Nebraska’s Amukamara to participate in all Combine drills

Rob Rang of reports that Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara will participate in all possible drills at the NFL Scouting Combine later this month.

Amukamara is mimicking the approach taken by former college teammate Ndamukong Suh. At the time considered a shoo-in to be drafted first or second overall, Suh had even more to lose than Amukamara. Amukamara is currently viewed as a top-15 prospect.

As noted by Rang, Amukamara was burned by Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon for the majority of Blackmon’s five catches, 157 yards, and two touchdowns in the Cornhuskers’ October 23, 51-41 shootout win over the Cowboys. Amukamara’s effort has reportedly led to “rampant” questions about the cornerback’s “true long speed.”

At the same time, Rang passes along word that “some teams” prefer Amukamara to Patrick Peterson of LSU as a corner prospect.

The general feeling is that Peterson is the No. 1 draft-eligible cornerback, and Amukamara is No. 2. Colorado’s Jimmy Smith, profiled on PFT last Friday, is a good bet to be the third corner drafted this April.

In my mock draft for, Amukamara goes 11th overall to the Texans.

17 responses to “Nebraska’s Amukamara to participate in all Combine drills

  1. Silva I just read your mock draft and it’s absolutely horrible. The Broncos won’t take a corner at #2, they’ll take Bowers is Fairley. Cam Newton at #3? Are you kidding me? Newton would be lucky to be the 4th QB off the bord, let alone the 1st.

  2. ralph wilson and mike brown are stupid owners, I wouldnt see it as shocking if they took sCam Newton at #3 or #4

  3. “Gabbert not throwing at Combine raises red flag”?

    None of the top rated, top drafted, QBs I can recall threw at the Combine. I think it is the policy of his reps who have handled most #1 overall picks and #1 ranked QBs over the past decade.

  4. Hey Bob –

    Thanks for the opinion. I’ll try to do better next time.

    One thing I’m pretty confident about: Cam Newton will be one of the first two quarterbacks drafted this April.

  5. Burned by Blackmon?

    As I recall, the “big play”, Prince had fallen down, which wasn’t good, but didn’t Nebraska win that game? Did Blackmon do much the rest of the game? Who DIDN’T Blackmon beat throughout this year?

    Way to focus on what happens the least with Prince.

    I just find it ridiculous one of the top DB’s in the country, and all you mention is a WR that was able to get some fantastic yardage, despite his team losing that game.

    As far as where Prince sits on the rankings. How many people said Suh was the #2 DT. Yeah, great call… didn’t he just win D Rookie of the year, voted Pro Bowl starter, and the supposidly better DT was quiet till her got hurt.

  6. Him and Peterson will not be superstars in this league.

    Those guys had zero questions coming out of college.

    You don’t use a top ten pick on a corner who has concerns about speed. Period.

  7. Alright Silva, I’ll take that bet and personally apologize to you on here if Newton is one of the top two QB’s taken but I just don’t see it. Honestly I think Jake Locker is a better prospect than Newton. Of course I thought Jevan Snead was a good prospect (he would have been if he hadn’t gone back to school).

  8. I’d love to complain, Saliva, but you’ve got the Bucs having the choice of taking Kerrigan or Aldon Smith and I would love that.

    Colin Kaepernic at #25, many might laugh at you but that is the absolute ceiling of how high I believe he will be picked… I think he could go as late as #57 however… but I think he is a lock to go before the 40’s. Several people with highly respected opinions at a very reputable draft site, don’t like him at all… but seriously, how many guys have his tools and how many head coaches don’t think they are the ones to fix and develop a talented prospect (which is also why I believe Locker will still go in round 1).

    Anyway, I like it, not because I think it will happen, but because of what it would mean for my team.. the choice between two stud DEs that I fear may both be gone before they pick.

  9. vietnambob2473 says:
    Feb 7, 2011 5:07 PM
    Of course I thought Jevan Snead was a good prospect (he would have been if he hadn’t gone back to school).



    He didn’t go back to school. Snead came out as a junior and was widely criticized for it because he had a dreadful junior season.

  10. Evan,

    Draft was decent. Fairly I think will go #1, Bowers has some really bad tape. The Broncos should definitely take Peterson, CB is a huge need for them and they should pass on Bowers for the same reason as Carolina. I do think Cam will be a top 2 QB taken but I don’t see him coming off the board till the early teens. The Bills may go Von Miller then trade back into round 1 for Kapernick?

    Those are some random thoughts.

  11. You don’t use a top ten pick on a corner who has concerns about speed. Period.>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I guarantee Prince runs faster than Peterson. Prince is one of the three fastest Huskers on the entire team. This is inside info.

  12. Jake Locker is a joke. Cam Newton is a zillion times better. Only NFL execs think Locker is a good QB, he sucked in college….oh yea, being a great athlete is more important in college. IN the NFL, playing QB is like playing a board game.

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