NFL determining “next steps” in StarCaps saga

So where does the never-ending StarCaps case go from here?

After today’s ruling in favor of the NFL, even the league isn’t sure what they well do about the ruling yet.

“We are pleased that the Minnesota Court of Appeals, like all other federal and state courts to hear the matter, has unanimously upheld the structure and operation of the NFL’s collectively bargained Policy on Anabolic Steroids and Related Substances,” the NFL said in a statement Tuesday via spokesman Greg Aiello.

“Today’s opinion confirms that the testing program did not violate Minnesota state law and vindicates the policy and procedures of the program. We are in the process of reviewing the decision and determining our next steps,” the statement concludes.

Florio believes the case could wind up in the Minnesota Supreme Court.  We hope to get a viewpoint from the player’s side of things on PFT later Tuesday.

4 responses to “NFL determining “next steps” in StarCaps saga

  1. No one cares now — Fat Pat’s pretty much done and it’s not like a suspension will hurt the team’s prospects in 2011. All that mattered was that they kept playing in 2009.

  2. While they’re at it, the Minnesota Supreme Court should look into fining Napolean Bonaparte for his 1812 invasion of Russia, Moses, for not moving the Isrealites out of Egypt sooner, and the dinosaurs, for not planning for a possible meteor impact with the Earth more thoroughly.

  3. yup too late now it’s a non issue! goodell (a.k.a.) pinnochio should take a first round draft pick from the queens ! but suck @*S goodell works for wilf!!!

  4. If memory serves correct, the judge who made an earlier ruling against the NFL is a Vikings season ticket holder.

    As Steve Martin might have said, “Recuuuse me?”

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