Al Michaels joins PFT Live tomorrow

While traveling back to West Virginia via a Madden-style bus and mapping out guests for PFT Live over the rest of the week, it only made sense to reach out to Coach Madden’s former on-air partner to spend a few minutes with us on Tuesday.

NBC’s Al Michaels will join us tomorrow, assuming that the Madden-style bus makes it back to West Virginia in time for the 12:00 p.m. ET show.

Al’s first appearance follows a stellar week in Dallas, which included interviews with Madden, John Elway, Drew Brees, Daniel Snyder, Arthur Blank, Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff, Steve Spanguolo, Ndamukong Suh, Tony Gonzalez, Darrelle Revis, Colt McCoy, Ray Rice, Miles Austin, Stevie Johnson, Felix Jones, Sam Farmer, Peter King, Rich Eisen, Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer (Glazer will be pissed that he was mentioned after King, Eisen, and Schefter, which is why I did it), and Gregg Rosenthal (who gets pissed by no actual or perceived indignities, no matter how hard I try).

All PFT segments and interviews are available at the PFT Live show page.

2 responses to “Al Michaels joins PFT Live tomorrow

  1. who cares about al , ask who he bet on this year, then you’ll know if he lost! michaels is a big time gambler, also doesn’t know much idiot!!

  2. Eh, I’m not big on the video pieces…. I prefer reading the blog to the talking heads. It is faster and I can skip what I don’t want to read.

    Especially so when the are guys are the same ones that I hear all during the football season like Al Michaels, Peter King, et. al. I hear enough of them outside of PFT. Blah blah, same old rehash.

    The only way the videos might appeal to me would be if its (a) someone out of the ordinary (b) deep throat conspirator. Maybe the rumor monger shefter gets a free pass, since he’s good at sticking it to Al Davis.

    I like this site because it says it like it is and doesn’t cow tow to the powers that be. It seems like you’re getting a bit cozy with the establishment, Mike. Don’t go hollywood or all ESPN (again) on us. Ha.


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