Cowboys not talking about Super Bowl ticket fiasco

On Thursday, NFL executive V.P. of business ventures and Chief Financial Officer Eric Grubman acknowledged that the Cowboys hired the contractor that was supposed to install temporary seating that ultimately wasn’t installed in time for Super Bowl XLV.

Grubman also addressed whether the Cowboys hoped to break the single-game attendance record.

Here’s the excerpt.

PFT: Was it a priority for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to break that record?

EG: You’ll have to ask the Cowboys.

PFT: But if you had been working with the Cowboys and Jerry Jones leading up to the game and I assume you did, did you pick up on anything from those communications that it was an issue, a desire for them to break the record of 103,985?

EG: Yes, I think they were very interested in breaking the record.

It was good that Grubman answered the follow-up question, because if we’d asked the Cowboys the Cowboys would have said nothing.

The Cowboys are deferring all comments to the NFL,” team P.R. subsequently told Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.

It’s not a bad approach for the Cowboys, since the league is claiming full responsibility for the blunder.  Even if the blunder has the Cowboys’ fingerprints all over it.

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  1. “It’s not a bad approach for the Cowboys, since the league is claiming full responsibility for the blunder. Even if the blunder has the Cowboys’ fingerprints all over it.”

    You know, Mike, what they say about assuming things…you make an ass out of you…and that is all…but you should be used to it by now, you throw assumptions around like fact with no worry of egg landing on your face…

    Newsflash: no reputable news source is roasting the ‘pokes for this…not one…that is because YOU are NOT a reputable source of anything but foolishness…

  2. Suggestion for your next or future PFT Live show.. bring in Tags (Paul Tagliabue) for a spot.

    We’d love to hear his take on “all things of recent NFL” and the job asswhipe Goodell is doing to ruin his legacy and the league.

    Maybe then I’ll even watch an episode…..

  3. This is an NFL deal. I have to agree with the first post. I like reading your blog, but lately some of your articles are based on your opinion and not facts.

  4. Zzzzz….this whole Super Bowl ticket kerfuffle has been the most overplayed non-story I’ve ever seen. I really just don’t care anymore, especially about how we should apportion blame between Jerry, the Cowboys, the NFL, and Goodell’s neighbor.

    At this point, I think we can all agree that someone screwed up badly, that the fans will get compensated, and that the sun will shine again tomorrow. Oh, and the lawyers will become very rich sucking on human blood (full disclosure: I’m a lawyer myself). What more do we need to know about this story? Somebody please make it go away.

  5. The Cowboys are not talking about Super Bowl… ever again until Jerry Jones sells the team to someone else who can stay out of the way!

  6. @ angrycorgi

    Are you a paid spokesman of Roger Goodell and/or Jerruh Jones?

    You’re spending an awful lot of time (passionately) defending some pretty indefensible parties and some truly reprehensible actions from both a business and human standpoint. I put the blame about 75/25 NFL vs Cowboys, but in the end, they all have some responsibility and I wouldn’t go to bat for either Goodell or Jerruh, because they both stink to high heaven.

    What dog do you have in the fight?

  7. “It’s not a bad approach for the Cowboys, since the league is claiming full responsibility for the blunder.”
    That’s because the NFL was in charge of the venue, including adding the additional seats.
    Try as you might to find blame for the Cowboys on this, you just make yourself look petty. Move on, nothing to see here.
    You’re just as bad as those whiney SOB’s that hired a lawyer. You make it sound like it was some big conspiracy to cheat those people. It was a screw up, plain and simple, but some people are so childish they have to kick and scream even though the NFL has made a very good faith effort to reimburse them.

  8. Just watched a video featuring some people from the game that didn’t get their seats. The video interviews were taken apparently right before kick-off the game. One steeler fan said “this is a once in a lifetime experience and you can’t put a price on missing it” and then proceeded to explain how this is the 3rd super bowl (3rd once-in-a-lifetime-experience) he’s been to…and how lovely the one in Detroit was (that was the one that featured a freaking blizzard)…he complained how he had to travel through a blizzard for this one (actually, there wasn’t a blizzard in Texas, just ice accumulation, the blizzard happened in Detroit)…he then mentioned how someone had setup “” from their cell phone at the game (pre-kickoff, mind you)…now there’s a news report saying the site launched on monday…nope, that’s more media BS…it launched pre-kick-off, from a cell-phone user purchasing the domain at the game…when someone smells a frivalous lawsuit (aka smells money) and premeditates an attempt to cash in prior to kickoff, claiming he/she never saw the game, I stop having ANY sympathy for them.

    Go find the video of the steeler fan talking about it…its on one of the news sites, I forget which…its funny how the packer fans are upset, but deal with it, yet the steeler fans act like they just woke up in a ice-bath with a missing kidney…steeler fans = drama queens…

  9. @3octaveFart

    Uh dude, it was a New York contractor who screwed up the seat installation and then walked off the job when he couldn’t deliver what he had promised. Tell me again about scab labor. BTW, the practice facility was built by a Pennsylvania contractor for a Canadian parent company. We all know how the States of New York and Pennsylvania welcome non-union labor.

    As a construction professional who has supervised multi-million dollar projects nationwide and has decades in the industry, the only thing that the union is going to do for a project is insure that it will cost more in terms of time, money, and manpower. As a case in point, should a union carpenter need to pop a chalk line on the floor to frame up a wall, he is not permitted to sweep the floor first. He must go find a union laborer to sweep the floor so he can pop a line. Stupid? You bet. Costly and non-productive? Of course. Featherbedding? What else.

    You might want to learn at least an iota of information about something before you post which illustrates your ignorance of the issues.

  10. Hey Jerry, it’s just a thought but, maybe next time you should consider hiring a qualified contractor. You know, someone who actually has some training and experience – and maybe even be bonded to insure quality workmanship, and on-time delivery?

    It’s funny how scab contractors never seem to be able to find the time to do a job right, but they always manage to find the time to do it over.

    I’ve seen these asshats come and go, always with the same results, in over 40 years working in construction. If there’s a corner to be cut, they already did.

    I’m still waiting for the day when that 600-ton behemoth JumboJerryTron rips loose from its duct tape and tie-wire moorings and crashes onto the field below.

    /famous last words on a Texas jobsite: “Yea, that oughta hold…”

  11. There is a story available through the Ft. Worth Star Telegram concerning the seating issue. It details interviews with several of the parties involved including the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction, for those unfamiliar with the inspection process). It also has a statement by a VP with Seating Solutions regarding their abandonment. I have posted links to that story on multiple occasions now. As PFT is almost completely dependent on linked stories, I believed that they would appreciate links since they are pertinent to the continuing questions. As they keep deleting those posts, obviously it’s something else. I would encourage those in search of accurate information on this issue to seek out the Star telegram website. Mike, what are you afraid of?


    Please refer to some of my previous posts. You don’t know what you are talking about. It was the union boys from New York who screwed this up.

  12. Heard on a union job site; “Everytime I break a sweat, I get an extra 15 minute break. If I break a sweat 3 times in the same day, I get the rest of the day off. FYI, I’ve never gotten the rest of the day off.”

  13. 1bigtex says: Feb 10, 2011 4:41 PM

    “Uh dude, it was a New York contractor who screwed up the seat installation …..the practice facility was built by a Pennsylvania contractor for a Canadian parent company. ”

    So what? What does a contractor’s PO Box have to do with anything? What, do you think there are contractors traveling around the country with their entire workforces in tow? Seriously?

    The contractor’s address means nothing, zero.
    Tons of these outfits maintain addresses all over the country.
    I can guarantee the workforces were made up of locals…

    ex: Google “Irish Travelers”
    You should know these guys. – Kindred spirits.

  14. “do you think there are contractors trveling around the country with their entire workforces in tow”

    As a guy who has spent a considerable number of years in the commercial construction industry, I can say without equivocation, YES, there are contractors who travel with their workforces in tow because I’ve done it. Even if they just bring some critical lead personnel, if it’s a union shop, they would be required to hire union labor to flesh out the crew.

    Didn’t you say earlier that you had some experience in the industry? Shouldn’t you already know this stuff?

    BTW, the investigation in the practice facility collapse pointed to design. There hasn’t been anything that blamed the quality of the construction. It appears to all be on the engineers and architects.

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