Jerry Jones acknowledge seating snafu, generally declares victory

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has been conspicuously inconspicuous over the past few days, has issued a statement in the wake of a Super Bowl week marred by various factors, man-made and otherwise.  Though he acknowledges the biggest embarrassment — an unintended bait-and-switch involving fans who bought tickets to seats that weren’t available — Jones essentially declares victory and vows to get in line for more Super Bowls in his new stadium.

“The incomplete installation of temporary seats left a limited number of sections unusable for yesterday’s game. Manpower and timing issues caused inconveniences to some fans. At the end of the preparations, approximately 400 fans attending the game were not able to watch from those installed seats. We deeply regret their Super Bowl experience was impacted by this error, and we share that responsibility with the NFL,” Jones said.

“We will also continue to work closely with the NFL in its complete review of Super Bowl XLV.  At the end of the day, the game on the field, and the stadium where it was played, exceeded the high level of expectation that the Super Bowl presents.  It was a great game in a great venue, and it was an experience that will begin the process of bringing future Super Bowls to North Texas.

“Our region displayed the type of tremendous commitment of resources, services, enthusiasm, and hospitality that validates our community as a most worthy home to this wonderful event in the years to come.

“Our collective goals all along were to ensure that more than 103,000 people would be able to have an enjoyable game day experience on Super Bowl Sunday while also being a part of an event that ultimately produced the largest television audience for any program ever.”

For starters, the fact that the game was played in Cowboys Stadium had no impact on the size of the television audience, unless some of the viewers were hoping only to see whether a punt would strike the mother ship hovering over a 60-yard swath of the field.  If anything, the TV audience was 30,000 to 40,000 persons smaller than it would have been if the game hadn’t been played in such a large stadium.

Then there’s the reality that, while the game day experience was very good for all but 400 who entered the venue (apart from those in attendance who had hoped to witness a Steelers victory), the complete lack of planning for an ice storm followed three days later by a snow storm made the experience one to forget for the folks who spent the full week in Dallas on a “working vacation” that was far more “work” than “vacation.”

For those visiting the three towns that hosted Super Bowl events (Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington), the cities essentially shut down around us, with municipalities and business owners doing nothing in many cases to remove ice, and later snow, from their property.  Though I’ve now mastered the ability to walk on ice, it’s a skill I wasn’t expecting or hoping to acquire during eight days in Dallas.

It would be easy to ignore criticism from the media as whining from folks who live semi-charmed lives, but when it comes to the destination of the premier sporting event in the United States, who else is in position to paint an accurate picture for the rest of the country?

The picture was, from Tuesday through Friday, bleak.  For anyone not staying in the Sheraton, site of the Media Center and Radio Row, getting to work included treacherous travel by car or by foot.  At the hotel where my wife and I stayed (the Magnolia, not the Motel 6), the house car was unavailable to shuttle me back and for to the Sheraton for days due to “liability concerns.”  (Apparently, car insurance policies are the one thing that isn’t bigger in Texas.)  The room wasn’t cleaned for one or two days, because unlike those of us out-of-towners who had no choice but to show up for work, showing up for work was for plenty of employees optional.

Then there’s the inexcusable failure of Cowboys Stadium management to realize that the ice gathered on the roof may not simply melt and drip.  If the first storm had struck only 48 hours later, the avalanche of bowling-ball sized chunks of frozen water would have been hitting a lot more than six or seven people.

So while we expect Jerry Jones to say whatever needs to be said in order to turn the page on the several negative aspects of the week and set the table for another Super Sunday financial windfall in the future, he needs to worry more about a citizenry that wasn’t ready for — or simply didn’t want — its close up.  With so many other fine cities ready, willing, and able to happily stage an event that is a lot bigger than simply having a big stadium, it will be a challenge far bigger than building a big stadium to get another Super Bowl in North Texas.

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  1. I mean outside of being ill equipped to handle poor weather (which during the regular season might be one thing, but this is the Super Bowl) and not having seating to accommodate all those who had bought tickets, Jones did a great job of hosting the Super Bowl. In all seriousness, the NFL and Jones really dropped the ball this year. I am not sure how to remedy the situation for those short changed fan but something extreme needs to be done to make the situation right.

  2. Egomaniac
    What a poor sorry azz excuse for how to manage a Superbowl. Everybody is good for something even if its a bad example. Other owners took note of this fool for sure.

  3. Mike: while I understand your anger at the inconveniences you had to endure while in North Texas, and no doubt the region can certainly do better, a big part of the reason the response to the weather was so lacking is that what happened almost NEVER happens here. They were unprepared to put salt on the roads, for instance, because it happens so infrequently that salt isn’t used- sand is.
    Dallas and the North Texas area is the most “can-do” place I’ve seen, and believe me it will learn and be better prepared next time. Don’t discount the things that were good, and, of course, nowhere else has a stadium (seating issues aside, which were the NFL’s fault) that compares.
    One more thing: while you’re slamming what happened here, imagine what would have happened in the SB was in Indy, Chicago (where cars were buried under snow), or, god forbid, New Jersey last week? You want to talk about a cluster of epic proportions!

  4. Hey Jerry, you should have hired some UNION IRONWORKERS from the BURGH!!!! You went cheap with some ILLEGALS!!! “WE DON’T GO TO THE OFFICE, WE BUILD IT”!!!!! WE BUILD IT ON TIME & UNDER BUDGET!!!!

  5. A number of friends, even a couple of women [ducking], have said the field appeared to be slippery, but I’ve not seen this mentioned in the media.

    One would think the field was the same as during the season. I watched a number of games from there and didn’t notice any slickness.

    Any comments?

  6. “Our region displayed the type of tremendous commitment of resources, services, enthusiasm, and hospitality that validates our community as a most worthy home to this wonderful event in the years to come.”

    Ice falls off the dome injuring people, seats are not available to people who bought tickets, people get to shell out two hundred bucks to watch the game outside the stadium and the governor of Texas, during the biggest winter storm in years, is vacationing in southern California. I guess that just about validates everything Jerry.

  7. I’ve gone to several SBs and suggest the NFL stay away from Dallas in the future. Besides the inability to deal with the weather, a cab strike and 2 1/2 hours to get into the stadium are not the inconveniences that I want to deal with.

  8. Not to mention the biggest outrage…….the stripper shortage!!! Talk about poor planning.


  9. ok the ticket fiasco is one thing but how long are you going to keep blaming the city and state for a freak ocurrance of nature?ok we get it already they were not prepared for the bad weather,but since this does not happen often how were they suppose to prepare for it?right spend millions of dollars for equipent that might never be used. and whining because people did not risk thier lives to come and clean your room?here is a hint how about not being a slob? guess what next year it will be in indy and while they are used to this type of weather it will cold and snowy so suck it up or do the rest of us a favor and don’t go!

  10. Seats not finished, no clue about what to do with winter conditions, $80 to tailgate,and a crappy/slippery playing surface that causes injuries.

  11. awww puppy…..don’t cry…

    here’s something the media may be interested in…news flash…the super bowl, like many other things in life, isn’t about YOU….

    the “media”, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t too far removed from a whiny, bitchy girlfriend (or boyfriend, all things being equal)

  12. The playing surface had players slipping and obviously did nothing to alleviate/lessen injuries- it looked like the old green carpet in my family room growing up. What’s with that, Jerry?

  13. GET OVER IT! You cover the NFL for a living and get PAID to watch the f’n superbowl you puss!

    The next time the SB is in Dallas, please do all of us a favor and just go to Egypt that week.

  14. The sad thing is, that because Jones has so much influence with the blond hypocrite weasel currently soiling the chair of the NFL Commissioner, he will probably get another Super Bowl in the near future.

    If Jones and Goodell would for once be honest with the cheated fans they would make a joint statement similar to that of Otter to ‘Flounder’ in “Animal House”: ‘You f##ked up! You trusted us!’

  15. How can you declare victory for one of the worst Super Bowls in recent memory? And I’m not talking about the game. Falling ice seriously injures people, 400 fans are denied seating, players are slipping and hurting themselves on the field, and the sound-techs screw up the half-time show.

    I’m just glad Jerry didn’t get the record!

  16. Far be it for me to side with Jerry, but let’s face it, most places in the South just don’t get enough snow/ice to be equipped for or know how to deal with it. Dallas fits that bill, and it’s not economically likely to change.

    I believe the bigger question lies with potential for disastrous weather in places like New York when hosting a Super Bowl, especially in an outdoor stadium. The weather is many times harsher, snow deeper, and ice more treacherous. Yes, they can deal with it better, but many is the day the city has come to a stand-still in winter weather.

    This really should be a wakeup call to the NFL, especially in light of SB being played at the Meadowlands in 2014.

  17. Super Bowl 46 was an unmitigated disaster ….. and this idiot wants to call it a “victory”?

    Wonder if Mrs. Custer felt the same way about Little Big Horn?

  18. Won’t he be dead before Dallas gets another Super Bowl?

    I don’t mean that in a “that’ll-be-the-day” kind of way….I mean, literally….aren’t these thing planned out a few years in advance?

  19. I was there. My husband and I are calling it the Dallas Debacle. There has been no reporting on the nightmare it was to enter the stadium. I’ll assume it’s because the press gets priority entrance. Not all entrances were open. The entrance gates were supposed to open at 1 and opened at 2:30. It then took 2-3 hours to actually get in. Poor to non-existent crowd control. No signs or people directing everyone where to go (although they magically appeared at the end, the signs incorrect and the people surly). Complete and ugly bottleneck. At one point in entrance W2, some people broke down the barricade and I truly feared for my life.
    Yes, I am one of the people who is blessed to have attended quite a few Super Bowls. And I know that I am lucky. I know Dallas can’t control the weather, but any large city should be able to manage large groups of people effectively. We will never go back to one in Dallas.
    We live in a suburb of Jacksonville, FL, which was widely considered to have been the worst Super Bowl host. On behalf of my town, I respectfully relinquish the title. A disgrace.

  20. So, is there an option to to be notified when Mike and the rest of PFT moves on from this Super Bowl/Dallas thing? I mean I’m not a Cowboys fan but this whinning and blaming Jerry for everything is starting to sound a bit old. It’s over, it was a success for the most part, lets move on and discuss, oh I don’t know… FOOTBALL!!!! Dallas will host another Super Bowl so you can let it go. It was a really good game! One of the best in a while!

  21. The best place to be in a ice/snow storm is in a place that is used to it and thus is expected to put resources aside to address it.

    Every southern city that gets hit with ice/snow storms don’t have the equipment to make life safe. They just shut down until it warms up. Been the M.O. forever.

    Super Bowls should be played never icy towns like Miami and San Diego or Domes that are in cities that have the resources to handle weather adversity. Not in Dallas, Tennessee or Atlanta.

    Jones makes me want to puke but the inaction over the weather conditions was out of his control. The ice falling is a design flaw that will now cost him a ton to fix if he wants to see another SB.

  22. “Manpower and timing issues caused inconveniences to some fans”. Inconveniences??? That’s what you call a fan taking time off from work, spending thousands of dollars on airfare, tickets, lodging and meals so that he can attend his once in a lifetime, ultimate football experience, and watch his beloved Packers/Steelers play in the Super Bowl only to be punked at the gate a few hours before the game and told “sorry, we can’t let you in sir. The NFL has screwed up your opportunity of a lifetime, and there’s nothing that you, us, or anyone else can do about it. We’re terribly sorry for the INCONVENIENCE”. That is the understatement of the decade Jerry Jones.

  23. @upperdecker19 says: Feb 7, 2011 7:18 PM

    “Not to mention the biggest outrage…….the stripper shortage!!! Talk about poor planning.”

    Wait, WHAT? This is an absolute travesty if true. A shortage of hookers in North Texas during the Superbowl reflects very poorly on our current immigration policies towards Mexico. I can only imagine that there would be a plethora of fine (and not so fine) Mexican women to fill that gap, so to speak, if we would only allow more illegals across the border. For shame US Government, for shame.

  24. LOL, no key to the city for Mr. PFT. But they may honor him by putting him on the no fly list or in the police data banks. Just for fun.

  25. Weather shut down half the country, so quit complaining about the Metroplex’s inability to deal with that problem. Jerry is taking a lot of abuse and I’m sure some is justified, but don’t forget the NFL’s role in the event and all that goes with it. Hopefully lessons will be learned for all Super Bowls going forward, no matter where they are held.

  26. Jerry called it a victory because he has no clue. NONE. He’s a billionaire who could care less about 400 regular people paying for seats that don’t exist. He could care less about the city not being able to handle the weather or about the “regular” people who got hurt by ice falling off his “palace”. Point is, he doesn’t care about any of this. The frigging roof could have fallen in on top of everyone during the game and he could care less. All he cares about are $$$$ and how much does he get. One of his comments before the game was that he wasn’t going to get as big of a % of ticket sales as he does for a regular season game. He talks about caring for his team but if he really did, he’d fire himself as GM and actually hire someone who knows something about football. He’s a total dusch bag and as long as he’s in control of the Cowboys they’ll fail.

  27. 1. The refusal of Dallas to remove or even attempt to remove the snow and ice from the streets and sidewalks, shows that Dallas did not and does not deserve to host a superbowl.
    2. Selling more tickets then were going to be available is an absolute disgrace.
    3. The unforgivable screwing up of the National Anthem.
    4. The halftime show would of been OK, if people could of heard it. The sound people at that stadium need fired.
    5. I watch the Superbowl because I am a sports fan. I am sick and tired of having to look and watch celebrities(most of whom do not even know anything about the sport) at the superbowl. It also bothers me that all these celebrities get seats to the game(most do not even pay for the seats) while the average fan cannot get seats.
    6. Where was Jerry Jones?? Normally you can’t see a football game in Dallas without Jerry Jones in front of the camera. You would think that he would of at the least made a statement during all the problems surronding this Superbowl.

    Dallas, the city, and Jerry jones both failed as host of the Superbowl.

  28. Hey, where’s my post? Just because I bagged on you for whining about your maid not being available I’m blacklisted? LAME

  29. San Diego should be in the rotation despite the inferior Stadium. The stadium does need to be replaced but as far as a host city there are few (if any) finer.

  30. “We deeply regret their Super Bowl experience was impacted”

    This is not an apology. I regret getting caught in a traffic jam, but that doesn’t mean I feel guilt or take responsibility for it.

    “I regret something happened” is just not the same as saying “I (we) take personal responsibility for what happened and APOLOGIZE for it.” See Happy Days rerun where the Fonz struggles to spit out “I’m sorry” (yes I went there).

  31. “If anything, the TV audience was 30,000 to 40,000 persons smaller than it would have been if the game hadn’t been played in such a large stadium.”

    30 to 40? Ah no. At the very best 15k. Hell the permanent seating for Dallas stadium is 80k.

  32. “At the end of the day, the game on the field……… exceeded the high level of expectation that the Super Bowl presents.”

    That was because the Cowboys weren’t in it. Hey, is Jerry Jones taking credit for the game that the MEN of the Steelers and Packers played?

  33. Unlike Jerryland, Indianapolis has the experience to host large sporting events. Aside from the SB teams’ practice facilities being within blocks of Lucas Oil Field, all the teams, media and guest will stay in hotels downtown, connected via skywalks. Hell, they had the worst snow/ice storm in 30 years last week and the city was operating in 24 hours. Ideal? NO. But, they’ll handle the SB much better than Dallas/FW

  34. I talked to someone that was in Dallas the past week. He commented that Detroit was a much better host city a few years back. Let that sink in for a while.

  35. The weather is one thing but the seating mishap is Jerry Jones’ complete responsibility. How long in advance was this circus planned? The episode speaks to a general lack of attention to detail. Not unlike the Dallas Cowboys.

    I thought it humorous to see all the dignitaries such as John Madden and the Bush family texting and not watching the game. Another great moment in sports history.

  36. His national anthem sucked….and his halftime show really sucked!!! God the sound in that place is horrible.

    Jerry Jones is a consistently bad judge of talent, probably tone deaf.

    But his facelift looks okay….for a mummie!

  37. What – Jerry couldn’t find enough illegals to finish the job? I’m guessing the reason we haven’t seen stretch face Jerry is in the fact that he probably blew out his over botoxed over lifted face because of the massive debacle that unfolded in Dallas. Yes, I know he makes more in a day than I make in a year but knowing that all of this is driving him nuts makes me smile!!!!

  38. Darth vader upon looking at the media from the podium declared today that the DEATHSTAR was a success. Just because 400 souls were lost because of a bad airlock was an unforseen circumstance. What are 400 souls when so many were entertained in the wonders of the deathstar. Not to mention how the splendore of the 4 performing droids an intermission performed. To Infinity and Beyond

  39. Aaaaaawwww. Poor poor ‘working vacation’ guy staying at the Magnolia with his wifey paid for by his company and flights paid too. I hope he didn’t have to pick up the tab for any of his meals! I feel so baddy waddy his room didn’t get cleaned because the thoughtless, lazy cleaning crew had to stay home with their children because school was cancelled. Better they risk their lives on the icey roads or drive the terrible werrible shuttle for him, poor baby. North Dallas should learn their lesson and be much nicer to mamby pamby or he might say mean things about Jerry again.

  40. i don’t blame Dallas for not being prepared for a once in a century storm, but the lack of hospitality by the hotels and the people of Dallas is sickening. Everybody is complaining about that. Seems “Southern Hospitality” stops at the Dallas city limits. Nobody put forth the effort to help the tourists. Nobody said, “This is our first SB, and we will do our best.” NO. It was, “Oh, bad weather, I think I will stay home today. Screw those Yankees. Let them fend for themselves.”

    Road salt is cheap, and can be shipped in from other locals. They had a week’s warning and they did nothing. NOTHING. Shameful.

  41. It is absolutely amazing the number of so called “pro football experts” that not only post columns for PFT but also comment on here. Jerry Jones absolutely does some things that piss Cowboy fans off, but as a lifelong fan, I would rather have him as an owner than 90% of the other buffons that own teams. I bet if you asked fans of the Browns, Bengals, Cardinals, Jaguars, Panthers, just to name a few they would trade owners in a heartbeat. The truth is that the NFL, and NOT Jerry Jones controlled ALL aspects of the Super Bowl. As far as the weather is concerned, I hope that Miami’s next Super Bowl is struck by a tsunami, Katrina II hits New Orleans, and “The Big One” hits Pasadena and then let me hear all of you “so called” experts bitch about how these cities should have been more prepared. Like I stated earlier, Jerry has done some bonehead things like not hiring a GM, hiring Wade Phillips, and let Jimmy Johnson get away, but he has built the most spectactular sports facility in the world and was responsible for the largest TV contract in NFL history.

  42. Did someone seriously just post that it was Jerry Jone’s and Dallas’ fault because Christina Aguilera forgot the words to the National Anthem. Good grief people are idiots. So people are blaming Dallas for not being able to handle the worst winter storm to hit the area in 50 years. I am so glad it happened the week of the super bowl, Now maybe, just maybe you all will quit moving down to our state in record numbers. And one more thing, to the same fool who commented about the ‘refusal’ of the city to remove snow – that is simply a completely inaccurate, ignorant statement.

  43. It’s easy – there are four words that summarize the NFL and Cowboys Stadium’s efforts… you dropped the ball.

    Mr. Jones must have an ego the size of – well, Texas, to think this was a great Super Bowl experience for the fans… especially those ticket-holding fans they hid away to watch the game on a monitor.

  44. Jerry Jones and his Billionaire buddies had their seats, and that’s all that matters. Do you think they really give a sh*t about the “common” fans?

    Somebody go get JJ another drink, maybe he’ll sleep through the draft. “I dun need no shtinkin GM. Hell, I know Barry, an he use to shuck my “longhorn”, and so I’s mus no all things futball.”

    Goodnight Mr. Jones

  45. Don’t hate Dallas just because you hate the Cowboys. 95 percent of the time the weather is not an issue this time of year. As a Cowboys fan, I have plenty (as do a billion other fans) with Jerry Jones…but, this wasn’t his fault. Just because some online blogger for MSNBC doesn’t like that he can’t get a car to drive him 2 blocks to see his wife in another hotel, shouldn’t put a damper on the fact that a lot of people and even more hard work went into trying to make this a very memorable experience for NFL fans around the world. Dallas has plenty of good people just like any other city…so quit hating!

  46. The entire procedure for entering the stadium was also totally botched. They had multiple gates closed, no clear indicator of which gates were available to enter (including inconsistent answers from staff and inadequate visibility and walking space), a 1.5 hour delay in opening the stadium, and far too few screeners and security machines. From speaking with others in attendance, the average wait time seem to be 2-2.5 hours no matter what time you tried to enter. The outside staff also were incredibly rude (in contrast to the staff inside the stadium). It’s not as if they weren’t aware they would have to deal with 105k fans.

    Regarding the temporary seating, there’s simply no excuse for not having the inspection done at least one week in advance – they probably presumed they’d be able to bully the fire marshall with last minute pressure.

    The prior Superbowls I’ve attended (all post 9/11) have all been managed with outstanding efficiency whereas this was the worst organized major event I’ve ever seen. Other people who I spoke to who attended prior Superbowls seemed to have the same sentiment. The stadium itself also seemed designed without any regard for the average fan in terms of common areas.

    I don’t feel any of this is a reflection on the people of Dallas or North Texas, who were pleasant all week. Many of them also have very ambivalent feelings toward Jerry Jones and were embarrassed by the debacle.

  47. The seating fiasco was a pathetic, despicable mess. Though calling it the “biggest embarrassment” is flat out wrong. What about the rogue sheets of ice which plummeted off of Jerry World critically injuring 1 human being and sending many others to the hospital with minor injuries….. That easily could have killed innocent people. To call “ticketgate” the biggest embarrassment of the Superbowl just flaunts the NFL as a huge, greedy money-pit…… You are basically saying people who paid their hard earned money to billionaires for tickets are far more important than people who stood on the outskirts of the stadium earlier in the week while lethally sized sheets of ice poured off the dome onto their heads.

  48. Getting into the stadium was a nightmare. We entered the line at 130 and got to our seats at 400. No one directing. Angry crowd. No security. No bathroom. People were urinating in the line. They had only 3 security gates open to get thousands through. No one knew anything outside or inside. Getting out was almost worse. Thousands trying to exit over a small bridge was only way out the east exits! I’ve never seen such a discoordinated mess in my life.

  49. Mike, contrary to what most people say, you are right in your statement that the media (you) are in the best position to give the 80 million fans who were not there a picture of what the event was like. So thanks for the break down and to those who dont care, then dont click on this particular story!

    The good news Mike is that, if you have never been to INDY for a major sporting event, you are going to love it there. I went to the Final Four in 2006 and I’m goin g back again this year. I think they have it in 2011 as well. The reason is because they do a kick-ass job. They have a HUGE downtown with tons of high end resturants and shops, as well as a TON of quality hotels, including a large number of elite ones down town. Also, unlike in Dallas or Arizona or Jacksonville (to name a few), Indy’s large Convention Centers (plural) and numerous other inclosed venues are all located in the downtown area. And they all have inclosed walkways to and from one another. So once you get downtown, regardless of the weather, every event, resturaunt, and function is just a short inclosed and heated walk away.

    So your next Super Bowl event will be one to remember I’m guessing! And I look forward to you describing it to all of us who cant go and therefore need to experience it through someone elses eyes!

  50. If there is anyone out there who wonders why the cowboys are generally disliked outside of dallas, the statement by their owner absolving himself of any blame for the numerous fiascoes during sb week should help.

    He just doesn’t get it.

    Try this – “There were a lot of screw ups but I take responsibility. I apologize to all those who were affected by them and promise that we will do better next time.”

  51. mrhappy2000 – “the stadium itself also seemed designed without any regard for the average fan in terms of common areas.”

    Well said – From all I have read JJ doesn’t really have the interests of the “average fan” as one of his main concerns, and that’s a mistake because it is the “average fan” who buys most of the tickets.

  52. Only for a selfish ego maniacal guy like this is paying $800 for a seat, and coming half way across the country, to wait in line for hours to get put int he basement to watch the superbowl on TV a “minor inconvenience”

    The NFL should be instituting punishments in the millions of dollars against this team for this. Yet they are instead doing nothing to him. He allowed tickets to be sold to NFL fans (400 of them) and did not deliver. He tarnished the rep of the league.

    This horrendous error was a chance to the NFL to really show how it cared for the fans. They should have instantly paid their tickets plus all costs for accommodations, meals, flights, rentals, and PTO. AFTER that it should have been the free ticket and accommodations to next years super bowl. There should have been strong language against JJ and a huge fine for his utter failure to properly host the Super Bowl.

    Instead the NFL has judged their compensation of their VICTIMS by the level of outrage and done NOTHING to JJ and his horrible job of playing host to the NFLs fans. Yeah, I will not be spending a dime on the NFL next year.

  53. Does anyone know how this man got to where he is? Seems like evrything he gets his hands on goes for a crap. Must have inherited alot of money.

    This guy is just Al Davis with better duds.

  54. Okay, let’s see if this post will go through.

    The NFL controls the venue for the Super Bowl, not Jerry Jones. The NFL pays NO rent what so ever for the Super Bowl venue. The NFL gets ALL the gate revenue from the Super Bowl, not Jerry Jones. The NFL gets ALL the concession revenue, not Jerry Jones. The NFL gets ALL the merchandise revenue, not Jerry Jones. The NFL hires ALL the stadium security personnel, not Jerry Jones. The NFL controls ALL access to the Super Bowl venue, not Jerry Jones. The NFL controls which contractors can work on Super Bowl projects, not Jerry Jones. The New York based contractor who was hired by the NFL to do the temporary seating installation abandoned the job.

    Obviously, this was all Jerry Jones’ fault.

  55. Weather aside, I believe next years Super Bowl (if there is one) will go off very well. Indy has had multiple final fours, large conventions, Pan AM games, multiple world championships in different sports, the Brickyard 400 and the largest one day sporting event in the world every year in the Indy 500.

    Doesn’t matter how big your city is, you just need people who are willing to do the work and know what they are doing.

    Plus, even though I haven’t live there in 20 years, my guess is they still know how to remove snow and ice, unlike the Dallas folks.

  56. I was stationed at the Army’s Primary Flight School, Ft. Wolters, Texas. I had the misfortune of having to travel, in uniform, through Love Field in Dallas. It was the only, and I repeat, THE ONLY place I got jeered, called “Baby Killer” and spat at, during the Vn war. (That didn’t even happen in Oakland/S.F. when I shipped out, or returned)

    I think Roger Goodell is the perfect spokesman for the NFL, and Jerry Jones reflects all that is “Texas.”

  57. @oldcracker

    I wasn’t aware that Texas was the only place to protest the Viet Nam war over 40 years ago. I was around then and had some classmates who lost their lives over there, but that fact certainly slipped my memory. If you ever make it back to the DFW area, you might want to stop by the airport and help out many of the hundreds of volunteers who show up to welcome the troops home on a weekly basis.

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