Super Bowl featured “angry” crowd

We’ve heard various complaints from readers who attended the Super Bowl — and whose tickets actually translated to seats in the stadium — that the line to get in the building was way too long and moved way too slowly.  It contributed to a surly mood among the masses.

“That was the angriest crowd I’ve ever been around,” Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News said during a Tuesday appearance on ProFootballTalk Live.

Taylor believes that the NFL shouldn’t have taken over the stadium and nudged the Cowboys to side.

“What a novel concept,” Taylor said.  “Listen to the people who do it all the time.”

The full segment with Taylor can be seen at the PFT Live home page.

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24 responses to “Super Bowl featured “angry” crowd

  1. I heard they had to close three entrys due to the ice
    Maybe if the cowboys had cleaned up the ice the lines would have been shorter
    And yes ice could have been safely removed prior to the start of the game but Jerry would have had to pay for that.
    He could have had his players do it as they did not work all season
    And are you saying the folks from the NFL were taking tickets and not the normal folks who work the gates at jerry world

  2. I agree – this part was ridiculous. There were no signs or event staff telling anyone how or where to get into the stadium, then once we figured out where to get in line, it took over 1-1/2 hours just to get up to the security screening.

    Then, once we got through security and inside the stadium itself, there were several choke points on our concourse where the crowd came to even more standstills. That may have been due to the temporary seating, but if that was the case, obviously no one took the crowd flow into consideration.

    And you always expect some lines at the restrooms and concessions, but if you add them to the time it took to get into the stadium and then to our seats, we ended up spending almost as much time in lines as we did watching the game itself.

    There were no fights that I saw, but definitely a lot of frustation and some tempers that flared. But for the most part, the crowd just took it out with “Jerry sucks” chants.

  3. How appropriate that with the NFL heading full steam into a lockout, they’ll have the stench of lawsuits and the ugly fallout from this debacle to chew on along with labor discord.

    If a lockout drags out and games are cancelled come September, the NFLwon’t be breaking any more ratings records for a long, long time.

  4. It just reaffirms what every fan in america knows…..The NFL isn’t about the regular guy, who, his team makes it to the Super Bowl, and wants to go, and spends for him alot of money to make a once in a lifetime experience happen…..No, it’s more important that Bush, Rice and whomeever the hell was in Jerry’s box, have a good time….The NFL, Godell, and everyone associated with it, no matter how much they spin doctor it, have shown, ( hell, they knew this a week ago) that the average fan doesn’t matter during the suoer bowl, just corporate greed…..

  5. “What a novel concept,” Taylor said. “Listen to the people who do it all the time.”

    I’m sure the NFL was at fault for not asking Jerry to shovel the roof also.
    Taylor is a Dallas newspaper writer…of course he won’t blame Jerry.

  6. @bigbluefan1

    Yes, the folks who normally take tickets were not doing it. The folks who normally work security and crowd control were not doing it. The people doing those jobs were hired by the NFL for the event. The NFL controls the venue. Additionally, the NFL gets the venue for free. It would have been the NFL’s responsibility to remove ice from the roof just as it was the NFL’s responsibility to install the temporary seating.

  7. Speaking of regular fans … did anyone else get sick of all the red carpet schtick in the pregame show? If I wanted to see a bunch of movie stars on the red carpet, I’d watch the Oscars. All the interviews with stars who didn’t even seem to know who was playing was just a reminder that it’s more about corporate tickets than regular fans.

    @jroneputt …

    I agree that the NFL is to blame, but since it’s only been two days and details about the league’s Super Bowl screwups are still emerging, it’s too soon to move on. The enumerable blunders of the Goodell regime may well kill the 2011 season. Perhaps if we keep talking about them, a lightbulb will finally go off over the heads of some powerful owners and something will be done before it’s too late.

  8. i heard that dallas got a D rating on preperation and accomidations!! sounds like someone is giving jerry a high grade! jones and goodell (a.k.a.) pinnochio are ruining this league!!

  9. I noticed that the crowd was terrible. The game was over, it was down to the wire, and I couldn’t hear any crowd noise. Maybe they were just pissed.

  10. I remember that Pete Rozell used to smile a lot. He had a lot of friends too. This guy Goodell always seems pissed or reserved as a general mood. The No Fun League, complete with the worship of hollywood losers and bums. The entertainment industry has taken over the game. Farewell.

  11. Seriously, give it a rest already. Had this happened at any other team’s stadium, this would have already blown over but since it happened to be the home of the (hated) Dallas Cowboys we have to hear about it all offseason.

    Every Super Bowl has an angry crowd. They’re called the fans of the losing team. Jackass.

  12. Or, the only people who could afford tickets to the game were spoiled rich people who yell “down in front” when you are up cheering for your team.

    If the “average” NFL fan was at this game, they would have used this extra time in line to down those last three beers they had in their pockets!

  13. 1bigtex

    I doubt that the NFL did not keep security and ticket takers that work there all year

    Why would they bring others in to do that its crazy

    Of course as your a cowscum fan you will defend your owner and your team to the death

    BTW do you recall the day Jerry opened his nightmare palace?

  14. Truth is, Jerry fell on his sword and took part of the blame…equal blame even…because he knows that he has to for any chance to host again.

  15. j0esixpack says:
    Feb 8, 2011 8:23 PM
    Dallas: The Altamont of Super Bowls.

    I’m surprised they didn’t contract out to the local Hell’s Angels.

    Sweet. First “Gimme Shelter” reference I’ve ever read on this site (and if you don’t know the movie “Gimme Shelter”, do yourself a favor and find out).

  16. Taylor believes that the NFL shouldn’t have taken over the stadium and nudged the Cowboys to side.

    But I thought it was JJ’s fault heh

  17. “The Altamont of Super Bowls” – Good stuff joesixpack! Yes – they should have just dropped the family friendly (lol) pretense and brought in the angels.

    I agree cliverush – it seems the interests of ordinary (and even the wealthier) fans are completely ignored by the modern nfl. You can bet none of the gates designated for the spoiled celebrities (most of whom apparently were texting for most of the game) were closed.

    indyeagle – if the”average fan” were there, they would have had to have called in riot squads.

  18. @bigbluefan1

    Everyone working at the stadium was hired for the event by the NFL. None of the Cowboy personnel were in charge. The NFL controlled the stadium access, the parking, everything. You are, of course, aware that the temporary seating problems were the fault of the New York contractor hired by the NFL who abandoned the job rather than finish what he commited to. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.

  19. JJT never been stuck in traffic? I’ve just gone one time to Cowboys Stadium, and it was traffic as hell, both getting in and out.

    I don’t know if he arrives six hours before kick-off, but it certainly took us about one hour from “Six Flags” to Cowboys Stadium, and its only about two miles. Outbound traffic was more due to Dallas infrastructure than anything about the Cowboys.

    Entrance to the stadium, not really a problem.

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