Cardinals commence pursuit of Keith Butler

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that the Cardinals have formally begun pursuing Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler for their defensive coordinator vacancy.

Butler, 54, is free to interview after Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl loss. According to La Canfora, Butler is “intrigued” by the opening on Ken Whisenhunt’s staff, and “Steelers officials expect him to take it.”  The Steelers’ organization is expected to grant Butler permission to interview with Whisenhunt when the Cardinals make that request.

Butler has spent the last eight seasons as Pittsburgh’s linebackers coach, staying on after Mike Tomlin replaced Bill Cowher in 2007. He’s helped mold LaMarr Woodley, James Harrison, and Lawrence Timmons into Pro Bowl-caliber linebackers.

7 responses to “Cardinals commence pursuit of Keith Butler

  1. OH NO !

    Why can’t someone take Bruce Arians…

    calling pass plays on 3 and 2 and at the end of the game.. 3 and 5 and 4 and 5, when all we needed was a first down, jump out of bounds, short pass.

    We need a new OC who gets Ben out of this school yard football mode with more short passes with the O line, and more run plays…

    we almost had that game.. ! 25-28, one field goal from tying it…

    better yet.. had there be ONE less fumble, we would have WON !

  2. Come on Steelers, pay this man like a coordinator and put it in his contract that it is his once LeBeau retires. This guy deserves it and the LBs need him there!

  3. and give him about 18 months (hopefully less) to get the Cardinals defense up to par and help them make a run at another Super Bowl. New Orleans is going to be painted in Cardinal RED!!!!!

  4. I’d be more worried about who’s going to be throwing the ball incomplete instead of who will be calling the plays for whatever’s left of that D.

  5. Kind of sucks. He was supposed to be the next guy in line and I’ve heard nothing but glowing things about the guy.

    BUT, if they can’t have him…

    I’m not sure if it would work out or be something either side would be interested, but it would be AWESOME if they could possibly lure Kevin Greene out of Green Bay to take over once LeBeau steps down.

    I’m sure he wouldn’t be ready yet, but neither is Dick, so in the meantime he could continue getting his feet wet as the Pack’s linebackers coach. Working with Capers now and playing under him during his Steelers days… man, what a good fit he could be.

    Ah… me and my pipedreams.

    P.S. Dear, PFT: People like geezohman are who give Steelers fans a bad rep. Please do not mistake him as our official spokesman. The Packers won the game. The Steelers didn’t lose it. Accept it and let’s look towards the future.

  6. As a Cardinals season ticket holder I couldn’t be happier.

    We tried to get Butler 2 years ago and Pitt blocked the move…which I understood.

    Not sure why they are allowing it to take place now, but I’m tired of the garbage DC’s we’ve had in AZ. The defense was horrible last year.

    Pitt sorry we keep picking your guys, but with Whis history and your history it just makes sense….you guys win a lot.

    Glad we are connected to you and not Detroit.

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