Super Bowl XLIV, XLV champs to open 2011 season?

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With the Packers winning Super Bowl XLV, it means that first game of the 2011 regular season will be played at Lambeau Field on a Thursday night, televised by NBC.

And there’s one game on the Packers’ home docket that screams out for consideration.

The Saints.

In addition to the Packers’ NFC North opponents, Green Bay hosts the Saints, Buccaneers, Broncos, Raiders, and Rams.

Of those games, a clash of the past two Super Bowl winners could be the best of the bunch.  Then again, a rematch of the 2010 NFC title game between the Bears and the Packers also would be extremely compelling.

We’d be shocked if it’s not one of those two.  Either would be great, and it’s another reason to get the labor situation resolved so that the season game begins on time.

38 responses to “Super Bowl XLIV, XLV champs to open 2011 season?

  1. I agree 110%. Either Packers/Saints or Packers/Bears would be a great way to open the season!

  2. The Pack winning shows another reason why the labor dispute needs to be finalized… A win tonight summarizes a great amount of what is right with the greatest sport and league in the world!

  3. I bet it’s the Bears. And they’ll run the Cutler “injury/non injury/toughness?/redemption vs. packers?” story into the ground for the next 6 months.

  4. Don’t worry about a labor stoppage… Goodell will never let it happen because he only cares about the fans (yeah, right).

  5. I don’t care which teams open the season as long as it opens on schedule and not with scab players.

  6. Great game Steelers. Congrats to the Pack! Get healthy and make another run next year! BTW – Rodgers is a class act. He sure is a lot more like Starr vs the last QB Champ. I don’t think he’ll be saying “I have nothing left to prove”. When he has 10 years at least ahead of him!

  7. Saints have been in that game too many times. It will be the Bears. But the Saints would be a better opening game.

  8. Wait a minute ……. aren’t the Jets the NFL Champs????? Isn’t that what they said on the side of their bus????

  9. I sit here this evening loving that I watched a great game….but I’m also sad to say that I hate where it seems that the league is heading. You hear Goodell thanking the fans and such…but the leagues actions lately have contradicted that supposed “gratitude”. First, there is the rediculus statement that “The fans want 18 games”. No, its not broke, so leave it alone. Second, there is the issue with fans not getting into the stadium and only being reimbursed for 3X the listed seating price. The NFL made millions upon millions upon millions tonight, reimburse 5x and give them tix to next years game as well….at the least. Then there is the fight between the Millionaires and Billionaires which seems to be going nowhere and just makes the NFL look like a corrupt Wall Street corporation rather than something that middle class American can love and enjoy. Ok, rant over. Congrats Packers.

  10. Raiders in Primetime is another quite compelling match-up. Wasn’t Aaron Rodgers a lifelong Raiders fan?

  11. Doesn’t get any better than this.

    The Stoolers only made it this far on pure luck and the referees handing them games.

    They were a PURE FLUKE. Their defense is OLD and WEAK and they lack guts. The Packers not only kicked their asses but OUT GUTTED them.

    All Stevy Johson of the Bills had to do was catch an easy touchdown and the Stoolers wouldn’t even have made the playoffs.

  12. I’ve got to believe that it will be the Bears.

    That being said, it doesn’t matter who they play as long as they are playing that Thursday and there aren’t still labor issues going on.


  13. I’ll be glued to either of them. I’d rather play Brees and the Saints though. Both just awesome teams.

  14. Chicago had 3 of the best 4 or 5 defensive performances against the Packers all season. Held them to only 8 3rd down conversions in 32 attempts, compared with their 6 for 13 performance today against the Steelers. Also held the Packers to 48 points in 3 games, 7 of which came from Raji’s interception.

    More and more, I’m believing that familiarity produces the best defensive football. Chicago has been sluggish in their previous 2 week 1 peformances (2009 Cutler’s interceptions versus the Packers, 2010 the Calvin Johnson incident), but on defense they played decent games both times.

    Bears-Packers to open next season would be an excellent choice.

  15. Bears @ Packers will be waayyy better than Saints @ Packers.

    What better way to unveil the 2010 Super Bowl Champions among the other years displayed inside the stadium then in front of the Chicago Bears.

    Catch up.

  16. Put them on the Road at Soldier Field against the Bears.

    Why should the Bucs be the only defending Super Bowl champions in over a decade to have to start their season on the road against the team they faced in the NFC Championship game? (@ Eagles week 1)

  17. 15 guys coming back from the IR and another draft for Ted Thompson to dominate.

    Say goodbye to parity in the NFL for a few years…

  18. raiders4life says: Feb 7, 2011 12:09 AM

    Raiders in Primetime is another quite compelling match-up. Wasn’t Aaron Rodgers a lifelong Raiders fan?


    Yet more proof that the Crypt Keeper’s dementia is being osmotically transferred to all of Raider Nation.

    There have been 20 articles in the past month saying how he grew up a 49er / Montana fan…

    I know, I know, it’s too much to expect Raider Fan to be able to read an article and recall its contents…

    Congrats to the Packers – and to the Steelers, who lost with class – for a great season!

  19. The NFL should schedule the Vikings as a favor to Green Bay. That way, the Packers can start the season 1-0 and give them some momentum. It would also appeal to BrITN Favre to come back next season with his first game on National TV. Kill two birds with one stone, a sure victory and another lost Viking season, can’t wait.

  20. As a Bears fan, I’d love to see it be Packers-Bears, but I really couldn’t complain at all if they do Packers-Saints. Either one makes a heck of a start to the season.

  21. richm2256 says: Wait a minute ……. aren’t the Jets the NFL Champs????? Isn’t that what they said on the side of their bus????


    You misread it – it said “Soon to be chumps”

  22. Oh hell yes! Dem bears would be the perfect way to start the season! We luv em , we hate em, we luv to trash talk with em. PLEASE BRING DA BEARS to lambeau……………. The faster they announce it , the more we can break each others footballs!

  23. Packers and Saints would be a great game. New Orleans was the one NFC team able to avoid losing to the Packers this year so I feel the have been left out.

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