The Al Michaels trade, five years later

While rolling home from Dallas on Monday, I was trading e-mails with PFT Live producer Matt Casey, and we decided to roll the dice and ask NBC’s Al Michaels if he’d join the show.

We got lucky — he was available and he was interested, and little did we know that Monday was the five-year anniversary of his arrival at NBC.

The move from ESPN came in an intriguing way.  He was, in essence, “traded” to NBC for a variety of rights-related concessions and the inclusion of Oswald the Rabbit, a Mickey Mouse-style creation of Walt Disney who had been the property of Universal for decades.

There was far more to the deal than Oswald, but it ended up being a great deal for NBC.  But for a tweet from ESPN’s Bill Hofheimer, we wouldn’t have realized that it was the “wood” anniversary for the marriage between Al and NBC.

Here’s Al talking about — and finding out about — the fact that five years have passed since he joined NBC.

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15 responses to “The Al Michaels trade, five years later

  1. Michaels is still one of the best. I miss he and Madden calling games together. When this “trade” happened, I thought I’d never get over the absence of Madden-Summerall games, but the Michaels-Madden thing worked so well that I got over it very quickly. He even makes Cris Collinsworth somewhat bearable.

  2. I’ll definitely watch the interview after work and agree it was a great steal for NBC. Al Michaels — to me — is the classiest announcer behind a mic I have ever heard. Look forward to him being on the other side of the table.

  3. Oswald subesquently drifted out of the entertainment industy and settled down somewhere in the midwest with his wives and their 137 children. Lucky rabbit.

  4. Regrettably Oswald the Lucky Rabbit had to retire shortly after the deal. He stepped into a hunter’s trap and had to have all four of his feet amputated.

  5. I too like Al Michaels as an announcer, but couldnt PFT have found a better picture of him? It looks like it hurts him to smile.

  6. Thanks, Mike for no longer referring to your vehicle as a barely running, broken down VW microbus you drove back and forth to college. We have seen your face on enough broadcasts now to know that you can afford at least a Hyundai Elantra.

  7. Michaels has his ups and downs (level of interest in a game), but he’s definitely one of the best in my lifetime and a future broadcasting HOFer.

  8. I have to say Michaels is a ‘big bag of hot air’, and I guarantee the MUTE button is enabled before the broadcast….he’s even worse at Baseball, what a tool!

  9. Michaels has a great voice that has a certain presence. But that is where it begins and ends.

    Michaels is pretty much clueless as to what is going on during the game. For the most part its like he is not even watching the game. He does not know the rules. But this can be said about many if not most football announcers.

    What makes Micharls really bad is pushing his politic views during the football broadcast. Making one sided political jokes and pushing his own political agenda. The only other announcer I have seen do this is Joe Buck. But Buck does not do it near as much as Michaels. Michaels is classless.

  10. I make up my own mind, and did a long time ago with Michaels.

    He is classy and great. Just ask him. If he was any more full of himself, he’d be Joe Buck. In fact he and Joe Buck had a contest to see who could love himself more.

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