Tell us what you think about Rotoworld redesign

Usually, we title Rotoworld-related posts “sponsored posts.”

The reality is they aren’t exactly sponsored because Rotoworld and PFT are both owned by NBC, and in this case we’re not selling anything.

We just would like to direct you to the new Rotoworld redesign, and solicit your feedback.   We’ve got a great response so far, but there are still things that can be improved upon.

Since it feels weird to put up a post without any useful content, we’ll tell you that Dez Bryant has climbed all the way to No. 5 on Rotoworld’s latest keeper/dynasty rankings and Roy Halladay is ahead of Felix Hernandez in our baseball draft guide.

(Whoops, we did sell something.  Old habits die hard.)

25 responses to “Tell us what you think about Rotoworld redesign

  1. Hey why don’t you take over or buy the FANBALL.COM fantasy football hosting site.

    You and Rosenthal should look into that purchase.

    That would be awesome.

  2. Logo is weak

    i will say I LOVE that you finally changed the depth charts!

    they used to be SO DAMN SLOW loading

    but…i don’t see why you can’t make it quicker yet…and have just that portion of the page refresh when you select a new division rather than the whole page

    the rest of the site seems decent

  3. Complete honesty?

    Used to go there every day.

    Went there yesterday, and I don’t think I’ll be back.

    What was wrong with the old design?

    Too easy to navigate?

  4. That’s like asking your neighbor what he thinks of your new trash can. It may look nice, but it’s still full of garbage.

  5. 1 Defensive depth charts never worked for me previously, that works now (had to use O + D depth charts). It’s still not “sticky” when you switch divisions, would like to be able to stay on Defensive depth charts and click through different divisions.
    2 Animated blurb rollovers when you hover over an injury designation – don’t like those one bit. Instead of helping present the information, it actively distracts from the info. Get rid of that expanding-box animation asap!
    3 Doesn’t look like you can get older news on an individual player anymore. I found that especially handy for young players who are getting their first start later in the season or coming off an injury, to see what was going on in the offseason.
    (using Firefox)

  6. I emailed customer support and I’ll say it here too: way, way too many tiny words on the main page.

  7. Horrible new logo and brand identity, but the PFT is horrible as well. Clearly shows that a web designer or programmer “designed” the logos and not a design professional.

  8. search sucks!

    why in the world can’t i search by a player’s first name still??

    if i type in “carson” and hit enter…all i get is a list of athletes with the last name of carson

    and no sign of carson palmer

    when you start typing in the search field, a list of names should instantly appear under the search box…a la google instant search

  9. I think it’s a positive step forward. It was (for the internet age) cumbersome to get to where you wanted to go before the redesign, and slightly less cumbersome now.

  10. So long as it helps me continue winning Fantasy Football, I don’t care if Rotoworld’s new mascot is a cartoon turd.

  11. Consumer Reports
    and Target

    they all use a red circle in their logo.

    In particular Consumer Reports comes to mind when looking at your new logo.

    Be a little more creative

  12. I hadn’t looked at it until now, it’ll take a little while to get used to. As above, I’d love for the search to be improved. My biggest initial concern with the new design is that I go there first and foremost for the player news. I read the articles, but I can click the links for those as necessary. At first look, I’m not a fan of the reduction in space dedicated to player news but I’ll give it time to get used to. Love the site, btw 🙂

  13. Better than the new gawker redesign, but that isn’t saying much. Its okay, I’ll have to poke around with it some more before I have any strong opinions.

  14. In my opinion, the revised “Rotoworld Fantasy Sports” web page shows clear improvement in a number of material respects. Well done. My only criticism—and it’s a minor one— relates to the general layout. In particular, I find it a bit annoying that the player news—which is where my eyes go first—is aligned on the right side of the web page rather than the left side, which is where I think it should be. I suspect that most folks who read, write, and view presentations in English (as opposed to Hebrew) generally do so from left to right.

    Also, if as you represent NBC owns both PFT and Rotoworld, senior management may want to consider whether there is there an opportunity here to further consolidate and streamline all its sports-related websites—in keeping with the “one-stop shopping” concept for its online viewers.

    Finally, while I very much enjoy reading the football commentary on PFT, its overall appearance is, I think, in need of a makeover, and could benefit from some of the noticeable improvements clearly visible on the revised “Rotoworld Fantasy Sports” web page.

  15. 1. The player news should be on the left side, it’s very annoying having to go to the right and click the tiny NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL buttons just to get some damn news.

    2. The logo looks bland and uncreative.

    3. The articles (Which people won’t read) take up way too much space and should be where the player news is currently.

    4. The search function is awful. You shouldn’t have to enter a player’s last name to get their page up. Why not just get a search function from google so people don’t get POed every time they have to use your joke of a search function?

  16. The layout is entirely too busy.

    I don’t do fantasy, but if I did I’m not sure I would enjoy reading the site. However, if the information was good, I’d probably learn the site despite its flaws.

    If you guys are thinking of redesigning PFT, whatever you do, please don’t unleash hell on your users like Gawker Media did. Their new layout is horrid, harder to navigate and obscures some of the flavor pieces I used to enjoy.

    I’m breaking my Gawker Media habit pretty quickly. Your current site is just fine the way it is (although all I ever read is the Latest News & Rumors.

    The PFT commenting improvements are looking good and the thumbs up/thumbs down option is a winner. Keep up the good work and don’t fix what ain’t broke.

  17. 1) It’s a site for player news yet that section takes up all of 20% of the screen.
    2) When I click on “More Player News” I get a screen with larger print but THE EXACT SAME INFORMATION. How is that “More Player News” ? Are you just trying to get your page click count up ?
    3) “Player Outlook” link takes me to the players page with the most recent news (that I clearly just read) and his past stats. Wouldn’t “outlook” imply expectation for the future ?
    4) Was there something wrong with the page format that caused you to move everything around ? Because we, the people that actually utilize the site, now have to hunt for stuff. Do you really want to frustrate the people who frequent your site ? Because there are a hundred other sites with the same content we can choose instead.

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play ?

  18. OK you asked for it.

    Great job, the “circa 2000, retro cutting-edge web design” look and feel is amazing. Makes me want to hunt down the last release of Netscape just to view it on. The consistent use of the small font brings tears to my eyes. The amount of content and info is impressive. How they managed to fit so much on one page, will and should remain a mystery. And the links, there are soo many, I just can’t decide what to click on or where to start. I find my-self just staring in awe, and actually don’t click on anything. Come to think of it, it’s like those magic eye images. You know the ones if you stare long enough you see a hidden 3d image. Pretty cool! I could go on and on, but I’ll just leave it at WOW!

    I must admit, one thing bothered me so hopefully they read this. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll notice a blank white area. Could you please put some more text and links in that area, it’s really bothering me.

    Professional Web Designer

    No seriously WTF? Their programmers might want to pick up a CSS and jQuery book or just hire a professional firm!

  19. Lousy visual layout, that is just ugly.

    Way too small a font

    I hate the annoying pop up info

    I’ll click on articles if I want to read them.

    Player news is the site, not articles.

    I hope you didn’t pay for this or paid less than Gawker did for their mess.

  20. As a logo designer, I think the logo looks more fitting for an automotive aftermarket company rather than a Fantasy Sports site… I can thing of a half dozen $99 logo websites that could do better. I do agree that the old logo was overdue for a makeover.

    I do like the new overall site layout, though.

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