Mike Heimerdinger out in Tennessee


We noted yesterday that new Titans coach Mike Munchak might not bring offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger back. Now it’s official.

Adam Schefter of ESPN and Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean are both reporting that Heimerdinger was fired today.

Heimerdinger toughed it out through a 2010 season in which he was diagnosed with cancer, and the Titans organization showed its support by, among other things, giving him a game ball after a win in December and nominating him for the Don Shula NFL Coach of the Year award in January.

But now Heimerdinger is out of a job, and Munchak will take the offense in a different direction.

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  1. In the words of the new head coach…. “I just don’t think a Munchak-Heimerdinger team will work. People will think we’re a city in Bavaria.”.

  2. Tough break for a guy who went through a lot. But seriously, if you’re taking over an organization that admittedly needs to change, how could you start by doing anything other than firing the offensive coordinator who couldn’t figure out how to get Randy Moss and Kenny Britt on the field at the same time because they “play the same position.” I feel bad for ‘Dinger, but this move had to be made.

  3. If Heimerdinger didn’t have to fight cancer, the job would have been his. I give Munchak 2 years, tops.

  4. did any of you watch the Titans press conference yesterday? Munchak was very impressive. I wish the titans would keep vince young and then young go off on Munchak. Munchak would pick up the punk young by his jersey and throw him out the stadium!

  5. They should keep him because he had cancer? Cancer is not a Get Out Of Unemployment Free card.

  6. This is far from cold. This is the best, most compassionate thing the organization could do for him.

    If they hadn’t fired him, he would have been faced with the choice of working under someone who previously had reported to him, which would have been a very uncomfortable situation, or quitting and forfeiting his salary this year.

    Now, since they fired him, he can take a year off and concentrate on his health while still being paid by team, and start off fresh somewhere else next year.

  7. Munchak looks like a jerk here, but he really could be doing a solid for Dinger. By firing Dinger, Dinger gets paid and can focus on his treatment without worrying about his job status..

  8. @jc1958coo: It is Chris Johnson, not Kris. Also, they have Kenny Britt at WR, Cook at TE and a solid FB. Their offensive line should be good enough to compete. The defense is pretty shoddy, but the team does have some talent. Do a little research before shooting your mouth off.

  9. I like Munchack already. Heimerdinger’s offenses weren’t that good, especially last year.

    Nonetheless, I wish nothing but the best for Heimerdinger and may he defeat cancer.

  10. I respect Heimerdinger and the way he continued to fight through his cancer and the way he continued to coach for his team. However, I disagree with the peope calling this a cold-blooded move. Why should the new head coach be forced to have an offensive coordinator whos style he does not agree with? If the man didnt have cancer, Titans fans would not have a problem with this firing. Lets not forget that Heimerdinger did not have a good year as far as playcalling was concerned. The playcalling was terrible even before he was diagnosed with cancer. Some people like to point out and say that Heimerdinger was the main reason for Chris Johnson’s success in the NFL, but those same people did not realize that Mike Munchak was the run game coordinator. People need to realize that the NFL is not some little job like Wal-Mart where if one of your workers comes down with an illness such as cancer, that firing would not even cross the mind of managers. This is the NFL where excuses are not valid when it comes down to the on field production. I know that may sound harsh, but thats how the NFL is structured. Mike Heimerdinger is a good coach, and everyone in Nashville wishes him and his family the best of luck.

  11. Nobody would say a single thing about Heimerdinger getting fired if he was 100% healthy. His system didn’t work for the Titans. It may work someplace else.

    By being fired, he gets to take the next year off and be paid while trying to focus on his cancer fight.

    Trying to do his job while battling cancer gives him less chance of beating it, since he won’t be able to rest as much as he can now that he is unemployed.

    A job might also alter his treatment schedules. Now that he is not working, he can devote much more time and energy to getting himself well…

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