Blame game commences over ticketgate


In the wake of the most embarrassing Super Bowl incidents since the term “wardrobe malfunction” entered the American lexicon, a difference of opinion has emerged as to whether the NFL, the Cowboys, or both bear blame for the fact that 400 people who believed that they’d be attending the Super Bowl ended up, you know, not attending the Super Bowl.

The same Dallas Morning News article revealing that the league knew about the potential problem last week (but said nothing) contains some competing quotes from league officials regarding the ultimate responsibility for the snafu.

“We put on this event,” Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Dallas Morning News.  “This is the responsibility of the NFL.”

Executive V.P. of business ventures Eric Grubman seemed to spread the blame to the Cowboys, calling it a “shared failure,” per the Dallas Morning News.

“When parties are working together and something goes wrong, everybody has a responsibility,” Grubmab said.  “We will figure out what the key steps were, which ones were ours, which ones were someone else’s.”

If the “someone else’s” is anyone else’s than the guy who owns and operates Cowboys Stadium, we don’t know who else it would be.

In the end, look for the league to quietly investigate the situation internally, to identify the responsible parties within the organization, and to gently nudge them into jobs with one of the 32 franchises, possibly with more pay, a bigger title, and more responsibility.

That’s essentially what happened to the guy who took the fall for the last high-profile Super Bowl screw-up.

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  1. I’m already sick of this.

    -Free food and drink during the game
    -Better view of game on big screen TVs in the stadium than they probably would have had in their seats
    -Allowed on the field after the game
    -2400 dollars cash
    -Tickets to next year’s super bowl

    These folks did OK. Let’s move on.

  2. “The Blame Game” is what you call, divide and conquer. If everyone is point fingers at someone else, the victims will never know the victimizer.

  3. “Blame game commences over ticketgate”

    Why does the media insist on using the word “gate” as a suffix for a scandal, or perceived scandal?

    The original “gate” was from the Watergate Scandal – which took place at the Watergate Hotel.

    Too bad the original “gate” couldn’t have occurred at a Holiday Inn – then we wouldn’t have to cringe at this overly misused term.

  4. Calling any controversy whatever-“gate” is just getting so lame. It ran it`s course 30 years ago. It`s just as stupid saying all these female singers are “Divas” I can`t stand hearing either one of these slogans anymore.

  5. Jerry Jones has known he was hosting the Super Bowl for a long time. With the cowboys not making the playoffs, they had more than enough time to have the stadium ready. This falls on Jerry and the City of Dallas. The way the seating was handled coupled with the way that the storm was handled by the City (ever heard of salting the streets?) should guarantee that the Dallas never host another Super Bowl. Between the scoreboard issues when the place opened and the Superbowl…Way to F@%ck it up Jerry.

  6. Its 400 people. Life’s rough. NFL is compensating those individuals. You can’t put a price on an experience of watching your team in a Super Bowl, but its not like they aren’t receiving anything from the NFL either.

  7. Even though they beat my team, I feel bad for the Packers in all of this. They just won the Super Bowl and all the news seems to be focused on the “missing seats,” the snow and ice, and (unfortunately) Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell.

  8. Please stop putting “GATE” on the end of every little thing you people think is a controversy.

    Every Living Human-being On The Face Of The Earth

  9. Jerry, it’s your stadium. At some point you have to be responsible and stop seeing only dollar signs. The fire marhall didn’t report this to NFL headquarters.

    If the NFL insisted, you could have resisted.

  10. A best solution for both those displaced & the rest of us who will probably never go to a SB would have been to rip the tix from the “Visa Super Bowl Club” & force them to miss the game. Be nice not to hear about the “plight” of a bunch of lottery winners next year.

    Also, I’d like to get on even footing with the music industry. How about the next time the Black Eyed Peas are doing a concert, they stop their show midway through & force the crowd to watch a 20 minute exhibition game between the Lions & Cardinals? That’s about the equal amount of “entertainment”.

  11. I thought that adding -gate to the end of a scandal to make it sound cool had officially jumped the shark about 3 or 4 years ago. Let’s give something original a try.

  12. OK people let’s get a couple things straight. Fire marshal, air marshal, field marshal all have one “L”. Eminem a/k/a Marshall Mathers a/k/a Motor City Apologist has two “L”s. And “Ticketgate” is weak. Nixon is rolling over in his grave along with Lombardi after his boys won by running only 13 times.

  13. Call it the “The Jerry let’s squeeze another 400 that should be grateful I let them into my palace in the first place debale.”

  14. *debacle.

    No need to jump all over me spelling police. I’ll be more careful in the future…

  15. Well the ticket part may be the NFL’s doing. The seats and their inability to be sat on is clearly the responsibility of Dallas and Jerry Jones. The league did not force Jerry to add more seats.

  16. Being a lifelong Packer fan I can only imagine how I would feel to go to the game last night to watch my team after 14 year absence from the superbowl, only to find out I don’t have a seat. A triple refund is nice, but odds are these people paid triple face value anyway, so thats a wash. Also who is to say the Packers or Steelers won’t be back for another 14 years? Tickets to next years game???? wow yea If I am a Packers fan going to see 2 random teams next year is not close to being a consolation prize. Hopefully most of the people who were removed were not diehard fans of either team, but rather diehard football fans. Either way, its a bummer.

  17. you know who cares about this?

    no, im serious, I wasnt aware that anyone cares about this.

    50 million people watch the superbowl. almost all of us do it from home. complaining about the weather or ticketing situations means nothing to us.

    if you can afford to fly to dallas for the superbowl, pay triple face value for the tickets, and get “screwed” by the nfl, you are living a good life.

    we dont care if its cold either. all you reporters go there for free to watch a game i would have walked to Dallas to see.

    quit whining =/

  18. In the end, look for the league to quietly investigate the situation internally, to identify the responsible parties within the organization, and to gently nudge them into jobs with one of the 32 franchises, possibly with more pay, a bigger title, and more responsibility.
    No doubt they will investigate with the same rigor they “investigated” #4. Look for final resolution sometime in 2015! DUMP GOODELL – HE’S CLUELESS.

  19. If I were 1 of the 400, especially if I were a Packer fan, then $2400 plus the extras would not be enough. Maybe if the NFL arranged for Cameron Diaz to serve me popcorn in the owner’s suite…

  20. Ironically, had the Super Bowl been in The Meadowlands, for as bad a winter the northeast has had, the conditions were actually very good for when the game would have been played: Daytime temps in the mid 40s, temps at kickoff in the mid to upper 30s and around the freezing mark as the game ended.

    Dallas can’t be faulted for what happened with the weather: They had temperatures all week that were 20-40 degrees BELOW normal (average high temperature in early February is 57 degrees, and only on Monday was it at that mark) and normally don’t have the kind of weather they had the past week.

    As for the tickets, I would work with sponsors so those affected by what happened are guaranteed to be able to see the Packers or Steelers the next time they play in the Super Bowl, with all expenses paid to that game in addition to doing so next year (or in 2013 if there is no game next year) since I assume the majority of those affected were Packer or Steeler fans.

  21. Actually, it is worse PR disaster than the NFL is making out. Included in the 400 were the four guys in the VISA never miss a Superbowl club. Oh well, all streaks come to an end sometime.

  22. What have I been saying this entire season? The NFL does not give a crap about anything other than maximizing profits. The motive supersedes maintaining the integrity of the game

  23. Any fool who thinks it is the fault of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys because the seat construction wasn’t completed on time is a moron. The league took control of the stadium almost a month ago and they control EVERYTHING that happened in and around Cowboys Stadium in regard to game preparation amd game presentation. You wanna blame Jerry for wanting 100,000 plus for the game, go ahead. It was his goal (and the NFL’s), but the inability to safely construct the temporary bleachers falls on the head of the league, and only the league.

  24. Can you imagine if the teams in the game were the Eagles and the Chargers? Neither ever won a Super Bowl in the 45 years since the first SB! Might be another 45 years=90yrs! If you’re a fan of either, you know you might die before you got another chance to watch. Then you get there and are forced to bend over and “take one for the team”(the NFL). If you killed someone, I think you’d get off for either insanity or “justifiable homicide”.

  25. This game gets more greedy every year. We fans have to spend MORE to get to the get to the game, buy the tickets,eat,sleep,park. then we have to put up with celebrities that show up to promote movies,shows,ect. Cant sing,dance,ect. Some fans find out they have no seat even when they are season ticket holders of their team in the game. Maybe the GAME should be the priority and NOT the show. The last 5 years the championship games have been better than the Super Bowl. WONDER WHY???????????????

  26. Adding -gate to a scandal jumped the shark about the same time jumping the shark jumped the shark.

    gdbroker says: Feb 7, 2011 4:10 PM

    I thought that adding -gate to the end of a scandal to make it sound cool had officially jumped the shark about 3 or 4 years ago. Let’s give something original a try.

  27. Another silver lining: Indy’s organizers have 400 less tickets to worry about selling now, so they can go ahead order those extra hay bales and cans of pork and beans for pre-game party.

  28. Hey Jerry & Goodell, you should have hired some UNION IRONWORKERS from the BURGH!!!! You went cheap with some ILLEGALS!!! “WE DON’T GO TO THE OFFICE, WE BUILD IT”!!!!! WE BUILD IT ON TIME & UNDER BUDGET!!!!

  29. closisgood says:
    Feb 7, 2011 4:24 PM
    400/105,000, .004 percent of the audience was screwed? Who cares.
    You’re right! Madoff’s scheme effected an even smaller percentage. Maybe Madoff shouldn’t be doing any time.

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