Packers in command at halftime, but injuries mounting


The Steelers need to buck some serious historical trends or the Green Bay Packers are going to be Super Bowl champs this year.

Teams are 10-0 when they return an interception for a touchdown in the Super Bowl.  Nick Collins did that in the first quarter.  No Super Bowl champion have ever won after falling behind by more than 10 points.   The Packers lead 21-10 at halftime.

This game doesn’t feel lopsided, despite the Packers leading 21-3 before an incredible two minute drive capped by a Ben Roethlisberger touchdown toss to Hines Ward.  The Steelers actually out-gained Green Bay (204-174), but the Packers are making the big plays.

Aaron Rodgers’ two touchdown passes were ridiculous, well-defended plays.   Ben Roethlisberger has thrown two picks, including one to former Cheesehead punching bag Jarrett Bush.

The Packers have to be concerned with their tendency to let second half leads melt away and they can’t be happy with some of the injuries piling up.  Donald Driver had x-rays on his ankle.  They were negative, but he’s questionable to return.  Packers cornerbacks Sam Shields and Charles Woodson have shoulder injuries.

Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is questionable to return after hurting his foot.

We’ve got a feeling this game is going to stay interesting until the end despite the uneven start.

UPDATE: Woodson is out for the rest of the game with a collarbone injury.  Shields is reportedly expected to return, but he didn’t play in Green Bay’s first series back.  Sanders is also out.

The Steelers have cut the score to 21-17 early in the third quarter.   Giddy up.

42 responses to “Packers in command at halftime, but injuries mounting

  1. It’s amazing the first thing Rapistberger does when he throws a TD is thank God. I wonder if he was thanking God when he was raping those women during the offseason.

  2. Ben is a stand-up guy. He felt bad about the whole “Is Roethlisberger elite” talk, so he kindly decided to settle the question for us.

    I’m eating crow right now.

  3. Game of attrition.

    Hang on Green Bay. The world is rooting for you.

    Sorry, Deb. You are about the only Steeler fan I’ve ever read that had any class. It’s not enough.

  4. “This game doesn’t feel lopsided, despite the Packers leading 21-3 before an incredible two minute drive capped by a Ben Roethlisberger touchdown toss to Hines Ward.”

    Yeah it does. The drive only happened because Green Bay’s defensive backs got lazy or injured. WHo was the idiot who went for the pick instead of the play on the big gain by Wallace?

  5. Most of these injuries are being caused by players hitting the ground. Is there a problem with the field or has Jerry Jones forbidden us from discussing it?

  6. Roethlisberger is a joke.

    He was helpless and inept against the Packers starting DBs- had a passer rating in the 20s until Shields and Woodson went out.

    His “incredible” drive consisted entirely of throwing desperately to wherever their replacements were.

  7. Man. All I know is that if things stay the same, there is going to be a lot of women beaten and raped after the game.

  8. Have faith Steeler fans! Never count Ben out. Steelers came back on Baltimore and their defense was better and if Woodson and/or Shield don’t come back, the Steelers will score more points. Now, they just have to figure out a way to stop Rodgers . . .

  9. astro turf is the death of players… concrete & fake grass don’t give like dirt & real grass…. players bouncing off the ground

  10. Unfortunately, the second half is the beginning of the end. Two more quarters, and that’ll be the end of football until pre-season (whenever that is)

  11. thecgroup says:
    game comes down to 4th… number 7 gets a touchdown from number 82…. if it comes true…. bow down to me…lol

    …uh…ain’t happenin’….bow down to me!

  12. I do not have a particular rooting interest in this game. However, what is with the attitudes of the Green Bay fans on this board? One post talks about Steelers fans having no class when in a couple messages previous, I can only assume a Packers fan makes a played out “Rapistburger” reference. You people are like English soccer fans.

  13. Looks like the Steelers fans are going to have to stop their whining about the officials, after Pittsburgh started their TD drive at the 50 on a phantom facemask call.

    Still haven’t seen Roethlisberger step up like an MVP QB does.

  14. How come Fox isn’t zooming in on Woodsons facial expressions? MJD, Deion Sanders and Darnell Dockett would be out there, as would Stink from ESPN!

  15. “jutts says: Feb 6, 2011 8:30 PM
    Let me be the first to say: That halftime show sucked the big one. Sheeew! What the hell was that?”

    I know. I didn’t see one single Black Guy Pee.

    Not that I really wanted to, but it still would have been better than watching Fergie butcher Sweet Child O’ Mine.

  16. When Big Ben turned it over twice it differed from the times he turned over those young girls in that no kicking or screaming was involved.

  17. Wow, now the refs just making crap up. Last I checked you cannot touch the returner. Yet now pittsburg is allowed to manhandle them.

  18. Question:….Do players no longer get ejected from the game for throwing a punch….that Tramon Williams shot was at least the fifth time I’ve seen that this year in which the player doesnt get thrown out. Rediculous that players get flagged for looking at the QB wrong…but when they take a blatant shot…the rules arent enforced….Hypocritical..I thinks so.

  19. I can’t believe all of these players leaving the players leaving the game. I’m going to have to go ahead and question their toughness. I thought any player would have to be carried off the field on a stretcher to be taken out of a Championship Game.

    How come Woodson and Sanders don’t have headsets on? Why aren’t they helping their back-ups? Maybe they’re just not team players.

  20. And the owners want to add another two games?Awesome we can see the 8th string running backs,and 4th string safetys in the super bowl!As a season ticket holder i would love to not pay 85$ to watch a glorified practice but i think 18 regular season is to much.

  21. Wow, a call against Pissburgh. I guess the announcers should be told to shut up and not point out the obvious ones so the refs can call the game they were told to call.

  22. Ben finally showed something with the TD throw to Wallace. Piss poor coverage by GB on this drive.

    They just got burned on the conversion!

    Rodgers better turn it up on this nexty drive if they’re going to hang on. Very poor second half by GB on both sides of the ball. They’re begging Pittsburgh to steal this game.

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