PFT Live: Roethlisberger’s legacy tarnished?

In the second segment of today’s PFT Live, Tom Curran and Mike Florio say Ben Roethlisberger’s inability to lead the Steelers down the field on their final drive means he’ll have to wait to be included on the list of best quarterbacks ever.

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10 responses to “PFT Live: Roethlisberger’s legacy tarnished?

  1. Again, the media can say what they want about who they want and the fans are to believe EVERY WORD. Manning has been in more than 1 SB and has lost, to only win 1, Elway has been in more than 1 and lost, only to win 1. Marino made it to 1 and lost. Ben has been to 3 and lost his first yesterday so he’s in the same catagory as these QB’s. Maybe we should look at how your reporting stacks up to some of your counterparts.

  2. Oh heck, I’m surprised by the title of this post, even as a Packers fan. Tarnished? Even the greats don’t win every big game. (Some lose alot of them, aka Favre). Tarnished? That’s like suggesting that Ted Thompson should be fired because he doesn’t produce 7 pro bowlers out of 7 players drafted per year. Sheesh!

    Big Ben would be the first to say he didn’t play his A game for the Superbowl (actually, he did admit so), but heck, even with his C game he almost brought the Steelers back for a win, and to be honest, I feared they’d do it because of the resiliency of “Big Ben”. He is a great qb in his own right, in his own way. I can only hope Aaron Rodgers has as much success as Big Ben has had. Give him a break…

  3. Was Roethlisberger concussed on that massive hit from BJ Raji?

    If he was, that may very well account for his poor performance on the final drive and his inability to remember how many timeouts they had after the game.

    He is susceptible to concussions having had several in his NFL career. Last year he missed the Ravens game with concussion-like symptoms and he changed helmets this year.

  4. If Ben’s legacy is tarnished Peyton Manning never had one.

    Amazing how Ben can have a 2-1 SB record and he’s not elite, but Peyton can have a miserable 2006 post season when he won his lone ring and you media schmucks blow him.

  5. siggy00 says:
    Amazing how Ben can have a 2-1 SB record and he’s not elite, but Peyton can have a miserable 2006 post season when he won his lone ring and you media schmucks blow him.
    Roethlisberger has made three trips to the Super Bowl, and despite winning two rings, he clearly was a non-factor in two of the three games in which he played.

    That’s not what “elite” quarterbacks do.

    He doesn’t step up big on the biggest stage in football, and his failed final drive on Sunday is typical of his Super Bowl legacy.

    “Elite” quarterbacks win that game on that drive.

    You Steelers fans know this in your guts, and still defend him as one of the greatest ever. And that’s just ON the field, let’s not get into off of it.

  6. The problem is that prior to the game there was a media stampede to shift from years of disrespecting Ben’s game … to canonizing him as the best in the game and one of the best ever.

    There’s no sense in trying to get out ahead of the story. Let it play out and then report it.

  7. Who can respect Tom Curran as anything but a Patriot homer. He drops Robert Kraft and other Patriot names whenever he can. He will always protect Brady’s legacy whenever he can, which includes finding fault in other QBs who might challenge Brady as the NFL’s top QB. Just sayin’…

  8. @richm2256:
    so i guess you’re gonna say he got lucky or the defense won the SB against the cardinals? as i recall, he led an 80+ yd drive to WIN THE GAME. according to your logic, one needs to lead two GW drives in the SB to be considered elite? (by the way, WHO has EVER done that?) because what i’m reading leads me to assume that you somehow discount the game he had vs. Arizona.

  9. Yeah, he should be worried about this tarnishing his legacy, as opposed to raping a couple women.


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