Flozell unsure about future

The Steelers all wore Jerome Bettis’ jersey on their way down to Detroit in 2006, and then the Bus retired after the game.

The Steelers offensive line all wore Flozell Adams’ jersey on their way down to Dallas last week, and there was some thought Adams would retire after the game if the Steelers won.

In the moments after a crushing defeat, Adams wasn’t sure what he would do next season.

“This game just finished so we will worry about next year when the time comes,” he said via the Beaver County Times.

Adams is due $5 million next year after making $2.5 million in 2010.  There’s almost no chance the Steelers will pay Adams that money, but he showed in 2010 he still had some gas left in the tank.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said during the week Adams was as consistent as any lineman on the team and they don’t know what they would have done without him.

If Adams is comfortable in a “swing tackle” type role, he should have the option to make another run at a title next season.

25 responses to “Flozell unsure about future

  1. Holy Crap, who really cares

    Ike, Flozell, secondary coach, Hines…doesn’t really matter. Will there be a report every day on the Steelers free agents

    They LOST the Superbowl, in fact they looked awful doing so. They are no longer worthy of this stir the pot crap

    If I knew the jersey story I would buy a Ben the Rapist Jersey and wear it every day hoping he would retire.

  2. supashug says: Feb 9, 2011 1:30 PM

    “If I knew the jersey story I would buy a Ben the Rapist Jersey and wear it every day hoping he would retire.”

    And by doing so, boy …you would have really showed him.

  3. @ supashug
    they lost by 6 points against a great team, how doea that equate to awfulness? Don’t let your longheld jealousy cloud your ability to for logical thoughts.

  4. Quoting Supashug

    If I knew the jersey story I would buy a Ben the Rapist Jersey and wear it every day hoping he would retire


    You may want to make that a Mark Sanchez Jersey…

    Q: What goes into 17 twice..?

    A: Mark Sanchez..

  5. I initially didnt like the signing bc I assumed he was fat, out of shape, and well past his prime.

    Surprisingly, he proved to be quite servicable on an OL that was devastated by injuries all year.

    I hope he sticks around 1 more year so that the Steelers can focus on targeting a shut down CB early, and wait till the later rounds to find OL depth

  6. he better stay at pittsburg, they are the only team that the refs allow big fat slow o-lineman that get beat to grab hold and pull d players to the ground.

  7. they should have lost by 30, they looked like crap in the first half..is that better. I wonder what Tomlin is having for lunch.

    Green Bay kicked ass and will do it again next year

  8. Adams improved over the season, but he’s slowed enough over a long career speed rusher blow past him easily…retire big guy.

  9. Everyone trying to talk crap, ask yourself where your team was on Feb. 6. Ask yourself whether you honestly believe your team would have come back from 18 down in the first quarter and still made a damn good ball game out of it that came all the way down to the final 2 minutes.

    John Elway and the Broncos lost THREE Superbowls. The Patriots and the Colts have lost Superbowls. Fact is, when you MAKE IT WITH REGULARITY, you’re going to lose at least once or twice. It makes great teams even better because it let’s them know they are human and reminds them how bad it hurts to lose that game. They think about that loss on every snap thereafter.

    So continue to talk and say this was our death knell. Ben Roethlisberger would never win a SB because he wasn’t as good as Tom Brady in Manning in 05. We were dead after the 07 season. We had no chance to win our division or make the playoffs at the start of this season.

    How many times are you morons going to continue to be wrong?

  10. @supashug … No doubt the Steelers did not play a great game. For that pronouncement, does that make you a genius? Hardly.

    But let me tell you this … they gave up 3 turnovers in the biggest game of the year (which, by the way only TWO teams reached) and yet still had a chance to win it in the final two minutes. That speaks volumes of a team that was playing sub-par against a great team.

    I wasn’t satisfied with the end result, but I’m not even close to burying that team. Not by a long shot.


  11. steelers fans are testy.

    you can almost feel it in the air tonight…

    sticking by the fact that they played like crap, didn’t say they were a bad team this year, in fact they had an awesome year, but until the second half I still think they looked awful

    also sticking by the fact that PFT has written more garbage about them in the past week then any NFL team especially the Packers. Flo Adams…really, Hines is a bit depressed???

    also standing by the Packers to repeat, name a better option.

    come on man

    Go Packers

  12. His future will be like his past false starts holding and cheap shots after the play is over and the player has his back turned

    Blowzell sucks

  13. @Supashug

    I would pick the Steelers in a rematch, hands down. Ben made 2 dumb mistakes. Aside from that, we held Green Bay in check offensively for the most part and were running the ball down their throats. Take away just ONE turnover and we win.

    After that game, I would pick the Steelers over the Packers in any rematch, on any day.

  14. Censored again. They just love me at PFT. And just look at all the obscenities in this post. You can understand why they wanted to protect you guys from seeing this:

    Aw, supashug, you sweet thing, you! It’s Wednesday and you’re still making my week. Seeing how bitter you are over our being only six points from #7 despite three turnovers just warms my heart. Can only imagine what next year will bring. Keep barking, baby. If your team had any bite, you wouldn’t bother with all the hate 😆

  15. If I actually felt the need to employ Thought Police to keep people from reading harmless posts like that and congratulations to opposing teams after a Super Bowl loss, I would slink away and die in shame. And I’m glad I was never a wet-behind-the-ears kid who felt like somethin’ somethin’ for deleting people’s blog posts for no discernible reason just because I could. Don’t know what field you kids hope to grow up and go into, but if it’s journalism, God help us all.

  16. @supashug … Steelers fans aren’t testy, but maybe one Packers fan (ahem) is just feeling a little full of himself.

    Steelers should have lost by 30? Wow, dude, where did that come from?

    They aren’t worthy of the amount of stories they get on here? Umm, maybe that’s because they are one of the most popular teams (either loved or hated on) and that’s why PFT constantly writes anything that includes “Steelers” in it.

    That being said, while I would not say the Steelers are better than the Packers I’m not going to say the Packers are a lock to repeat either. I did congratulate them on a well-deserved win, but I wuld never say if the teams played 10 times the Pack would win more than the Steelers. I have no doubt you would disagree.

    One game doesn’t make a season – it does decide the Super Bowl – but doesn’t make a season. You root for your team and let us root for ours. Enjoy your off-season.

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