Talk builds of potential draft-day plunge for Ryan Mallett

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One month ago, we passed along a report from NFL Network’s Albert Breer stating that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett’s draft stock would be adversely affected by “off-field issues.”

Though we’ve yet to uncover any damning specifics aside from Mallett’s seemingly harmless 2009 arrest for public intoxication, Breer’s report appears to be backed up by Adam Caplan of

Caplan wrote on Twitter Tuesday night that Mallett is “almost certain” to drop out of the first round of April’s draft, even going so far as to say it “wouldn’t shock (Caplan) to see Mallett fall to the third (round).”  Similar to Breer, Caplan cites “baggage, and not the kind you carry” as the main reason for Mallett’s projected draft-day slip.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper recently removed Mallett from his Big Board of top-25 prospects.

Mallett has a cannon arm, ideal pocket passer build at 6-foot-6 and 238 pounds, and set Arkansas records for career passing yards, touchdowns, and 300-yard games. With roughly 11 weeks to go before the draft, however, the writing on the wall says Mallett won’t be among the first 32 players selected on April 28.

Adjust your mock draft accordingly.

48 responses to “Talk builds of potential draft-day plunge for Ryan Mallett

  1. I could care less about his off field concerns. Drinking in college is hardly a big deal. How about they focus on his play on the field? He will plunge in the draft because he’s not that accurate, he has no mobility, and he’s not very smart. I’ve heard from somewhere that they wouldn’t be surprised if he scored single digits on the Wonderlic. Anyone who likes Mallett has fallen in love with his size and arm strength, but as we know with some QBs in recent memory, that doesn’t always mean good things. Whoever drafts him in the first round is screwing up badly, cause it will definitely be a few years before he is ready to start

  2. ZERO shot this guy gets out of the first round.

    Lock it up!

    And if Jake Locker goes before Mallett, the General Manager of that team should be fired before the next selection is made.

  3. No one wants to come out and just say it: the kid is dumber than a box of hammers.

    And after being burned by other wonderlic water heads like Ryan Leaf, Vince Young, Jeff George, and Jamarcus Russell, I can see this short bus all star dropping on draft day.

  4. What’s the issue? The holier than thou mock draft guys needing to bump up their egos and bank accounts I guess, by wanting you to pay for the “I know something you don’t” info, by releasing tibits via twitter.

    Or maybe Mallet’s camp isn’t glad handing and greasing the wheels of Kiper’s (and others) hype machine as much as others.

  5. This is how teams like the Redskins, Bills, Titans, etc. screw up (constantly).

    They’ll take Locker instead of Mallett.

    Locker couldn’t hit a barn wall, if he was standing inside the barn!

  6. Goodness, Mallet must have a horrible skeleton in the closet. Did he kill dogs or molest college girls?

    No, that wouldn’t stop NFL teams from taking him. Perhaps he just sucks.

  7. Bengals in Rd 2. Mike Brown is already rubbing his hands together for another high talent bargain draft pick to ‘redeem’.

  8. He is also known as a poor leader. QB position is the most intangible-driven position in football. He will a bust in the NFL, count on it

  9. You can tell from his on-field demeanor he is a whiny douche and not a leader. He has a cannon and throws a nice deep ball, but his wind-up makes Byron Leftwich look like he has a quick release.
    He’s Dan McGwire 2.0

  10. These people keep taking about secret ‘off-field issues,’ but they won’t say what they are. What’s the point? If you won’t say what the issues are, don’t hint at them.

  11. I think more of his issue will be with his immobility, suspect accuracy, and alleged leadership issues.

    Also, realitypolice, Jamarcus Russell got a 24 on his WonderLic, so I don’t think that was the issue.

    Furthermore, what it has to do with playing QB in the NFL still hasn’t been explained to me since I’ve seen just as many 30+ guys flame out as the low end guys…not to mention that Marino and McNabb, two of the best quarterbacks of the last 25 years scored 13 and 12 respectively on the test.

  12. It only takes one team with a history of going after risky players (Oakland or Cincinnati) and he would be gone in the first round.

  13. NFL teams, esp over the past 5 years, have realized that “off field issues” can kill a team. Good for them. While they don’t need to be saints by ANY means, if your QB has no leadership potential, you will never ever win a championship.

  14. This crap always cracks me up. “Draft Experts” Usually people that real NFL scouts wouldnt let hold their coffee heating up the draft talk breaking these kids down for every little thing do ” Is Ryan Mallet a 7th rounder because he once drank vodka!!!!! Stay Tuned”

  15. What off the field issues exactly?
    Aside from a college kid getting drunk, he hasn’t
    done anything that’s known, and if it isn’t known
    it shouldn’t be said, cause then that makes it bull
    crap. Ryan Mallet goes 1st round easy. Real
    issues that should be talked about are his
    footwork, leadership ON THE FIELD, and his
    knack for getting injured.(could be based on
    horrible pass protection from 0-line) I bet on him being taken by a team that has a good veteran QB, so he can mature and learn how to be a leader. Cowboys passed on Randy Moss due to off the field issues..Turned out great huh

  16. The Wonderlic is highly overrated. If memory serves, Donovan McNabb also scores in the single digits.

    No, a QB with that size, a big arm and no mobility would remind me of one Dan McGwire. Anyone remember him?

  17. Got the next Big Ben ready in the shoot and NFL ready. Already gettin’ drunk, making it rain, feelin’ up college girls and crashin’ motorcycles. Another embarassing, redneck QB.

  18. dryzzt23 says:
    Feb 9, 2011 12:56 AM
    Heath Shuler – does that name ring a bell?

    Same thing – QB with huge arm but has zero brains

    And he went to a place where zero brains is the number one job requirement- Congress!

  19. 1. No way should Locker ever go before Mallett.
    2. If Mallett is there at the start of the 2nd round, no way the Panthers, Bills, Bengals, Cards, or 49ers ALL pass up on him.
    3. Draft analysts never mention the fact that it only takes 1 team to like a guy and to reach, or “take a chance” on him – e.g. Tim Tebow.
    4. If Mallett throws at the combine, someone will fall in love with his arm.

  20. As long as he doesn’t also fall down two flights of stairs, he will be a Bengal next year.

    I’m OK with Big Ben Jr on the Bengals. It doesn’t matter how smart he is as long as he understands when a woman says “No”.

  21. If the rumors are true and cocaine addiction is the off-the-field-issue here then he’s got bigger problems than getting drafted in the first round.

    Meanwhile, Silva continues to underwhelm with his cryptic, lost-child-at-an-amusement-park style of writing about what the possible reason for this slip could be.

  22. Bull. There are plenty of desperate that would take him in the first. Hopefully my Dolphins will land him. Then again, they are mentally handicapped enough to pass on him.

  23. Don’t know why my comment wasn’t posted, but I was saying that the Wonderlic isn’t entirely valuable.

    Dan Marino was reported as having a score of 16, while Benjamin Watson was reported to score a 48…

    Think about that for a second.

  24. Would be a total shock for him to drop out of round 2 (or really out of the top 40) unless he has a horrible combine/workouts/interviews. Of course my Bengals will overdraft Cam in round 1 probably so there’s no need to worry about us taking Mallett in round 2.

    I really hope Marvin shocks everyone and takes the kid out of TCU later – but that’s way too much to ask.


  25. Off-field issues are big in today’s NFL, but if he lands in the right situation, he should be fine.

    On pure talent alone, this kid is the best QB in the draft, easy.

    The good lord only made so many 6’6″* 240 lb men that can hurl the pigskin like Mallet.

    2 things: One – if a bad lockerroom team snaps him up, it could be terrible for him (looking at you, Cincy), and Two – he has all the talent in the world, but he needs to sit for at least a year and quicken his release, not to mention refine his delivery.

    * – At the recent College All Star special, Mallet looked closer to 6’8″.

  26. …and I know the kid from Auburn is huge as well, but he sure can’t throw the ball down the field with the same velocity and accuracy as Mallet.

  27. Mallett was really good in that game. Under a lot of pressure and still very accurate. His WRs kept dropping balls that night. Crazy that the Sugar Bowl was statistically his worst game all season, and his QB rating was still 110.36. He’s really good.

  28. Mallett character issues Hmmm!A publice intox for a college kid at the age of 21! Wheres the proof of any thing else or the witness! There’s not any! Newton, stole a laptop, caught cheating and taking money from a school! Wait and he won a heisman! HMM!

  29. Mallett character issues Hmmm! A public intox for a college kid at the age of 21! Where’s the proof of any thing else or the witness! There’s not any! Newton, stole a laptop, caught cheating and taking money from a school! Wait and he won a Heisman! HMM!

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