Rams let Mike Karney know he’s being released

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With the regular season over, teams are allowed to release players once again.   There’s just not much point to releasing them with so much labor uncertainty looming over the league and no salary cap in place.

If anything, releasing a player now does the player a favor.   It lets other teams around the league know he’s available and gives him a chance to start seeking employment.

That’s apparently why the Rams have let fullback Mike Karney know he won’t be back with the team, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

New offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels doesn’t have much use for a true blocking fullback without great versatility, so the move has already been made.

“I hear my bro Karney was released,” Rams running back Steven Jackson wrote on Twitter.  “I’m bummed out about the news but that’s the business. He’s my true friend & not just a teammate.”

11 responses to “Rams let Mike Karney know he’s being released

  1. If weaver isnt healthy the eagles should take a look at this guy so shady can continue to destroy defenses. Schmitt got heart and good hands but he cant create the holes a fullback should

  2. thenewenglandpatriots12 says: Feb 8, 2011 10:16 PM

    You know your career is at an end when the Rams release you . . .
    You know you truly are a douche bag when you claim to be a Patriots fan…

  3. I remember when the Saints released this guy. It was the day before his wedding. Ouch!

    I can see him back in New Orleans, because Heath Evans has worn out his welcome. He talks way too much about in house business on ESPN.

  4. I guess I am missing something, but why aren’t more underperforming contracts hitting the street before the uncapped year ends?

    I can’t find that answer anywhere. Suppose I’m still holding out hope you talented fellas around here will come up with it for me at some point.

  5. @ rushbacker

    “So it begins”? Yes, the Rams will continue to make roster moves, as will every other team. By the way, I could’ve told you months ago they weren’t going to bring Karney back.

    It’s best not to talk about things you know nothing about.

  6. Preach, Ramcountry. I was about to say the same thing. Karney is a shell of the player he used to be. FB is a tough, tough position to play for a long period of time.

  7. Actually Karney used to be a good fullback back in New Orleans and I think he would be a good pickup for the Pats.

  8. good for him, now he doesn’t have to listen to that *ss h*le mc dumbsy! if he is so good why did he flop in denver! over rated on a level with cutler!!

  9. Another guy I wouldn’t mind seeing come over to Cincy, especially if we are going to re-emphasize the running game. Here’s hoping Brian Leonard puts in a good word for him.


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