AFL has novel solution for preseason games

With the NFL pointing to fan discontent regarding a four-game preseason as the reason for cutting the preseason to two games — and also expanding the regular season to 18 — the folks at the Arena Football League have come up with an alternative response to the desire by fans to not pay full price for games that don’t count.

At least one AFL team will stage a preseason game featuring free admission.

The Tampa Bay Storm will host the Orlando Predators on March 3, and fans will be able to attend at no cost.

Of course, the NFL need not make such a dramatic cut in the prices for preseason tickets.  But no one want to pay NFL regular-season freight for the NFL preseason games, whether it’s one game, two games, four games, or six games.

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  1. As a season ticket holder I absolutely despise paying full price for what amounts to an exhibition game of has been’s and never will be’s. To me I don’t need an 18 game schedule (although I’m not opposed) but to be forced to pay full price for the preseason games is bordering on extortion.

    My group never goes to those games and tries (usually without success) to sell those tickets at half price. It shows the real market value of those seats is likely somewhere between 25-50% of regular season games. Certainly the NFL doesn’t need to make the games free, but pricing them appropriate to the real value would be a better deal for players and payers than an 18 game season.

  2. Is there really a difference in an AFL preseason game and a regular season game? I didn’t think so

  3. hmmmm. Yes, it would be nice to pay less for pre-season games. However, I’m pretty sure the teams would just RAISE the price of the regular season games to recoup any money lost in the preseason games. So in the end, we will be paying the same as a season ticket holder.

  4. I do not want to pay full price for preseason.

    But I tell you what… let me in for free and I’ll spend $50 on beer, chips and other crap.

  5. That could work well. It’s not like they’d go bankrupt giving away free seats. Here’s another thought. How about having the preseason games on neutral sites so that people without an NFL team could have the chance to attend a game.

  6. How about the Vikings “Novel” approach: in order to buy a premium game (Vikings vs. Packers) you must buy a preseason game. What a joke.

  7. Interesting. Given the rivalry between the Storm and the Predators, even a preseason game should be pretty tense. Can’t wait for the AFL season to kick off (and am hoping the AFL can get a New England team soon – I miss the Manchester Wolves and the New England Surge).

  8. The Packers have family night an intrasquad scrimmage that is 5 dollars or something.
    Years ago teams did play preseason games everywhere,
    In 1963 I was 5 years old watching the Packers play the Washington Redskins in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

  9. I’ve said this before: start counting the Preseason games as being worth 1/2 of a regular-season game, and use those 1/2’s towards the cumulative win-loss totals for determining playoffs. You’d get your 18-game season that way, and allow the preseason games to be worth at least something other than a chance to get a player injured.

    It’d be nice to price them accordingly, too: exactly half the cost of a regular-season game.

  10. To Freedomispopular, I think the Steelers once played a preseason game at WVU’s stadium (which is about an hour away from Pittsburgh). So, I think having these teams play at nearby major colleges does sound interesting.

    For example, Cleveland could play at the Horseshoe.

  11. Serr8d’s idea is an interesting one, but I would still oppose it. If we want to make the preseason games mean something, then maybe include it as a tiebreaker for playoff seeding or something (not the first one, but somewhere in there).

    I would like to see preseason games be half the price of regular season games. I think that’s the real issue with them. Having no NFL-E any more almost requires having a full preseason schedule.

    If teams want to play the games at someplace other than their home stadium, they should be free to do so.

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