Union pushes for expedited review of “lockout insurance” case

With Special Master Stephen Burbank ruling last week that NFL owners will be able to pocket the network payments in the event of a lockout, the union intends to appeal the outcome to Judge David Doty, who presides over the current CBA because it originally was the settlement agreement of the antitrust lawsuit filed following the failed strike of 1987.

With the two sides apparently committed to working out a new labor deal by March 4, the union wants a ruling by March 3.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFLPA wants Doty to apply an “up” or “down” to Burbank’s decision before the expiration of the current labor deal.  The fact that, as Mullen points out, Doty has scheduled a hearing for February 24 suggests that Doty intends to comply.

Whether Doty will agree with the union’s position remains to be seen.  But if he does, Jerry Jones will have a very hard time making mortgage payments without his cut of $4 billion in TV money.

Since the NFL and the union have, for now, ceased their public sniping, we’ll visit with Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal on today’s PFT Live to discuss this and other aspects of the labor situation.

6 responses to “Union pushes for expedited review of “lockout insurance” case

  1. both sides say they want an agreement, then they head to court! am i missing something here?
    millions and billions and you have to use the judicial system, that is what we’ve come to!!!

  2. Gotta say, the NFL reminds me of the US government. It’s great to reinvest the oodles of money you’re making back into the organization, but don’t extend yourself past your means. Thanks how you end up in debt and bankrupt.

  3. yet another bash on Jerry Jones. If we needed any more proof of the bias on this site, we got it…. and will likely get more of it before the day is over.

  4. @chapnastier

    I don’t know that it is a bash on Jones as much as a harsh reality. Dallas’ stadium is the most expensive built to date and so it is the perfect example of the hardships owners will endure if the ruling is reversed. That said, I highly doubt Doty reverses the ruling and the NFLPA will most likely have to make a couple of concessions and get this thing done by March 4th.

    That would be the best possible outcome for fans who don’t care about the billions being divied up, we just want our football.


  5. I don’t get it… the players want to lockout and still expect insurance? If you tell your employers you are not coming to work for a while, then you should not receive the perks of that job. The Union needs to quit wasting time worrying about bargaining chips and focus on resolving the differences between both sides. Union is determined to make this drag out.

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