Munchak may not bring back Heimerdinger


When Mike Munchak became the second head coach in Titans history, it was sensible to expect the rookie coach to try to retain as many members of the incumbent staff as possible. After all, Munchak has been on the same staff since the franchise moved from Houston, working extensively with all of Jeff Fisher’s old assistants.

Offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger was even passed up for the head coaching job in favor of Munchak, and still wants to stay on Munchak’s staff.

The feeling may not be mutual.

Munchak was asked specifically about Heimerdinger’s return at Monday’s introductory press conference, and was noncommittal. Keep in mind that the two have worked together for eight years.

“Right now, to me anything is open,” said Munchak. “To me, we’re starting fresh. It’s not the same old, same old. I think we come in, figure out what’s best for the Titans going forward, with what we have and just go from there.

Anything is possible.”

Munchak also may be bailing on linebackers coach Dave McGinnis, at one point considered the obvious successor to Chuck Cecil as defensive coordinator. Munchak is targeting Jerry Gray to call the Titans’ defensive plays.

It’s fair to wonder if Munchak has already begun ruffling feathers in Nashville.

And he’s been on the job less than a day.

11 responses to “Munchak may not bring back Heimerdinger

  1. Wow, I’m glad to see that he’s thinking outside the box. The Titans’ offense was so inept at times that they put tremendous pressure on the defense. They threw too much on first down, short gains on second (running CJ up the middle), then had a great number of third and long situations, which they hardly ever converted (and were horrible almost all season at converting on third down). The playcalling was rather shoddy at times as well, so I’m not against this move. Either way, I wish Heimerdinger a speedy recovery.

    So much for Munchack being a Fisher protege… hopefully.

  2. There’s always room on the Eagles defensive staff for ya.

    Best of health to Coach H, wherever you end up!!!!

  3. Heimerdinger won’t be Munchak’s OC. I know that Munchak was privately frustrated with the conservative play calling and Heimerdinger not wanting to take chances and open things up eventhough he would ask for Mike’s imput he would always stick to his vanilla play calling. Good Luck to Coach H!

  4. Looks like at least one or two of the Titans’ assistant coaches has an agent that’s buddies with PFT.

    (That’s the usual rule – when PFT is bizarrely critical of something, follow the agent trail.)

  5. I don’t think Heimerdinger can come back.

    When someone who reports to you gets promoted over you, that’s a tough situation.

    In my opinion, even if Munchak wanted to keep him, which it doesn’t look like he does, Heimerdinger should probably take a year off to focus on his health and then start fresh somewhere else.

  6. Just because he worked with them for x number of years does not mean he liked them. Now is his chance to get rid of anyone he didn’t like or who went against him now that he has “the juice”.

  7. What the hell it’s his team, let him pick his own staff. I wish Heimerdinger the best of health but sympathy shouldn’t guarantee you a job.

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