Saints deny Sean Payton to Dallas rumors

During Sunday night’s game, rumors were rampant that Saints coach Sean Payton would be leaving the team to become the G.M. of the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys.

The rumors became so rampant that the team had to release a statement, through spokesman Greg Bensel (via WDSU-TV):  “Sean Payton is the coach of the New Orleans Saints.  He will not be going to the Dallas Cowboys in any capacity.”

The rumors apparently originated from talk that Payton is building a house in Dallas.  We did a little digging and that aspect of the story may indeed be true.  However, the notion that he’ll be leaving the Saints and working for the Cowboys as G.M. borders on laughable.

Likely fueling the rumors was the decision of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to decline opportunities to interview for two other head-coaching jobs in the past month.

19 responses to “Saints deny Sean Payton to Dallas rumors

  1. If Dallas doesn’t do great next season, look for them to go after Jeff Fisher in a big way as their next head coach…

  2. why would he leave to go to that mess??He’s got a chance to go back to the big game if he stays in New Orleans…

  3. yeah thats pretty much the equivalent of sean payton saying “goodbye cruel world” and engraving “sean was here” in the rafters as he kicks the chair out from underneath his football career.

    perhaps a little graphic, but dallas is borderline pathetic right now and no successful coach would leave their team to go be a GM under jerry.

  4. Why would anyone want to be the GM in Dallas where they are not allowed to make sound football & personnel decisions.

  5. It would be pretty shocking if he leaves to go to Dallas. I can’t imagine him leaving Brees because I think they have a good connection.

  6. Yeah, only in my dreams…

    Unless watching Pitt and GB really upset Jerry enough to give up his vise grip on the ‘boys!

    Nah… still only in my dreams…

  7. Maybe Sean Payton is waiting for Drew Brees’ contract to expire before he leaves for Dallas as GM to ensure he has his QB.

    Yeah right! Start another rumor.

    Sean Payton has a Jimmy Johnson persona and Jerry Jones will never give up the GM title.

    Why would Payton leave and take on that type of pressure? There’s not enough money in the world or in Jerry Jones’ pocket to translate into a move that makes any sense at all.

  8. He’d go for the $$$$$$, that’s why.

    Has New Orleans given him a contract extension since winning the Super Bowl?

  9. I sure hope this is true!! For those who don’t remember Payton was in Dallas before he left to go coach the Saints! Maybe Jerry is realizing he let a “Great Coach” slip away…..Now he is trying to get him back to run the show!!!

    Lets go Cowboys!

  10. In a desperate effort to stay relevant in the offseason, PFT has ramped up its rumormongering machine. Expect more outrageous headlines…

  11. Lets think on this for a micro second. Go from being as close to a deity as its possible to be in New Orleans to being Jerry Jones boot boy!!!

    Tough one that…

  12. If Dallas doesn’t do great next season, look for them to go after Jeff Fisher in a big way as their next head coach..

    They haven’t been to a Superbowl in 15 years yet you think it’s a good idea to hire a coach who never won a Superbowl in 16 years… Brilliant…

  13. GM duties for the Cowboys = liaison with the Dallas Fire Dept/ Fire Marshall. Jerrah handles football.

  14. Another in a long line of media created unsubstantiated rumors. Unbelievable, what do they teach you people in journalism class these days!!

  15. quittsburghsquealers says: Feb 7, 2011 8:48 AM

    If Dallas doesn’t do great next season, look for them to go after Jeff Fisher in a big way as their next head coach…
    Jeff Fisher is headed back to USC. Kiffin wont survive another bad year there. Fisher would be bound for Chicago as well if Lovie backspins again. Both He and Angelo will be out.

  16. What happened to that Saints/Vicodin story last year?
    One day it was everywhere…….
    Then Poof! Gone!

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