Jay Gruden won’t reach out to Carson Palmer until his situation is resolved

Last week, the Bengals abruptly fired offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski and hired Jay Gruden.  To date, Gruden has not yet spoken with the man who’ll be the centerpiece of the team’s offense.

Unless he gets his wish to be traded.

According to the Associated Press, Gruden said Monday that he won’t try to contract quarterback Carson Palmer until Palmer’s status for 2011 has been resolved.

“Things were said before I got here, and I think they’ve got to take care of those things in-house first,” Gruden said.  “Then if they need me, I’ll be glad to talk to him and do what I need to do to try to get him back.  But I think that’s got to come from upstairs, that’s got to come from the head coach.”

Gruden assumes that, eventually, things will indeed be resolved.

“Until I hear something different, we’re going to go forward with him as our quarterback,” Gruden said. “That’s the only approach I can take right now.  Whether it’s right or wrong, I do not know.  But that’s the way I’m going about things.”

If it’s not Palmer, then the only options currently on the roster are his brother, Jordan, and Dan LeFevour.

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  1. honestly i say LeFevour all the way. if we are trully going back to a mostly run offense who cares who the quaterback is. or at least let him learn slowly like Big Ben did and open it up in a year or two. get something for Palmer and be done with it. hell throw in both Palmers!!

  2. “then the only options currently on the roster are his brother, Jordan, and Dan LeFevour”

    You call those options? I really doubt they’d give either one of those guys the starting job.

  3. If a quarterback, who is wanted by other teams, doesn’t want to be there, the club really doesn’t have many options other than trading him or releasing him. You can’t force the quarterback to put in the extra time, you can’t force the quarterback to learn the plays and you can’t force the quarterback to lead. They need to cut their losses.

  4. Who would you rather have? Jordan Palmer and Jay Gruden or Carson Palmer and Jon Gruden? The first pair suck.

  5. If I am the Bengals, I trade Carson for the most picks possible, I would even take picks for 2012’s draft. I then start Jordan Palmer 10 games, and Dan Lefever the next 10 to see what if anything I have. I figure that would pretty much lock up the number 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft, guarenteeing the Bengals Andrew Luck. The only problem that could arise with this scenario would be Luck’s refusal to play in the Nasty Natti for Mike Brown and co.

  6. Palmer may not be one of the top 4 or 5 QBs anymore but he is easily top 10 with WRs that know their route.
    LeFevour, according to some, may end up being pretty good once he learns NFL type Offenses

  7. And now you know why it took so long for Jay Gruden to get another job in the NFL.

    In this world you’ve got your alpha males and your beta males.

    Apparently, Mama Gruden only raised one alpha male.

    His brother would have been on the phone with CP 30 seconds after his introductory press conference.

  8. Anybody else find these comments ridiculous?

    So, you’re going to move forward assuming that Palmer will be your quarterback but you aren’t going to talk to him until his situation has been resolved? How does that make any sense?

    The guy sounds like a 5 year old.

    “I won’t talk to you until you say you like us again.”

    Come on now.

  9. “raynman49 says: Feb 7, 2011 10:40 PM

    trivia question: Name a USC qb that was a good NFL player…..tick,tick,tick, OVERRATED!”

    Pat Haden’s wife called and said he did “just fine”.

    Agree with the comment about Jay not being the ‘alpha’ Gruden. He says the issue has to be handled in-house… isn’t Gruden in the damn house by now?

  10. trivia question: Name a USC qb that was a good NFL player…..tick,tick,tick, OVERRATED!

    ummmm sanchez?? yea hes overrated, his only 2 seasons he’s been in the league he has been in the afc championship, i dont like the jets but sanchez has won more games than he has lost check your facts homie,

    anyways, the bengals should trade carson, he isnt gonna play for them regardless mite as well get a couple draft pick and make things right with him and show some class

  11. Jay grudens gonna make Chad ochostinko worse! The WR’s are gonna commit a million false starts because there gonna be running full speed from behind the line of scrimage!! Haha..he’s the only off cordinator that wants his wr’s running full routes on the 1yd line in the red zone….ohh my bad I thought the endzone was 30yds…hahahahaha

  12. Trade Palmer to the Titans for Vince Young and a 4th round pick. Both teams end up happy and get a new starting QB that better fits their team. Change of scenery for both would be a great thing. Not to mention young would excel in the bengals new offense. LeFevour may in fact one day be a great NFL qb, but we wont know until palmer hangs it up. Palmer is past his prime, as a bengals fan I see this. Not to mention palmer never stepped up and became a brady or manning type of leader. This was an issue coming out of college if we all remember the “brain type” test that said palmer would never be a great leader and didnt have EVERYTHING to be a truly ELITE nfl QB. The truth is, any quarterback could have excelled in that 2005 offense the bengals had. Chad was in his prime, Houshmandzadeh was insanely reliable. Kevin Walter was our 4th receiver, chris henry was the rookie and nobody thought about covering him yet. Rudi Johnson wasnt washed up yet, and was pounding the ball like crazy. Chris Perry Was actually not hurt for once and was killing teams on screen passes and the occasional big run. Not to mention one of the best offensive lines EVER. Big Willie Anderson, Bobbie Williams in his prime, Stacey Andrews before he became a diva who ended up failing in philly, Richie Braham (perhaps the most underrated center ever in bengals history) and one of the best blocking tight ends in football in Reggie Kelley. Add on top the defense who made the most interceptions that year, deltha oneal and tory james were both playing amazing. Big Sam Adams was taking up 2 blockers. Odell Thurman was all jacked up on meth making plays everywhere, faster than superman on cocaine. Heck, before chad johnsons halftime blowup, we were beating the steelers with jon friggin kitna in that playoff game. Chad wanted the ball, and apparently wanted us to lose. The team melted down in the 2nd half, and has never been the same since. This team has a bright future, but unfortunately we waited until palmer was well past his prime to do anything about the stale offense. Winning with Mike brown as your owner, and Mediocre Lewis, errr marvin lewis, is NOT easy to do.

  13. Good job deferring the question and basically saying, “I’m not gonna beg for him to come back. I don’t want to bother with a QB who doesn’t want to play here.” It’s a good tone for him to set from the start.

  14. I don’t think the Bengals could trade Palmer if they wanted to. He’s under contract until 2014 and he’s slated to make over $10 million a year until then. Given the way he’s performed the last couple of years, who would trade for that contract?

    If Palmer’s serious about getting out he’s either going to have to retire or agree to take a pay cut. There’s no way Brown would release him and still pay him the millions of dollars he’s owed in guarantees.

  15. I’d say trade Palmer to Washington for McNabb and a draft pick. McNabb isn’t great, but he’s a legit starter and you can get an extra draft pick or 2.

    This won’t happen though. Mike Brown wouldn’t trade Ochocinco when Washington offered up some crazy draft pick deal. MB also passed up the offer to trade for all of New Orleans picks. They took Akili Smith instead.

  16. Trade Palmer for Young? What has he done in this league, um nothing. Besides that the guy is not a leader and is disliked by his team mates. One of the biggest problems with Palmer is his questionable leadership. I take Palmer every day of the week over VY or washed up Mcnabb for that matter. The Bengals will easily get a first rounder for

  17. twindaddy,

    Carson’s guarantees are supposedly already paid. There isn’t any future payments if he is cut.

    Personally, If I were Carson, I’d be quiet until training camp. Let the bengals do something stupid like sign a name FA QB and draft a QB in the first round. Then decide to come back and cost the Bengals so much money to have three major QB outlays that they have to cut him or else release half the team if there is a cap.

  18. OMG! If they traded for Vince Young, I would crap my pants and lay down and die! As a Bungles fan, I have seen many, many bone-headed moves, but trading for Akili Smith 2.0 would take the cake. Palmer has pretty thick skin and is tapping out. Young might last a half season as thin skinned as he is. The Bungles organization and players are the whipping boys of the NFL, general public, and media….and they have earned it.

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