEELERS!!

  13. Tjjohmso andlean..1st off you’re both rude. 2nd, tickets for the superbowlhavent always been insanely expensive and if they buy nose bleeds at the beginning of ticket sales early it’s not thousands. Don’t hate because you’re down on your luck and can’t get work. That’s your fault and your problem, not ours. Haters hate on.

  14. ninjapleazee said: Feb 6, 2011 7:36 AM

    “over the moon about it”… while your grandpa is hospitalized……. yeah.. great family


    I think they were “over the moon about it” BEFORE he was hospitalized.

    I feel bad for him. When I first saw the commercial I thought, “Man, how cool? How lucky?” Even worse that he can’t even watch the game – it must be heart problems.

    Ah, well. At least Mr. Excitement will be there.

  15. Maybe now they will can those ridiculous commericals they’ve been beating over the head with. Who cares anyway?????

  16. This commercial is just about as bad as all of the pointless celebrity awards shows. These guys did nothing but have enough money to buy a ticket to every superbowl and they need another pat on the back for it? I’m sure MC gives them tickets for free now which is even worse. Is there anything else MC could do to highlight that four old white guys are their core target audience? Boooooo….

  17. Beginning of the Visa Jinx?

    (btw it’s Packers’ fan – please, for the love of all that’s holy, hire a copy editor)

  18. @ninjapleazee

    ““over the moon about it”… while your grandpa is hospitalized……. yeah.. great family”

    -I suggest you actually read the article. She is stating that the family, including the grandfather, was over the moon about it, BEFORE HE GOT SICK.

  19. I have been to 2 SB, one a win and one a loss. It is a logistical nightmare to plan everything, rooms, flights, and hope your health is well and there are no adverse issues in your life preventing you from doing so. This streak is the fans version of Dimaggio’s hitting streak.

    My hat’s off to all of them. Talk about dedication.

    Mr Cook, you went as far as you possibly could. It’s an insprational story. God bless.

  20. Get well soon Mr. Cook, Ironic and horrible you’re streak would end with your favorite team in the superbowl. hopefully you have a couple of hot young nurses, that will dress up in cheerleader outfits for you, and give you a spongebath while you watch your packers demolish the Sqeelers! Go Pack Go Mr. Cook!

  21. As far as some lucky dude who will miss this SB after 44 of them, I don’t care. Tough.

    The real story is the game. Rodgers threw 2 td’s and 4 ints. vs the Bears in 3 games. Posted QB ratings of 89.7 92.5 and 55.4 I find the Steelers D better than da Bears and don’t see Rodgers lighting up jack. LaMarr Woodley is going to give rookie Bulaga fits. Long night for the Packers Steelers 27-17.

  22. Is that the guy they call, Mr. Excitement? He knows the Steelers are gonna roll the Packers so he sends his kids! He can now throw his bed pan at the TV when Rodgers throws his 2nd int!

  23. skoobyfl says:
    Feb 6, 2011 6:58 AM
    He ate too much cheddar.
    Actually, that could be.
    Humans are not meant to eat dairy. It leads to too many health problems for us.
    Like clogged arteries, diabetes, many types of cancer and osteoporosis in women.
    So what he ate, especially if it’s pus filled dairy and dead animals, could have led to his health problems.

  24. I’ve watched many Super Bowls on TV.
    That’s gotta count for something.
    Where’s my ad for doing that?

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