Colts preparing franchise tag for Peyton Manning

The Colts and Peyton Manning legitimately appear to want to get a contract extension done this month.  But it’s complicated.

And if those complications prevent a deal being signed in time, Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star notes that the team will use the franchise tag on Manning as a “fallback” option.

“It’ll get done when it gets done,” Bill Polian said Wednesday. “We’re in a very, very unsettled situation as an industry, so I don’t have any timetable specifically.”

Chappell notes the two sides haven’t spoken on a deal since late January, when it’s believed the Colts made an offer which exceeds Tom Brady’s recent contract.

25 responses to “Colts preparing franchise tag for Peyton Manning

  1. Gotta do what you gotta do.

    If that is what it takes to keep him on the team, they need to they would be looking really foolish with Painter @ the helm whenever next season starts.

  2. this is why manning continues to lose big games and blame others. He takes up 35% of the salary cap, I guess it’s all about money not rings for this fetus head.

  3. If I’m a Colt’s fan, I may start thinking Peyton should give a small hometown discount so that the team can pay for some offensive linemen and some overall team depth.

  4. Has anyone heard Manning say he wants to get a deal done with the Colts. He’d be foolish not to try to get on a winning team with real coaches in his last 4 years. My guess is he wants another Ring more than an extra few million. Money isn’t peoples only motivator.

  5. And if the franchise tag gets shot down by the courts as the union hopes? You’re looking at a free agent. How much will that cost? WOW.

  6. donterrelli Oh Good Lord NO!!!! We don’t want to end up with Palmer and lose Payton.

    There is some worry about the 49ers throwing a bunch of money at Payton but not the Redskins. Payton didn’t like having a shot at a perfect season taken away and he kept quiet but he doesn’t want to be a position to lose history again, and that could be a reason to explore outside of Indy.

  7. @donterrelli says:
    Feb 10, 2011 2:16 PM
    Do I see a Payton to Washington, McNabb to Cincinnatti, Palmer to Indy trade happening? LOL

    But this may be the year that BP really thinks about FA O-Lineman……

    Stay healthy on the defensive side of the ball and they are still a damn good team.

  8. Jim Ersay says he’ll make Peyton highest paid in history…Rest of league says players make too much…Peyton says, I want to make more money then everyone else but also want Colts to spend money on free agents this year…Bill Polian says he won’t sign Peyton until the CBA is done but is now on record offering up two offers to Manning on which Manning turned down…Bill Polian says now Manning will be franchised for 23 million for 2011 season which at this time the season doesn’t exist…

    What a bunch of back peddling, jibber jabber, mumbo jumbo, hogwash, snake oil selling, double talking jokers. Peyton just doesn’t sound that interested, you haven’t really heard from him or his agent. Its like he’s just sitting on a rainbow somewhere eating oreos disinvolved. You just hear the drunken Ersay and his PR disaster monster Polian spew out really nothing and again insulting their Colts fans as if they are reassured everything is going as planned from their end, when it sounds like they are in panic mode.

  9. Pricing hamburger over prime rib just doesn’t make and sense… it’s a good way to ruin a franchise.

    Indy should take a good look at the recent lessons the football world learned from Green Bay and Minnesota.

    When a player has become too big for his britches and his talent has faded and he is more concerned with sticking around to run up his personal stats than team performance move in a different direction…

    Manning wants more money than Brady… never mind how it would hurt his team. He can stick around for years beating the 3a high school Texans, Titans, and Jaguars and extending his streaks and stats and be on vacation in Hawaii by Christmas!

  10. I love and respect Bill Polian. Before I get savaged for my next comments, I wanted to get that out there.

    But the man who has blown the draft (aka the first three rounds) the past few years, Polian, needs to be blamed and not Manning for the state of the team. When you can’t cut underperforming players because of the salary cap penalties associated with it, you have a problem. Mr Polian, your strategy is fine when all of the guys are contributing at peak efficiency, but when they are average to below average players who can’t be released, you have problems. Sadly, we, as Colts’ fans, may be transforming from “In Polian We Trust” to “In Polian We have a Hesitant Acceptance.”

    All this to be said, I would love to work for you Mr. Polian.

  11. mbapastor:

    Bill Polian was a great GM you are right. But something happened, didn’t an alien hi jack his body? He suddenly has turned into someone who doesn’t seem to know what the hell he’s doing. When you ask him he responds in “Christlike” form, like he’s all knowing and what he says is gospel, but if it doesn’t come into wishing its , Jake Scott’s fault, Ryan Lilja’s fault, Gene Huey’s fault, Ron Meek’s fault, Howard Mudd’s fault and the whole special teams fault last year in the playoffs. Enough is enough with this clown, he’s living off past accomplishments. He had great drafts and hit some home runs out of the park, but he’s just an old hitter struggling to just get on base now, lets be honest.

  12. Brintfatre, you actually managed to work in a jab at Favre in a Manning article. Very sad. You do realize that Favre’s talent wasn’t actually fading, right? He lifted the jets from 4-12 to 9-7, then the following year he had the very best year of his 20 year career. How is that a selfish player with fading talent?? I love how you revisionist haters forget everything that’s happened since he left the pack and instead point to this one single, crappy 2010 season like it was all Favre’s fault.

  13. It is nice that Colts can see into the future, how else could they know that the new CBA will include the franchise tag. Heck, how do they know that there even will be a CBA when the current one expires?

    Decerification is the name of game.

  14. Colts can’t figure where to place the tag on Manning. “He’s just so lumpy and doughy, with those sloping shoulders and stick like legs. You can’t get the tag to stay on anywhere.”.

  15. biggerballz says:
    Feb 10, 2011 1:51 PM
    this is why manning continues to lose big games and blame others. He takes up 35% of the salary cap, I guess it’s all about money not rings for this fetus head.

    Hey Bigger(TINY)ballz, he has never blamed no one on his team. He owns up to his mistakes. Unlike you tinyballz. How about you show proof where he has blamed his team mates for not winning a game. Come on TINYBALLZ show me the proof. UNTIL then go play with your TINYBALLZ.

  16. mbapastor – GOOD post. Polian used to be a good evaluator of talent but he seems to have lost his touch and Manning is getting beat up because the talent he used to have around him – protecting him – doesn’t measure up to the talent that used to be there. That organization doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as good as it used to be.

  17. pkrlvr – 1st off – congratulations. My team didn’t win but the pack has always been my backup so I still won this year.

    In his prime Favre was terrific but he just didn’t know when to quit. His 20th season was just about his best but he ended it by throwing ANOTHER stupid interception near the end of a game which his team was in position to win and advance to the SB – had Favre not screwed up with a STUPID pass.

    Last season he played diva and managed to avoid training camp, which as his age he NEEDED, and that, along with the fact that he turned 41, was the clincher.

    Is it unfair to say his skills have faded? Not to me.

  18. anybody remember a guy named Michael Jordan playing basketball? I seem to recall he understood there is only so much money to go around and it’s hard to win championships without a supporting cast. He never made the bulls pay him a lot of $$$ because he was making millions in endorsements and all that. This way the bulls were able to put a supporting cast around him and I think they won 6 championships in his last 6 complete seasons if my history serves me right…i mean it was so long ago…

    I’m just sayin…

  19. Polian missing in the draft isn’t his biggest problem. The way he builds a team is his biggest problem.
    1 SB ring in three teams with the $$$ 1st round stat marvel QB & offense first style. Yes I know Buff had some good defenses but the team was still too top heavy and their $$ QB usually sucked when it counted. And as for Carolina? Kerry Collins…avg QB and above average PITA..’nuff said.

    One reason I like this SB because it featured the two best DEFENSES in the NFL. Suck that Polian….despite all the pro passing game rules you love…DEFENSE STILL WINS 😀

  20. Brady has been making big bucks the last few years. Why has no one raked him over the coals?Isn’t that one of the reasons they had to dump Moss and some other players.

    Mind you, they have been diligent in keeping their O-Line intact, which has afforded Brady consistently the most time in the league to throw.
    Would love to see old leadfoot on a team with 3 seconds to throw.

    Note now they have a defence that can be exploited and they have lost the last two years badly at home in the playoffs. They now remind me of the Colts. Great regular season, short playoff one. Looks good on TB and BB.

    Polian is now way over the hill.
    That franchise is in big trouble. That O-Line sucks and its not mannings fault. I hope he takes a cut and goes elsewhere. He will not even come close to another superbowl in Indy.

    Caldwell is hopeless and Tom Moore is a joke as an offensive coordinator. Manning needs fresh ideas from an innovative coach, not someone who totally admires him and gives him the reigns.

    I want to see just how bad the Colts are without Manning. It would not be pretty. The Pats went 11-5 without Brady. I think the Colts might get to 5-11 without Manning.

    Question is, where would Manning go?

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