Cortez Kennedy: Hall of Fame process put a smile on my face

Much like Curtis Martin, Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy isn’t too upset over not making the Hall of Fame.

“How can I sit here and tell you I got ‘snubbed,’ or anything like that?” Kennedy told Clare Farnsworth of   “I’m not upset at all.  If nothing else, I got a couple nice articles written about me last week.”

Look for Kennedy to have even more articles written about him next year.  He noted that just making it to the last ten finalists for the second straight year was a great honor.

“I’m just honored, and I’m still dancing with it. The whole thing just put a smile on my face.”

Without a great first-ballot class on the books for next year, we’d be surprised if Kennedy isn’t part of the Hall of Fame class of 2012.

7 responses to “Cortez Kennedy: Hall of Fame process put a smile on my face

  1. And about time, Tez carried a ghod awful team for over a decade, through the worst ownership snafu in franchise history and through some of the worst coaching and drafting.
    Throughout he remained positive and happy while not attempting to bulldoze his way out of town.
    Had he played in SF or NY or Dallas he would have been a 1st year HOF’er almost without question.
    I cannot think of anyone more qualified to be in the HOF, bar none!

  2. I would like to see all the media people quit using – 1st ballot hall of famer as a way of talking about current players. Ever so evident when tim Brown talked about how upset his family was being they heard that phrase so many times during his career that they believed it. tim knows the difficultly of making the HOF and especially for WR’s.

  3. Classy guy, great player. I mean defensive POY on one of the worst teams I have ever seen is amazing in itself.

  4. Tez was a beast, virtually unblockable during his prime – and that’s actual unblockable. Not the hackneyed version of it like “shutdown corner.”

    Amazing thing about the guy is he really didn’t do much working out. He used to show up to the off-season conditioning program with a couple boxes of donuts and yell out “Roll Call,” before dropping them and leaving.

  5. If being named Defensive Player of the Year on a 2-12 team isn’t enough to get him in, the character and humility demonstrated in his response to still being on the outside-looking-in should be enough to seal the deal.

    Hopefully your projection of next year’s class of first timers holds true, and Tez finally gets the honor he so richly deserves.

  6. You said it tucknrolle.

    Speaking as a Hawk lifer, that team was worse than the 0-16 lions. That freaking Stan Gelbaugh to Louis Clark combo was deadly!! They never would have sniffed those whopping two wins without Tez that year. The guy pretty much played defense all by himself while the offense was either shut out or put up a field goal in half their games. Great to see a career Hawk getting some recognition and hopefully he gets in next year.

    Yes I believe that has to be the first time Stan Gelbaugh has ever been mentioned on this site.

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