Cardinals request permission to speak to three coordinator candidates


A radio report by Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 in Arizona says the Cardinals have settled on their next defensive coordinator and it will be Steelers secondary coach Ray Horton.

Another report from Arizona Republic writer Kent Somers suggests that it may be premature to say Butler has the job.  Somers writes that the Cardinals requested permission to speak with Horton,  Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler, and Packers linebackers coach Winston Moss.

Somers believes the Cardinals have not heard back whether they have permission to speak to any of the three of them.

(Jurecki, for his part, says the Steelers denied Arizona’s ability to speak to Butler.  Confused yet?)

For now, it only seems safe to predict that the Cardinals will hire a defensive coach that was just in the Super Bowl.

UPDATE: A Twitter page that appears to be from Butler’s son confirms the news the Steelers blocked Butler from speaking with the Cardinals.  Butler is considered the heir apparent to Dick LeBeau in Pittsburgh.

18 responses to “Cardinals request permission to speak to three coordinator candidates

  1. Doesn’t Wiz realize he can get coaches from other teams besides the Steelers? I’m sure there are a bunch of talented guys out there just waiting for the opportunity.

  2. LOL! The Cardinals are always trying to snag coaches and players from the Steelers.

    They can have Ray Horton. Plus, the Steelers should throw in William “Burnt Toast” Gay for free.

  3. The Cardinals–like the Broncos–need to improve their defense. The Cardinals–unlike the Broncos–also need a quarterback. The Cards and the Broncs should get together and work out a trade for Orton. Of all the QBs that might be available, Orton is probably the most accessible.

    Hopefully, the new Cards DC can make souffle out of the scrambled eggs that is currently the Cards’ defense.

  4. “hire and develop your own people, or don’t you know how?”

    Bill Cowher said the exact same thing to Barry Switzerrr, I mean, Mike Tomlin.

  5. hineswardcriesafterfumbling says: Feb 8, 2011 4:05 PM

    “Bill Cowher said the exact same thing to Barry Switzerrr, I mean, Mike Tomlin.”

    I read what you said three times, and I still can’t figure out what you were trying to say…

  6. The Steelers have the best coaches.If it were the Eagles they’d hire Russ Grimm to be the defensive coordinator.

  7. stampede101 says: Feb 8, 2011 4:16 PM

    “I thought you didn’t need permission to speak to coaches on another team if you’re promoting them…?”


    …to head coach.

  8. Moss has the best resume to stop all the west coast offenses in the nfc west. He should be the front runner

  9. Steelers have been in three Super Bowls in the past 7 years. It’s smart of the Cardinals to go hit up the talent where it is.

    Other than William gay, the Steelers secondary is pretty good, but would of preferred Butler for the DC job. I mean how long does a guy have to wait to get a promotion, C’mon man!!!!!! I’m pretty sure he is mad with the Steelers right now! Who doesn’t want a pay rise and a chance to shine to become the next head coach somewhere else?

    What is the guy suppose to do wait until Dick decides to retire (could be 3yrs from now) and take over after him, while he could have done that somewhere else and get some head coaching jobs if he does well.

  10. I read what you said three times, and I still can’t figure out what you were trying to say…
    I was implying that Mike Tomlin, much like Barry Switzer, won a Super Bowl will the talent groomed by a different head coach, Bill Cowher (Jimmy Johnson in Switzer’s case).

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