Vince Lombardi is waiting


Throughout the playoffs, our friends at NFL Network have produced pep talks from Vince Lombardi, as played on Broadway by Dan Lauria.

Coach Lombardi makes his closing argument, which includes if you listen and watch closely a subtle slap at Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

But Cutler doesn’t matter today.  It’s the Packers and the Steelers, and after firing up both sides he message from the man whose name appears on the trophy is simple.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

15 responses to “Vince Lombardi is waiting

  1. Not that I don’t respect the job Dan Lauria has done playing Vince Lombardi, but I found the little “pep talks” to be nothing more than wasted time. I ended up changing the channel when they came on. I’m to the point that I can’t stand all the overproduced extras and lame attempts at humor the networks try to force on us during pre-game shows. Fox Sports easily being the biggest offender, as well as the lamest NFL coverage this side of ESPN. I can only hope the NFLN doesn’t make this a regular thing, and steers clear of the kiddie style coverage Fox enjoys shoving down our throat.

  2. On the whole playing hurt topic and Vince, my dad likes to tell a story about being at a Packers Bears game at Wrigley field in the 60’s. A packer player (I can’t remember who) came limping off the field after a play and my dad just recalls seeing Lombardi grabbing him by the jersey, shaking him, and screaming in his face. One play later, the player ran out on the field without limping.

  3. If Cutler doesn’t matter today then why mention him? Because they showed him getting sacked at the same time an actor says a scripted line? They showed a bengals player also after that. Was that a jab at the bengals? I don’t see the point in even mentioning him. Christ, let it go.

  4. LET’S PLAY THE GAME ALREADY!! Good luck to Packer fans, you have a great tradition like we do. Today, I don’t think the Steelers will be denied.

    Steelers 24
    Packers 20


  5. If that was a backhanded jab at Cutler, it was also a jab at Nolan Carroll, Michael Vick and Joe Flacco, all being shown getting crunched by the other team.

    Let this Cutler thing be a bygone already. I’m a huge Bears fan and I’ll be the first to tell you the entire situation, from Cutler sitting the sideline to putting Collins in for Cutler to the Bears botching the media play after the fact, was botched miserably by the Bears.

    I think Cutler has suffered enough humiliation. There should be no questioning his demeanor after getting up and continuing to play after being sacked 42 million times.

  6. I’m so happy the moment of truth is here. The media has been as fair and balanced as FOX news. The selling of Green Bay extends from everyone from the analysts to the players. What’s even more disturbing is the false reasoning why they think Green Bay will win. I dont know what they’ve done or who they’ve beaten to get this much attention. They sell Aaron and he hasnt done anything yet. The last memory I have of Ben and Aaron’s last matchup is when Ben outplayed Rodgers. He threw 504 yds, 3 tds and no picks. But people want to talk about AR. I dont know if it’s because of Ben’s reputation or style of play. Either way I don’t care. These analysts sold this junk about the Packers and today the Steelers will make them eat it. Pittsburgh 34 and Packers 20.

  7. Wonders Years just can’t cut it for me…

    The real story is the game. Rodgers threw 2 td’s and 4 ints. vs the Bears in 3 games. Posted QB ratings of 89.7 92.5 and 55.4 I find the Steelers D better than da Bears and don’t see Rodgers lighting up jack. LaMarr Woodley is going to give rookie Bulaga fits. Long night for the Packers Steelers 27-17.

  8. dachozen1 says:
    Feb 6, 2011 11:29 AM
    I’m so happy the moment of truth is here. The media has been as fair and balanced as FOX news.
    And NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC are balanced? They just are the weight on the other side of the scales for FOX News.

    And who doesn’t like the underdog story?

    Aaron Rodgers having to prove he’s a good QB, some would say better than #4. Thanks, Ted.

    The Packers playing in Green Bay with a population about the same as the attendence of the Super Bowl they will be playing in (I know that means nothing as far as skill but how many players want to play someplace where soul food has to be trucked up from Milwaukee or players that like that food have to be bused down).

    A team that is playing to win a Super Bowl in 15 years where the Steelers just won 2 years ago.

    The Packers will hopefully get the same treatment in a few years because they will be the proven team and some upstart team will try to knock off the champ.

    Oh, and if the Steelers do win, they should be known as …TITLE-BURGH….they’ve earned it.

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