Carson Palmer’s house is for sale

Quarterback Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati.  The Bengals have said they won’t trade him.  Palmer reportedly is willing to retire if he isn’t moved to a new team.

Regardless of how it all plays out, Palmer is taking the dance to the next level.  He’s selling his Cincinnati house.

According to Dennis Janson of WCPO, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Palmer will be putting his house on the market.  “He’s not coming back,” an unnamed real estate agent told Janson.

If that’s the case, the Bengals won’t just need an offensive coordinator from the UFL.  They’ll possibly need a quarterback from there, too.

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  1. Let’s see here….

    Cincy year-round on a perennially bad team, or…

    SoCal year round with $40M in the bank.

    See ya – Carson.

  2. Good for him. He’s a genuinely good guy and could be a great QB in a better system. Even as a Steelers fan, I wish him the best of luck in getting traded.

  3. Mike Brown won’t win this one. If a quarterback who is wanted by other teams, doesn’t want to be there the club really doesn’t have many options other than trading him or releasing him. You can’t force the quarterback to put in the extra time, you can’t force the quarterback to learn the plays and you can’t force the quarterback to lead. They need to cut their losses.

  4. Let him leave…
    I think they should get Vince Young! With those receivers… Owens, Ocho/Johnson and Shipley; with Benson in the backfield… Vince would make this an offensive powerhouse.

  5. Al Davis might pay him pretty well, if he can get off the Jason Campbell is the next Jim Plunkett crap he keeps spewing.

    In my opinion Jason Campbell is not even the beginning of a pimple on Jim Pluketts butt!

  6. Can’t he sell it to his 3rd string backup (and brother) Jordan Palmer?

    Oh wait–if he leaves you know his brother will be waived faster than Whitlock downing a plate of wings!

  7. Every team with a questionable QB situation lines up for the Carson Palmer sweepstakes. This is a major middle finger from Carson to Bengals fans even if he’s intending it for MB or the organization.
    Take the money and run I guess.

  8. Included on Mr. Palmer’s grounds are a large meadow and full-size barn, the broadside of which is in mint condition.

  9. I guess it’s time to move on Cincy… year will probably suck, but this was inevitably going to happen. The bad thing in your case, is that you really don’t have a solid replacement.

  10. kcjohnson2 says:
    Feb 9, 2011 1:53 PM

    Carson Palmer to the Minnesota Vikings.

    You heard it here first.

    The funny thing about all the “you heard it here first” guys is that, 98% of the time, they’re wrong. Someone should start keeping track on this. Not me- I’m way too lazy 🙂

    Btw, Good for Carson Palmer. Even if someone plays for the Bengals, they shouldn’t have to live anywhere near Cincinnasty. It’s a horrible, horrible ghetto, city-wide. Yes, I’ve been there.

  11. Carson bought a $4.4 million lot in Del Mar (San Diego) last December. Whether he is traded, or retires, you can’t blame him for wanting to move from Cincinnati to Del Mar.

  12. And in other news, in Palo Alto, Andrew Luck will petition the NCAA to stay in school two more years.

  13. I agree with the guy who says he will probably go to Seattle with Carroll. Probably a little backdoor whispering like Minnesota did with Favre when he was still a Packer. “hey come to are team the grass is greener in Seattle”
    Im just speculating though.What do Iknow

  14. Go trade carson for a 1st and 3rd or 2nd and third and then give the eagles those picks and we can send ya kevin kolb… Granted im a biased eagles fan but to me it makes sense , the bengals will keep their own picks and get a QB with a little experience , alot of potential and the eagles can trade those picks to move up and draft a impact defensive player

  15. There should be a mechanism where a player can sign a 1 year minimum salary (based on years of service) contract with a team of his choice. Said contract is not renegotiable (or extendable) prior to the 2nd day of the next season, but which allows the player to spurn 20million or more bucks from a franchise tag to play for a team he actually wants to play for, albeit for say 500,000 or whatever.
    A similar situation should be allowed if a player wants “out” of a situation he finds distressing (eg Hainsworth or Palmer ) except maybe that they can take the vet minimum for 2 years to play for anybody else, while giving up the sum of their original contract. Such contract would not be renewable/renegotiable for at least 2 seasons or the length of the current contract (which of course you are surrendering the pay for)

  16. upset at the media attention thats been given to palmer, chad who earlier failed to grab headlines by stating that he wishes to change his name from ochocinco back to johnson annouces that HE is the party that will purchase this house…and then will attempt to change the address to 85 Ochocinco Dr.

  17. i bet Arizona would give up something for him… bungals front office needs to come back to reality… start the rebuild NOW…they aren’t gonna compete with Ravens & Steelers as currently constructed & the clowns in cleveland are gonna get better with Holmgren…

  18. There is nothing he can do – he is under contract. If the team does not realease him or trade him – he cannot play for any other team, period. He could come back next year and just phone it in (like he has done the past few seasons) but he can’t play for anyone else. People here just don’t seem to understand Mikey Boy Brown – he is one hard headed bastard and will not back off his stance. While he (Mikey Boy) is one bone headed football guy, he is one hell of a business man – made over $60 million last year with a team that only won 4 games! That is all Mike cares about and does not want to set the precedent of players coming and giving into their demands. Carson, unless he has some sort of epiphany, is done in terms of a career – hope he really did bank all that money he says he did.

  19. @vahawker says:
    Feb 9, 2011 2:24 PM
    Keep It you are saying you can’t force the quarteback to do the job he is being paid millions to do ?

    “Force”? That is correct. This is America a free country. The job entails so much “extra” work and time and commitment.

  20. I don’t blame Palmer. He’s already set for life, why waste any more of it in Cincy. Brown better get a third round pick while the getting’s good.

  21. Mike Brown has never shied away from trading players, especially ones that don’t like playing for the Bengals. Plus, he’s never been the type to have ultimate loyalty to a quarterback, so I’m sure he is doing everything he can to work some sort of trade involving Palmer. I think the looming lock-out/strike is probably throwing a wrench into this, but I’m sure Brown will figure out a way to unload Carson, probably for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. He’ll keep Ocho, and he’s already re-signed Marvin and brought in Jay Gruden. Brown is sleeping well at night, I guarantee you that.

  22. Here is another typical Mike Brown story. He sticks to his guns wether it is best for the organization or not. Last year the Bungels could of received 2 first round picks for Ochosucko but he refused to trade him. Now, he is going to lose Palmer one way or another, mine as well get something in return. No wonder the Bungels have been so god awful for so long…

  23. Good, sounds like he really plans to go through with his threats and I am one Bengal fan that won’t mind seeing him leave. He was a stud in 05, good in 06, but has been terrible from 07 to now. Thanks for the one good year Carson (05), but it’s time for both parties to move on.

    For all the fans of other teams being excited about the potential to have Carson next season, you will regret trading for him by this time next year. He constantly makes terrible decisions, and is constantly over/under throwing his WRs.

  24. I’d take Carson Palmer in Miami, he’s an upgrade over Chad Henne. Plus he should be able to deliver the ball to Brandon Marshall and crew without as many costly INT’s.

  25. kcjohnson2 says: “Carson Palmer to the Minnesota Vikings.”

    Would that this were even remotely possible. While Palmer is clearly going to have to buy a ticket to get into the Hall of Fame like the rest of us, he is a very good quarterback — which makes him 10 times better than any prospect the Vikings have for next year.

    Unfortunately, a) the Bengals have already demonstrated that they won’t trade a player simply because he wants out, and b) the Vikings don’t really have much that they can afford to give up to get Palmer. Anybody on that roster that’s expendable isn’t going to interest the Bengals, and anybody who isn’t, well . . . isn’t

  26. he wants out, then let him retire. he can’t play again until after 2014. He can then proceed to overthrow, under throw or throw to the wrong team. He hasn’t been the same since he refused tommy john surgery, the strength and accuracy just aren’t there and the leadership never has been there. I would like to see the bengals be relevant again, but Paul Brown isn’t coming back.

  27. “Go trade carson for a 1st and 3rd or 2nd and third and then give the eagles those picks and we can send ya kevin kolb…”

    Why would you get anything more than a single 3 or 4 for Kolb? He hasn’t shown that he’s anything special.

  28. gonzolo4 says: Feb 9, 2011 4:05 PM

    I’d take Carson Palmer in Miami, he’s an upgrade over Chad Henne. Plus he should be able to deliver the ball to Brandon Marshall and crew without as many costly INT’s.


    Costly interceptions…? You mean like when the Bengals were beating the Buccs, and with less than two minutes in the game Carson threw two interceptions and pretty much single handedly lost the game?

  29. I’ll say this again. No one will trade for Palmer. He’s under contract until 2014 at a price of over $10 million a year. No franchise is going to pick that contract up considering the way he’s played in recent years.

    He’ll either have to retire or take a pay cut to get out of Cincy. The way it is right now, Brown couldn’t trade him even if he wanted to.

  30. I say Carson stays 1 more year. As an Ohio Realtor, I can tell you that house isnt selling anytime soon. Average days on the market in that price range is well over 300 days at this time, unless he gives it away. The guy just hasnt been the same since 05. I would love to get a QB that shows some emotion and has better leadership skills.. Any good west coast offense QBs available?

  31. silverandblack666 says: Feb 9, 2011 2:20 PM

    Al Davis might pay him pretty well, if he can get off the Jason Campbell is the next Jim Plunkett crap he keeps spewing.

    In my opinion Jason Campbell is not even the beginning of a pimple on Jim Pluketts butt!

    Well said…..

  32. It sucks being a Bengals fan. The one thing that must change is the one thing that WILL NOT change. It’s like ’til death do us part and divorce is not an option. Like Meatloaf says, “And now I’m praying for the end of time– to hurry up and arrive– cause if I spend another minute with you…. I could never wish someone to die, but I can’t help myself sometimes wondering how old Mike Brown is. Forgive me, Lord.

  33. Please stop the Vince Young for Carson Palmer talk just on the one in ten thousand chance it could happen. It would be more than I could take as a Bungles fan. Akili Smith 2.0. Way too thin skinned to be a Bungle…

  34. I would trade him to Buffalo. move him further east into a colder climate and another bad organization. Get my picks, make still have to choose, and move on. There are 32 positions like his in the world. Somebody gave him 119 million to act like this? lol, think for just one minute, on how much crap you would be willing to take for that kind of money over 6 or 7 years. I would be willing to do some pretty lowly things for that kind of bread. Money might not buy me a reputation, but it will buy me a plane ticket out of this town.

  35. I am going to laugh at all you clowns talking trash about the Bengals and Carson.

    Both will be back together next year and kicking some serious tail.

    People want to bully our fans around and trick them into just accepting that Carson isn’t that great and he should be traded. Listen up Bengal fans, if there is even any on this thread, don’t believe the hogwash.

    These fans on this thread are Steelers, Cowboys, Seahawks and Niner nutjobs that are just hoping that they can get an elite QB like Carson on the cheap. DONT BE FOOLED.

    The Bengals will be a team on a mission in 2011, mark my words you haters.

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