Shaun Rogers among six Browns cuts


The Browns have started to whittle down their offseason roster, with one big name headlining the list of cuts.

Zac Jackson of FOXSports Ohio reports that defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is among five Browns to be notified they are being released.  Also on the cut list: linebacker Eric Barton, linebacker David Bowens, tight end Robert Royal, and tackle John St. Clair.

(UPDATE: The Browns have since confirmed the cuts.)

The final four names on the list are no surprise.  They are “Mangini guys” and their production no longer matched their salary.  Bowens and Barton may not have fit in the team’s new defense.

Rogers’ release is more notable.  The Browns clearly believed he was no longer worth his $5.5 million salary, and they are probably right considering his lack of playing time and shaky health in 2010.

With that said, Rogers is “only” turning 32 years old this year and can by a truly dynamic player when motivated.   It will be interesting to see if teams show interest in signing him this month before a possible work stoppage.

(UPDATE II: The Browns also cut defensive lineman Kenyon Coleman.)

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  1. With that said, Rogers is “only” turning 32 years old this year and can by a truly dynamic player when motivated.
    If 5.5 million a year isn’t motivation enough….What is?

  2. Time to bring Rogers to the Cowboys….. they need a 350 DT in the middle…. a BJ Raji type… Move Ratliff 298 lbs to DE… and it’s on…. Bring Bowens too

  3. Any verdict yet on if there’s 2011 cap consequence on moves like this?

    Guess I’ll just keep asking. I have all the confidence you guys will come up with that answer at some point.

  4. Craig Adams says:
    Feb 9, 2011 6:08 PM

    The almost Valentines Day Massacre. Browns are starting over…again.

    Well what would you do then? Start over, or keep a bunch of dead weight that drags down the team’s play?

    Shaun Rogers has been good for one thing over the last couple years- blocking FGs. I don’t know how his fat ass gets up high enough to do it, but he does it. Unfortunately, for every other duty a DT is responsible for, his back up- Ahtyba Rubin, is better, period.

    Browns fans have wanted to vomit over John St. Clair for YEARS. That guy sucks harder than the suckiest suck has ever sucked. I have no idea how this total chump is even in the NFL. At 44 years old, 5’10” and 225, I think *I* could play the right side of the line better. Good riddance to St.Clair. We’ve all been screaming for it for years.

    Robert Royal? Thank God. Now he can go drop passes somewhere else.

    Barton sucks, too. One good clutch play about every 3rd or 4th game. Other than that, nothing.

    Pretty much the same for Bowens but, if there’s any of these guys I’d keep (forced at gunpoint, of course) it would be him. yeah, even more than Big Baby.

    These are all good cuts.

  5. Cincinnati tried to get him from Detroit but was trumped on by Cleveland. I’d look for them to be highly interested considering his price tag will be a lot cheaper now.

  6. Rodgers was a part time cancer. If anyone thinks they can get to him good luck. Bowens and Barton were good locker room guys at best but with Fajita and DQ coming back they were expendable. St. Clair was Mr Oley the matador. And Robert Royal couldn’t catch a cold naked in a Cleveland winter. The only one they should of taken a look at was Colman he had a decent year. Oh well thanks for stealing my hard earned money. On with the draft.

  7. He’ll be back in Detroit after the CBA. He loves Detroit and would be a great bargain for the Lions……Imagine having Suh, Williams, & Rogers as your DT rotation.

  8. cincinnasti says: Feb 9, 2011 6:36 PM

    Cincinnati tried to get him from Detroit but was trumped on by Cleveland. I’d look for them to be highly interested considering his price tag will be a lot cheaper now.


    On top of what I already said here his rap sheet is longer now too.. Already interested, longer rap sheet, and he’s cheaper now. Tell me this isn’t right up Mike Browns alley?

  9. Shaun “Sheriff Lobo” Rogers will be lucky if he can get a gig in WWE. Coleman, Barton and Bowens were pourous at best on defense. St. Clair was more of a decoration than anything else at right tackle. Robert Royal almost stole the nickname, “the man with the hands of stone” from Roberto Duran with his tenure in Cleveland. Let’s hope they don’t replace these stiffs with even stiffer stiffs when there is a CBA.

  10. As a Browns fan it pains me to say that Eric Mangini was completely right about Shaun Rogers from the beginning. That doesn’t make up for the 1,314 other mistakes he made though.

    You are welcome Green Bay for Clay Matthews III. Mangini didn’t draft him because he has long hair and doesn’t play special teams.

  11. The Browns are going to be terrible. Holmgren has already made a huge mistake in trading Mangini, Rob Ryan, and the possibility of landing Josh McDaniels as OC for . . . Pat Shurmur, Dick Jauron, and another rebuild.

    As a weather-beaten Browns fan, I’m used to kicks to the groin. But after seeing this team make real progress under Mangini after years of futility, spoiled players, and aimless ownership, I am now totally bereft of hope.

    Bowens and Barton were both vocal leaders of that defense. So was Coleman. But they are gone for one overarching reason: they were “Mangini Guys.”

    Let’s get one thing straight: the Browns aren’t exactly hemorrhaging Pro Bowlers. They need all the decent players they can get. Cutting three vets without so much as a single practice with the new coaches was not the right move for a team that was just barely respectable on defense last year. (Rogers – the lazy porker in the picture – happy trails. Ditto for St. clair and Royal)

    Pat Shurmur is well on his way to ensuring that any and all of the Mangini momentum will be lost by opening day. Rams fans hate him. Browns fans will too, I guarantee it. I already do and hope his inevitable failure is immediate and his imminent firing expedited – so the Browns can just hire another idiot as Randy Lerner eats crumpets on the Aston Villa pitch while his football team sets itself on fire. Again.

    F(^&%$# it!!!!! I hate this effing team so much yet they are my Browns and will always be. It’s a goddamn curse I tell you. Speaking of which, is does raising one’s children as Browns fans constitute child abuse?


  12. tednancy, I didn’t even read your post. You have more comments that what the actual report posted. And I gave you thumbs down.

  13. “and can by a truly dynamic player when motivated.”

    That was Shaun Rogers problem in Detroit. Didn’t want it that much. He’s a great example of how motivation comes from within, not from a paycheck.

    Back in 2007, the Lions beat both the Giants and the Cowboys if Shaun Rogers had been motivated to be in football condition. In those two games in particular, his inability to stay on the field cost the Lions the game. In one of those two games, there’s footage of Marinelli calling him out for being out of shape as he stepped out breathless in a key situation.

    I don’t see him being a starting player anywhere ever again. He may get signed, but he’s a cancer to the team that gets him.

  14. Classic 3-4 nose tackle. When he is motivated he can occupy 3 offensive linemen. Key is motivated. For a cheap price a lot of teams should come knocking. Or the Redskins could overpay him to under perform. Either way he’ll get a job.

  15. I would have thought a couple of these guys or at least Rogers would have some kind of trade value like 5th. round? Yeah wouldn’t it make sense for a new coach to keep a few veteran leaders around ? If it was because they were Mangini guys, does it mean they won’t play for a new coach? Not liking what I’m seeing so far of this temporary regime.

  16. I thought Shaun Rogers was a slug.

    But after I read this, I think alot better of him.

    In his “Monday Morning Quarterback” column, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King told a touching story about Cox’s determination to play through a devastating knee injury last weekend and the Browns’ compassion when lining up across from Cox, who was in “an extreme amount of pain.”

    Here’s an excerpt, but I recommend you click on the link above and check out King’s full story:

    There’s a fine line here between playing hard and being sympathetic to a wounded competitor, and [Browns defensive tackle Shaun] Rogers did a gallant job straddling it in the second half. Rogers knew Cox was injured; he’d heard him scream in agony after the injury. On an extra point try, after the ball was over the line, Rogers saw Cox falling back awkwardly. He reached over and grabbed Cox’s jersey to prevent him from falling and perhaps hurting the leg further. “Unbelievable,” Cox said. “I felt this hand hold me up and just figured it was one of our guys, but it was Shaun Rogers. I’ll never forget him for that.”

  17. Addition by subtraction.

    Draft a decent defensive line, Heckert…and an effective wideout while you’re at it.

  18. Romeo Crennel probably still has Shaun’s mobile number, right?

    Welcome to Kansas City, big guy.

  19. It seems as if the Browns are taking a page from Tampa’s book. Shedding the older aged guys letting young ones hopefully show what they got. A good draft this year will be exciting and FA is a key with any chance of winning games. Still i am far from sold on Shurmur calling plays he should just focus on his 1st HC job.

  20. I would tape razorblades to my feet and bathe in a pool of alcohol every day for $5.5 million a year. If this guy needs motivation…then he should never have been hired in the first place.

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