Whisenhunt downplays Fitzgerald’s role in picking quarterback

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is confirming the report that receiver Larry Fitzgerald is getting involved in the team’s search for a new quarterback — but downplaying any perception that Fitzgerald is the decider.

Larry is obviously not making the decisions,” Whisenhunt told the Arizona Republic. “There’s a lot of things that guys want that they don’t necessarily get. That’s why I have individual meetings with them to get their ideas. It would make sense to at least talk to some of your players.”

It certainly does make sense to talk to your players, but allowing players to get too involved in the process of choosing their teammates could create all kinds of headaches, and could undermine the authority of the coaches.

So it’s not surprising that Whisenhunt wants to make it clear that it’s not Fitzgerald’s decision who will be throwing him passes next season.

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  1. and Fitzgerald wasn’t excited about either Carson Palmer or Donovan McNabb so the meeting ended.

  2. Why is Arizona plagued by ineptitude?

    Even a fairly decent QB back would be huge – is that REALLY so hard?

    Kyle Orton would do wonders for this team. He plays at a pretty consistent level, and can hit a receiver in stride.

  3. What’s going on here is that Cardinals ownership is trying to find out if Fitz intends to re-sign at the end of next season. If they see that he does not want to extend his contract right now, they know he wants to leave, and will go ahead and trade him so that they can get something in return, rather than let him become a free agent and get nothing.

  4. Whoever this organization gets, it’s bound to be an uninspiring retread has been or over rated never was.

    Don’t forget- even getting Kurt Warner in 2005 wasn’t considered a very great move at the time.

    He was benched for Josh McCown for two games that year and later was benched on two separate occasions for Matt Leinart.

    So if I were a Cardinals fan, I wouldn’t be counting on some franchise changing move at the QB position.

  5. So basically you ran a story “suggesting” that Fitzgerald had something to say about it, then you run another where Whisenhunt says otherwise.
    Well, duh.

    Don’t you guys ever get tired of running articles that are complete works of fiction?
    Why are you always inventing news where none exists?

  6. How about anyone besides Max Hall or Derek Anderson.. Kolb would be the best fit.. McNabb and Palmer struggle too much on 3rd down and fourth quarter.. Ortin would be good too

  7. The level of debate on here is obsurd.

    In the last three years Arizona has won the NFC and been to the Super Bowl and played and won one of the best playoffs games in history.

    They let Matt L go because he was awful and hated by the team. Don’t forget, he couldn’t beat out Dan Orlosky in Houston.

    They can be critized for not having a better plan in place when Warner retired but how many teams loose a HoF QB and win the following year?

    Coach Whiz is the best coach in AZ in the modern era. He took over a team with no focus on the talent they have. Remember Warner was on the bench when Whiz arrived.

    He has had the guts to wait to hire a DC to get the right person. Keith Butler has been the LB coach in Pitt for 6 years and outside of Lebaue or Capers knows the zone blitz system better than anyone.

    The talent this team has on the D line and some upcoming talent at LB along with VonMiller at #5 this year will create a very solid defense again.

    A QB like Bulger who is accurate will bring to life what this team can do. Don’t forget Fitz beat his 2009 total in yards and catches this year, so he is still a beast with bad QB play.

    No chance McNabb is the QB in AZ. He lives a few houses away from Coach Whiz and he gets to see the McDonalds runs McNabb makes in the offseason.

  8. biggerballz says:
    Feb 8, 2011 8:28 AM
    Isn’t this the same moron who cut lienert a week before the season started. How does this guy still have a job? I hope he’s not the decider.

    Did Matt Leinart land a starting role anywhere else and set the world on fire? Just b/c he was a great QB at USC, doesn’t mean he can parlay that to the NFL (which he’s already proven he can’t). Man, I hate stupid people.

  9. Isn’t this the same moron who cut lienert a week before the season started. How does this guy still have a job? I hope he’s not the decider.

    I know. Lienerert had such a prolific year playing for….Uh, where did he carry his clipboard this year?

  10. I say either McNabb or Kolb will be coming to Arizona, although I really havent seen Kolb play that much. Heard bengals arent letting Palmer go anywhere.Maybe Vince Young too, or can always draft one.Dont see Max Hall becoming a starter,sorry.

  11. jfrogwi says:
    Feb 8, 2011 10:22 AM
    Flynn for Fitz straight up.


    Interesting logic but you then to you keep Jones and Nelson? Or trade one?

  12. McNabb will be cheap after he’s cut and no other team wants him. Kolb would be expensive because he’s worth it. I’m not sure the Eagles should let him go. Vick is too prone to injury and Kevin is very good. You’ll sign McNabb and get to watch him throw dirt-balls that even Fitz can’t catch.

  13. A big LOL to anyone who thinks Leinart is a starting caliber QB. Dude couldn’t even beat Derek Anderson or a rookie even after being in the system there for so long.

    Doesn’t really matter who they get at QB tho, their o-line is awful. Until they get a solid group in there their QB will always have issues.

  14. @Matt-NC

    Jones is a free agent. Nelson would stay the 4th receiver (Fitz/Jennings/Driver/Nelson). I could even see Swain gone if they can find a fifth WR in the draft that can actually return kicks.

    This will never happen anyway…but would be neat to see. The Packers have other holes to fill, but Fitz over Jones would clearly be an upgrade.

  15. Kyle Orton, Matt Flynn, Kevin Kolb or Marc Bulger (hey, Kurt Warner turned out good after the Rams).
    Hall and Skelton can develop under some of these QB’s. The Cardinals have to keep these two guy’s so they can have a Backup Plan, which they didn’t have when Warner left.

    Keep in mind that the Whiz (best coach in Cardinals History!!!!!) wanted the team (meaning Rod Graves aka GM/can’t pickup talent in FA) to pickup Marc Bulger, instead he went and got Anderson.

  16. If Fitz leaves (which I think he might) I hope he gets traded to a team that can get to the playoffs. Two first round picks and a 2nd rounder will do w/a player involved. That would be nice just don’t want to see the Cardinals give him away.

    Biggest Free Agent to hit the Market in 2012.
    A sad day for me and the entire Cardinal franchise if he leaves.

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