Troy Polamalu came up small in big game

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was the NFL’s defensive player of the year, but the NFL year ended with a bad game from Polamalu.

That was one of the things the people sitting around me on press row kept talking about during the game, and it’s one of the things members of the media are talking about today.

Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News writes of Polamalu, “his NFL Defensive Player of the Year award is tarnished today.”

Says Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, “For a defensive player of the year, Troy Polamalu had a miniscule impact on the 2010 playoffs for Pittsburgh.”

For his part, Polamalu seems to accept the criticism coming his way.

“When we give up this many points, and with the way we gave them up, fingers are going to be pointed at the secondary,” Polamalu said. “You can point them at me with the way I played.”

Although Polamalu said his Achilles’ tendon injury wasn’t bothering him, he acknowledged that he was a step slow.

“I had some opportunities to make plays,” he said. “But I was just a step off here or there.”

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  1. He may be a Hall of Famer, but Greg Jennings scored two TDs in his vicinity. He gambled on the second one and got pwned.

  2. The Steelers secondary shredded, and Polamalu was about 10 feet behind every Jordy Nelson or Greg Jennings big play or conversion.

    He was definitely hurt, when he can run he breaks those plays up instead of acting as the second tackler/last man back when its already too late.

  3. Troy is a great player, but his aggressive play sometimes gets exposed by Elite qbs. When they spread the ball around they make him pay for over committing. Brady has killed the Steelers and Troy. It is not a coincidence that the three times the Steelers made the Super Bowl, Brady has been injured or defeated before they played the Steelers. 05 Pats lost to Broncs in Division Game, 08 Brady tore ACL. This season they got knocked off by the Jets.

  4. —————————————————

    “I had some opportunities to make plays,” he (Polamula) said. “But I was just a step off here or there.”


    He must have been too worried about his hair…

  5. The steelers secondary sucked all game. Its not the packer receivers couldn’t get open, they just couldnt catch the balls.

  6. Yep, no doubt. Everyone, Polamalu included, realizes that Clay Matthews deserved the award. And he played like he had won it all night, and all of January as well.

  7. For every big play Troy P. made this season I remember a big play being given up in concert. He didn’t earn the DMvP. 2nd year in a row the wrong player won the DMvP.

    Btw, Steelers fans: you are so pathetic. In August, you all bemoaned Big Ben, your owners took a hard “stand” against him. But you tossed aside all your morals and sold your soul to the devil to try to win. Guess what you came up short and your QB is still a bad guy. 5 Super Bowl INTs. This guy has been riding a good team and defensive his entire career. He isnt very good and was bad on Sunday. Enjoy stewing in our pain all offseason. How about your arrogant team and your arrogant fanbase get some humble pie.

  8. No surprise here, the guy won the DPOY because of how much the media overhypes him. I would like to see his combined stats in all three playoff games- the guy was absolutely invisible. Of course, you could still make the case that he had a BETTER super bowl than the last one he was in, in which he had 0 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 FFs, 0 FRs, 0 INTs, 1 PD, 2 Tds allowed. As if we needed further proof that Ed Reed is the best safety in the league (easily). Reed has more playoff INTs than ANY active player and is two away from the ALL-TIME record. The problem is, he doesn’t play for the Steelers so he doesnt get VASTLY overrated like Polamalu.

  9. Polamalu has been hurt for a while. It’s so obvious when you watch him play that he can’t run well at all. Matthews still deserved the award he had a better year and he especially played better in the playoffs.

  10. I only recall his name being called once. He is getting some age on his body. He cashing in with H&S sponsorship, so retirement is on the horizon.

  11. While the Steelers Defense didn’t have a stellar game, their OFFENSE lost that Super Bowl in lack of production and turn overs.

  12. I’m not a steeler fan in fact I don’t like them but anybody who says polamalu is overrated seriously needs to watch a dam game when he’s healthy and shut up. He’s a great player if you don’t think so you are a hater plain and simple. Or you truely no nothing about football.

  13. He’s a great player near the line of scrimmage but Pittsburgh couldn’t have line up there against spread formations. Playing deep he’s just not as effective.

  14. All, the Defensive Player of the Year Award is a regular season award. A players post season performance means nothing to it. The players who win the award only care because it helps them get a bigger check as I am sure awards are incentives. Clay Matthews doesn’t really care he didn’t win it, only that he didn’t get the incentive. Fans care way more than the player.

  15. ny82jy says:
    Feb 7, 2011 9:00 AM
    I’m not a steeler fan in fact I don’t like them but anybody who says polamalu is overrated seriously needs to watch a dam game when he’s healthy and shut up. He’s a great player if you don’t think so you are a hater plain and simple. Or you truely no nothing about football.

    When he stays healthy for 5 minutes at some point in his career, we’ll get back to you.

  16. “Maybe they should of just given the award to Clay Matthews ”

    “Should of been Clay Mathews”

    I hate when people write “Should OF”. Should “Of” is nothing. It’s should HAVE.

  17. True, he had no impact on the game but he was hardly their worst DB, that would be William Gay. If the Packer’s WR’s would have held on to the ball, the press would have skewered the entire Stealer defense and rightfully so. The dropped balls kept the game closer than it ever should have been and Polamalu gets more of the blame because it was only a 6 pt game.

  18. Troy was asked to do what he is not great at. He was asked to take away the inside seam pass from the Packers. He did a sound job of that. He is at his best in the open field as a tackler and a blitzer, not at sustaining coverage. I understand why the Steelers used him the way they did, but you take him out of what he does best and no wonder he had a small game on a large stage.

  19. Media just kept on ignoring his terrible performance in the Baltimore playoff game ands has complete whiffs on tackle attemptS.

  20. The Steelers looked like they didn’t come to play last night.Seen no spark from them. Lucky for the Packers they played so flat.

  21. realitypolice says:
    Feb 7, 2011 9:08 AM
    ny82jy says:
    Feb 7, 2011 9:00 AM
    I’m not a steeler fan in fact I don’t like them but anybody who says polamalu is overrated seriously needs to watch a dam game when he’s healthy and shut up. He’s a great player if you don’t think so you are a hater plain and simple. Or you truely no nothing about football.

    When he stays healthy for 5 minutes at some point in his career, we’ll get back to you

    Like i care. Im not a fan. All im saying is the critisism is unfair towards him. So are you saying hes not a good player?

  22. I despise the Steelers but maybe this loss will be good for them; they seem to have a certain arrogance about them, and maybe losing the big game will make them hungrier for the next one.

  23. The new rules limiting cheap shots on defenseless players has really hampered his effectiveness.

  24. Troy is a great player & one of the class acts on the Steelers…but having watched a lot of Steelers games over the years, I frequently think to myself: man, I haven’t heard Polamalu’s name this game. He hasn’t done anything. Then WHAM! he makes some incredible game changing play. No doubt, teams alter how they play to account for him…something that both he & Ed Reed don’t get enough credit for….

    Problem is, when he doesn’t come up with that game changing play, he’s just another very good player. He’s not DPOY or HOF status. …and he’s definitely capable of giving up plays in the secondary. I agree that he’s better when roaming around the line of scrimmage.

    Harrison & Woodley make more plays & have more impact than Troy…partly because they don’t get hurt nearly as often.


  25. Mike Tomlin was a class act in the post game interview. He was the anti Rex Ryan giving credit to the pack and refusing to make excuses.

  26. I guess what this article is trying to say is that Polamalu wasn’t “head and shoulders above the rest”…



  27. If only the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders could have shown up for the Packers to get the chants in at the end of the game…….Steelers= OVERRATED! one more time……OVERRATED!

    There will always what if’s but it was evident that both teams had injured players on both sides of the ball. We lost Woodson, Shields (for a good portion of the game), Driver too.
    FACT: if the receivers hang onto the ball the score wouldn’t have been even this close 4+ drops- missed 2 more touchdowns. This comes after the score was already getting out of hand and before Woodson and Shields go down.

    No Palamalu, Where was Harrison knocking Rodgers out of the game, or Mendenhall tearing up our defense (Starks actually had a better rushing per attempt average), Did Woodley take advantage of the Rookie Bryan Bulaga???? Noooooooooooo Did James Farrior even play the game.

    With all the other horses missing from the Packers especially in the 2nd half…. it is clear that the Steelers were well over-rated. If Woodson stays healthy defense continues to eat up Steelers offense.

    Congrats to the 6th seed Green Bay Packers (15 on injured reserve) (2 key starters out after the half) taking down the Great Steel Curtain!!! No disrespect to the fan nation of the Steelers but this was our time to shine!!! Lombardi Trophy coming home to where it belongs!!!

  28. Should have became, should ‘ave, became should of.
    Just lazy Americans not wishing to learn proper grammar.
    Doesn’t matter. Pittsburgh can go cry now and not blame anyone but themselves. Buh Bye now losers.

  29. I know this, Polamalo didn’t throw two picks, nor did he fumble the ball. The guy was not full strength and there’s plenty of blame to share in Pittsburg.

  30. The halftime show was a full on assault to my eardrums. Who decided it was a good idea to let people perform live who clearly can not sing?

  31. Troy is a great player. Having said that,the packers defense outplayed the pittsburgh offense. HOW SWEET IT IS. Mathews and troy get the job done and do it with humilty and hard work. Would any one trade these guys for a Ray lewis. I dont think so . I just keep saying this SEE YOU NEXT YEAR BOYS !

  32. How about 3 turnovers and a half dozen penalties. Think that had any affect on the outcome??? Gimme a break…you win as a team and you lose as a team and Pitt took the day off yesterday, in fact, they looked like the Bears out there…they never showed up!

  33. I am a Polamalu fan. But I thought his injury had NOTHING to do with his no show yesterday. He made mental mistakes. Guessed wrong and got burned. His injury certainly did not prevent him from flying in to make a couple of decent tackles inthe game.

    I gotta admit. 3 SBs and Polamalu has not been a factor in any of them.

  34. Is this…if that, if this…if that. The bottom line is…the Packers beat a darn good team and looked good doing it. For every excuse being made as to how and why the Steelers “shoulda, coulda, woulda,” you can add in one dropped pass by Packer receivers that “shoulda, coulda, woulda,” put Rodgers into the stratosphere and blown this game wide open. Kudos to Pittsburgh for keeping it close…that’s what good teams do (when better teams win.)

  35. The Steeler D is clearly waning as a unit. Their linebackers are very good, but their D line is getting old, and their secondary is very, very suspect. Hope the Browns new coaches were watching closely because GB put on a clinic as to how the WCO can handle the vaunted Steeler D. Just think of what the score could have been had the Packers’ receivers caught the ball!!! I’m pretty sure Mike Holmgren is a very happy man today since he saw a game which was honestly and fairly referreed (unlike the joke in which his Seahawks were deprived of a fair shot in ’05) and also because this vindicates his switch to the WCO in Cleveland. With some luck, the Stillers will continue to age and the Browns may continue to get better to the point where they’ll handle this overrated D, too.

  36. Peter King is an idiot if he thinks Polumalu had a “miniscule” impact on the game. He had a huge impact. HE PLAYED LIKE CRAP!

    Call it like it is and don’t sugarcoat his terrible performance just because he is a Steeler.

  37. How does everyone just ignore the fact that William Gay is the worst db to possibly ever play a game. The man shouldn’t be allowed on practice squads. It’s actually embarrassing that they have kept him on the team for 3 years.

  38. The NFL really needs to make very clear that the AP’s awards are for the REGULAR SEASON. They need to establish separate awards – the more valuable awards – for the postseason. The playoffs are played at a higher gear and intensity. The REAL outstanding performers play on the biggest stage. IMHO, In the age of Madden simulations, they should also try and balance the voting of the subjective ’50 old fart country club’ with some unbiased computer rankings of performance.

  39. For anyone who has a clue about football, the Defense (or Polamalu for that matter) didn’t lose that game, the offense did. If they had turned the ball over just 2 times instead of 3, Steelers win.

    The Defense didn’t play great, but they played well enough to win. This game was about missed chances on the offense for Pittsburgh.

    So all you haters go ahead and keep hating, we love to hear your clueless rants 😉

  40. He should not have won the award, he missed too many games again. I like Troy and would love to have him on my team. he is just like Ed Reed, with high rewards come high risks. his play was off.

    More concerning was the lack of production of Harrison. Here is another team that can completely shut him down. With all the games he plays against the Ravens he has only ONE sack on Flacco. Suggs has 12+ on Ben. All Harrison is good for is blowing people up who already have been tackled.

    Pittsburgh’s secondary was weak and exposed all year, however only few teams took advantage of it. Neither the corners nor Clark or Palomalu look very good against a spread offense. Without a dropped pass in the end zone by the Bills the Steelers would not have even been in the SB.

  41. nothing worse than getting to the SB and losing…..great job Pittsburgh!…ha hahahhahahahahahahaha!

    and the looks on the faces of Hiney Ward, Coach Timid, and Tina Polamalu…..PRICELESS!

  42. ny82jy says:
    Feb 7, 2011 9:21 AM
    realitypolice says:
    Feb 7, 2011 9:08 AM
    ny82jy says:
    Feb 7, 2011 9:00 AM

    When he stays healthy for 5 minutes at some point in his career, we’ll get back to you

    Like i care. Im not a fan. All im saying is the critisism is unfair towards him. So are you saying hes not a good player?

    All I am saying is every time this guy has a bad game, 500 people jump on here to remind us all that he’s hurt.

    At this point in the season, everyone’s hurt.

    I don’t think it was his injured ankle that made him bite on that inside move on the winning touchdown.

    If you choose to step on the field, you are judged by your performance on that field.


  43. @babyben: If you want to engage in the ‘ WHAT IF’ game, the Pack had 4 critical dropped passes that arguably would have resulted in at least 2 additional TDs. Jones was streaking to the endzone with one of them. Many pundits agree that the game was a potential rout if the Pack receivers held onto the ball. The Pack stopped running the ball because of some critical drops. Rogers was pinpoint accurate most of the evening – even in the face of heavy pressure. I agree that the Steelers defense did not play badly given that they were up against a very hot QB who could place the ball wherever he wanted.

  44. The skills of a player of this caliber do not disintegrate five seconds before the Superbowl. The dude was obviously injured. Do you folks really believe that every injury is reported to PFT and the beat reporters of the NFL? “a step slow”? You think that was it?

  45. @mswravens – as a fellow Raven fan, I agree he is the class of the Steelers. But I do disagree. He is a HOF’r.

    To Steeler fans, stop complaining about the turnovers. The other team forced each one. They weren’t unfroced. You didn’t fumble a center snap or have a terrible unpressured overthrow that a centerfielder just caught. Green Bay earned those turnovers. Each one. And don’t blame one side of the ball or the other. It’s a team game. They all lost the game.

    Stop complaining. Just come in here and take your medicine. No excuses!

  46. I think it shows that sport writers too often vote with their hearts. Polamalu is a very popular guy because he’s such a good guy. That earns him votes he may not deserve.

  47. pervyharvin says: Feb 7, 2011 9:21 AM

    The Steelers looked like they didn’t come to play last night.Seen no spark from them. Lucky for the Packers they played so flat.


    Once again Viking fan chimes in with the normal Viking fan trash. Pathetic.

    Packers – 4 SB wins
    Vikings – 0 SB wins

    Too bad.

  48. Troy was obviously hurt and if there’s a goat in the secondary, it’s Gay, which probably comes as no surprise to any Steelers fan. The gameplan was set up to not utilize Troy in his typical, dynamic role. Being asked to be all over the field and do all things and then failing–that’s a problem. But that’s not what happened here. Barring red zone plays, Troy was generally help up top for most of the playoffs (including the SB), so we shouldn’t expect to see the kind of plays he’s known for. Rogers did a fantastic job of keeping the ball away from him, actually. He picked on McFadden and Gay, not Troy.

  49. Let be honest…Troy should not have been the defensive POY!!! steeler fans know it. Clay Mathews should have received that honor!!

    Stairway to Seven….what a joke! Hicks with Six!! CHOKE!

  50. its a shame how football fans lack ‘class’. Troy is a class act. He mentioned when he won it, he didn’t deserve it. Thats the media…

    It is what it is….

    Congrats to GB, they forced the fumble and pressured Big Ben into interceptions… without those 21 points though not sure how the game would have progressed.
    I feel the play calls by OC was lousy, we had a 3 and 2 and threw passes, though we ran good all game. and in the end… we needed only a 3 and 5 and 4 and 5 and instead of a quick five yard pass and step out of bounds.. they went for way much more… thats bad play calling on Bruce Arians…. Time for a change… time to quit this school yard football… hopefully its a wake up call for Steelers… I expect to see GB back most every year, I hope the Steelers will get to play them again (like the old Steelers-Dallas Cowboy games)

    It truly was a great game… I loved how we came back from the half time deficit… Congress should figure that out for the National Debt !

  51. First, congrats to Green Bay, great team that played well enough to win the game. The Steelers made too many mistakes, and didn’t cause any.

    As for Troy, no, he didn’t make any game-changing plays in the playoffs, which is a little surprising, but does not mean he is not a great player. One problem is that his surrounding DB cast is average at best. And Gay is a terrible pass defender that got picked on many times this season. The Steelers need to concentrate on DBs and OL in the draft.

  52. The Steelers were simply outplayed, outcoached, and outclassed in every facet of this game. Troy was just another small part of a horrible franchise who spouts nothing but self-serving horsesh!t about their titles, giving no credit to the little town north of them that has plenty more.

    Their wretched political shill of an owner did his best to keep Ed Sabol out of the HoF…glad to see him lose that, too.

    I can only hope the crazed and honorable fans will cease their worship of bad character players and bad coaching and call for some real change.

    Worst. Franchise. Ever.

  53. Huge Patriots fan here. Troy didn’t have his best game, but that dude is an absolute beast. The Packers just did some similar things that the Patriots do to the Steelers defense — mainly use their aggressiveness against them.

  54. @bunkmcnulty …

    We haven’t been making any excuses. We’ve been congratulating the Packers on their win. You’ve confused us with Ravens fans. If you’re looking for a whinefest, go to Baltimore. Sounds like they’re still crying over their meltdown in the divisional playoff. Maybe we’ll see how you guys handle a Super Bowl … if you ever make it back to one.

    @polamalu’sboyfriend …

    We congratulate the Packers on their win. It was a six-point game, jackass. The Steelers finished the season as the league’s silver medalist. It’s not fun to finish in second place, but it beats the heck out of being you. One idiot reporter tweeted a sentence about Dan Rooney and Ed Sabol, providing absolutely no corroborating information, and you take it and run with it. For the worst franchise ever, we still have six Lombardis in the trophy case. I don’t have to ask how many your team has because it’s fewer than six.

    Beside … if we were the worst franchise ever, you wouldn’t bother to name yourself after one of our players and troll our threads all the time, now would you? Your obsession is more of a testimony to the Steelers place in NFL lore than anything I can say. Keep trying to kick sand on the big boys, kid. We’ll just keep competing. 😆

  55. Hey Green Bay, great job yesterday. The best team won, that was clear. I guess all that nonsense about “Big “Ben” being in the discussion with Brady/Manning/Brees can end now. This guy has been in 3 Super Bowls and has sucked the tailpipe in two of them. Totally over rated as a passer, and the meat head scrambles and “extends” plays because he can’t get the ball out quickly enough in the first place. No, the molester is where he belongs, in the dust bin of history.
    Aaron Rodgers had an awesome game, and if his receivers could have held on to the passes that hit them in their hands he may have had a legendary game. Even so, he was a well deserved MVP of the game.

  56. @Deb. I agree with you that you have not been whining. As soon as I stop seeing comments that “we gave the game to them” then I will stop beating the drum on whining. I took my medicine and admited we were not up to the challenge when we lost. No excuses. Ben can’t play the “what ifs.” And you can read for yourself your brethern pointing fingers at the offense, the OC, play calling. Sometimes, the other guy just gets the better of you. Trust me, I know!

  57. The Steelers shouldnt have even made the playoffs!! If Steve Johnson doesnt drop that pass in Buffalo and if the refs dont hand them a TD instead of a game-ending fumble in Miami they are home watching the postseason.

    So consider yourselves lucky, Steeler fans, to have made this tainted journey to the Super Bowl. I’m just glad your luck finally ran out!!

    Every non-Pittsburgh fan

  58. An aside to Gerry Fraley …

    Would have thought you knew this, but the DPOY is awarded for regular season performance. So nothing that happens in the post-season tarnishes it.

    But you work for a supposedly legitimate newspaper that actually sent a reporter to a strip club to be on the lookout for football players. Your organization has forever forfeited the right to criticize anyone for tarnishing a profession … certainly a class act like Polamalu. Just sell the paper to Harvey Levin and be done with it.

  59. Deb – Stop saying WE in your posts. Maybe you congratulated GB for the win as I’m sure other Steeler fans have done but I’ve seen plenty of posts with excuses too.. If we didn’t have the turnovers we would have won, if Gay didn’t play we would have won, if our offensive line was healthy we would have won, Arians needs to be fired, etc, etc.

    The truth is if GB receivers didn’t drop easy passes the game wouldn’t have been close.

    Steeler posts and message boards don’t look any different in terms of whining and complaining than the other teams that didn’t win the SB.

  60. Deb says: Feb 7, 2011 12:28 PM

    “The Steelers finished the season as the league’s silver medalist. It’s not fun to finish in second place, but it beats the heck out of being you. ”

    LMAO… well played.

  61. @mrssmith …

    There’s no “maybe” about my posts. I’ve been congratulating Packers since last night–and had to fight to do it because my congrats kept getting deleted. I haven’t made any excuses. But PFT is the only site I visit, so I can’t address other Steelers message boards. If you’ll go to the first two PFT threads on the game last night, you’ll see plenty of Steelers fans posting congrats with no excuses. In fact, a couple of haters even posted begrudging admiration for our good sportsmanship.

    @bunkmcnulty …

    The only person I’ve seen whining is stairwayto7 who somehow manages to be first on the threads. He’s like the crazy third cousin who escaped from the home and embarrasses the hang out of you. I’m an Alabama fan, and he’s always on CFT ranting about the SEC. But I’ve seen a lot of gracious posts from Steelers fans. It’s a lil tough with so many nonPack fans taking shots. I fire at people who get on that rape nonsense. And no paper that sends reporters to stake out strip clubs should be talking about tarnishing a profession 🙄 Those aren’t the kind of investigative skills they taught me when I was working on my journalism degree 🙂

  62. Deb – didn’t say you made excuses..all I’m saying don’t try to represent the fanbase by saying WE…everyone fan base has the good sports, the whiners, the complainers and the horibble sports. Steelers are no different.

  63. Congrats to the Green Bay Packers whose game play last night was championship worthy. The Steelers held their fate in their own hands and came up short.

    Troy is one of the classiest human beings on the planet, let alone in the NFL. The DPOY award is for the regular season. Clay Matthews excelled in the post-season, Troy was the game-changer in many of our regular season games. NO controversy at all, just people who don’t understand the designation.

    I’ll look forward to the new Head & Shoulders commercials with Clay, and I’ll look forward to a healed and back-to-normal strength Troy to defend his DPOY title again next season (whenever that may be).

    Grow up haters.

  64. Now that the steelers lost, I guess everyone will come up with an excuse of why they lost. Let’s see: Troy was hurt……ect. Ray Rice27 ran right overhim in round two. Glad the packers won the Super Bowl. Personally, I think Clay Matthews was more deserving of the Defensive Player of The Year Aware. Not taking anyhting away from Troy, but thew truth spoke for itself in Sunday’s game.

  65. Anyone who uses the phrase, “For anyone who has a clue about football….” or something very similar and then proceeds to display their ignorance to demonstrate their biased point needs some lessons on debating without made to look like a fool on message boards.

  66. Matthews is good…real good and is going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time. Should he have been DMVP? Maybe – how may interceptions did he have? I think Troy was tied for #2 behind Woodson? How many QB’s look for him as opposed to how many look for #43 before the play is called? Taking nothing away from Matthews – I love watching him play, too. Does Troy get too much hype? Maybe – look at what he’s done for the Pitt defense over the years…. do you think Butkus was overhyped when he may have had an off year? C’mon guys – get real. They both had great season. One thing to remember on this subject “after the game” when all of us armchair QB’s are spouting off… had Pitt not given up 21 points off turnovers, this whole conversation would probably be moot.

  67. There’s an old saying that winners have about being satisfied with finishing in second place:

    “Second place just means you are in the first spot in the loser line”…


  68. Polalamu ain’t that great when he’s not jumping over the line and not getting called for encroachment, which happens every game. I’m really glad the Steelers have to eat crap for at least a year, cause they sure manage to blow themselves, I mean blow their own horn of course, constantly, especially when they come into someone else’s stadium. smoke a bone Steeler pinheads!!

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