Steelers have started contract talks with Ike Taylor

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor had good coverage on what I believe was the defining play of Super Bowl XLV: Aaron Rodgers’ third down dart to Greg Jennings on third-and-10 early in Green Bay’s final scoring drive.  Rodgers just made the perfect throw.

Taylor had good coverage on most plays this year, a comeback season in an up-and-down career.  The Steelers want to keep the excellent tackler around and have started contract extension talks, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

It would be a surprise to see a deal finished before the current CBA runs out.   Despite that, the Steelers are in relatively good position to survive a work stoppage because they have a veteran team that doesn’t use free agency to bolster the roster.

“I don’t think we’ll be sitting here saying we’re going to make a lot of changes,” Steelers President Art Rooney II said. “We’ll prepare for the draft and add some players here and there and be ready to go.”

15 responses to “Steelers have started contract talks with Ike Taylor

  1. They better, he’s the only one that has the speed to play CB. Everyone else is horrid. It would be nice to see Crezdon Butler or Keenan Lewis make the field.

  2. steelers didn’t get enough pressure on rodgers!
    all corners look bad if the QB has time! how does woodley get a franchise tag? didn’t make pro bowl

  3. “Solid player but that secondary may be the most overrated in the league.”

    Overrated by who??????????
    Everybody in the world know that if you’re gonna beat the steelers,,,,,, that’s how you gotta do it…..
    And the worst part is,,,, the steelers know how teams can beat them and they can’t/seldom stop it…

  4. Jeff Reed got the tag last year and he didn’t even finish out the year. Woodley has had a sack in every playoff game he’s ever played – – he should absolutely be the franchise tag.

    Taylor has to be signed – – there is no way that pre-draft the starting CBs would be McFadden and Gay. He’s always had a good relationship with the Rooneys – – it will get done.

  5. Ike has to be back.. People give him all kinds of crap, but they do not realize that Ryan Clark has to always cheat to McFadden and Gays’s side to compensate for their lack of coverage skills. This leaves Ike with no over-the-top help, except Polomalu (who plays closer to the box on most plays). Without that, a CB will give up a big play now and again. Ike’s biggest shortcomings are the two bricks at the end of his arms. The guy can’t catch anything, but he always seems to lead the league in passes defended/deflected. Get him a good cover corner on the other side and Ike will shine.

  6. I believe this….

    Our secondary is weak…think about who beat us…New Orleans…Baltimore…New England…Green Bay…All GOOD Qb’s. Unless we get presure on the QB from our big up front guys..they will “torch” us….case in point…


    We can make an average QB look good against our secondary…As I’ve said….any defensive player whose number starts with a 2..should be looked at hard….

    I’m a Steelers fan and I know how we lose…ya think the good teams with the good QB’s do too?

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